How to Choose the Perfect Facebook Video Ad Format


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July 10, 2024

As the world’s largest and most popular social network, Facebook represents a real advertising magnet for all businesses. This is particularly the case with video advertisers who know that the platform is incredibly effective at raising brand awareness and boosting user interest.

According to the reports, Facebook video marketing is very influential because:

In such circumstances, the only real issue is selecting the best-performing video advertising model for your campaigns. We will show you the benefits of Facebook video advertising and the most productive video ad formats.

Benefits of Facebook Video Advertising

Most people take video advertising for granted because they don’t truly understand how it works. But if you can find the most appropriate video solution for your brand, you can expect to earn some efficient benefits such as:

  • Popularity: More people watch Facebook videos every day, especially on mobile devices
  • Conversions: Users are prone to converting upon watching video ads
  • Shareable: A lot of viewers share amusing video ads with their friends and peers
  • Educational: Video can explain so many product-related details in a limited amount of time
  • SEO: Google and other search engines give priority to videos in search results
  • Storytelling: Using video ads, you don’t only educate but also tell stories to humanize the brand
  • Analytics: Facebook video advertising provides users with the most detailed analytics tools

Most Impactful Facebook Video Ad Types

It’s impossible to determine the exact number of Facebook video ad formats because options are almost limitless. It all depends on the creativity and inspiration of a marketer, but we can highlight some types that proved to be better than others. Here are our top five choices:

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  1. Worksafe video ads

The name of this format shows that the content is safe to open at the office. Why is that so? It’s because Worksafe videos function even with the sound off. This is an essential feature since 85% of users watch Facebook videos without sound.

Worksafe video ads use text titles to explain the content, which is a convenient solution for people who spend a lot of time in the crowd: working, commuting, or similar. Besides, this format is valuable if you want to approach non-native English speakers who can’t understand spoken language so quickly.

  1. Animations

Animations are easy to create, fun, and amusing. It’s a perfect combination to design high-quality Facebook video ads, so you might want to put it on your priority list. However, there is a big catch here. It would be best to be careful about execution since many other marketers publish animation-based ads frequently.

The audience is beginning to consider this model too generic because most authors use the same style, color schemes, filters, and visual effects. In such circumstances, you must create new, amusing animated characters to evoke emotions and grab the target group’s attention. But if you can do that, rest assured the animation will fulfill its purpose.

  1. Short but informative

Short but highly informative video ads make one of the most widespread formats because they last around 30 seconds but still manage to provide valuable explanations and educate viewers. They usually function as how-to videos, guides, or product reviews and have a high retention rate.

But shooting a short and informative Facebook video ad is everything but simple. It would be best if you were a copywriting guru to compile everything in less than a minute. This is a serious task, and we strongly recommend you look for advice from professional services like:

  1. Face-to-camera

Hiring a real actor (or an employee) to present the video is always a good solution if you want to show the human side of the business. It’s an excellent way to develop a unique brand voice and let the world know there is so much more about your company than just products and services.

The concept works like short and informative videos, but you add a human touch by introducing a speaker. The point is to show an excellent presenter who can make your video ads look more natural, compelling, and trustworthy.

  1. GIFs

If you don’t want to create standard video ads but have a lot of images at your disposal, you might as well try GIFs. This format is popular because it displays moving images, which makes the content dynamic and allows you to tell a story image after photo.


Facebook is a social network and a severe marketing channel. Video advertising makes it particularly important because the platform proves to be highly effective at raising awareness and generating leads.

This article described the five most important Facebook video ad formats. Each of these models has its pros and cons, so think carefully and choose the one that suits the specific requirements of a given Facebook advertising campaign.

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