How Any Construction Company Can Start Using Social Media to Grow Their Business


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

As the world gets increasingly digital every day, it’s essential to learn how to embrace it instead of trying to fight it. Now, how do you embrace it? Simple, by having a presence online.

A solid online presence will get you to project leads, leading to more projects to take off, estimate, and, finally, contracts.

Most construction companies aren’t aware of their social media marketing; they write it off as being “too complicated” or “my kids use that; it’s not for me.” This could not be further from the truth.

Social Media can provide a way of promoting news, upcoming projects, and other important information related. Most importantly, it allows you to interact with a community and showcase your work to potential clients.

If there’s no doubt it can blow up your business, why are so many people ignoring its importance?

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

There are two reasons:

  1. They don’t understand it
  2. They’re too busy

Let’s tackle both of these right now.

“Social Media is Too Complicated For Me”

What is social media?

It is a tool that allows people to communicate with each other through content.

So how does a construction company communicate with other people through content? Well, it depends on the platform…

  • Instagram can be used as a showcase of past work, a way to message people interested in your work, and for them to reach out to you.
  • Facebook can also be used as a showcase, but it is also a great way to interact with potential or previous clients.
  • LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for construction companies because it’s built for business as opposed to Facebook and Instagram. You can show project updates and comments, message other contractors for work, or create relationships.

So as you can see, they’re not just places to post some ads; they’re tools to network with other people.

“I Don’t Have Time To Handle My Marketing”

On the other hand, e a lot of people know this stuff and know it’s essential, but there’s not enough time in the day to work on it!

Every situation is different, but for most busy contractors, their problem is a lack of good project management.

So, the first step in handling your social media marketing so you can scale your business is to take it.

Our advice is simple, automate what can be automated. Hire estimating, project management firms, and maybe even marketing agencies themselves! Most contractors can never get their heads out of the sand and start scaling their businesses. Don’t be like them; start outsourcing your work.

So, by now, you might be thinking, “ok, all this sounds great and all, but how do I do it.”

Let’s take it step-by-step and give you some accurate, actionable advice.

1 – Registering For Social Media

Download LinkedIn on your phone or the website to register for a free account. The platform will guide you on what to do to sign up, so this shouldn’t be complicated.

2 – Optimize Your Profile

Now that you have an account, it’s time to update your profile picture, contact info, location, and more. Here’s an example of our LinkedIn Profile.

3 – Post, Post, Post

An excellent social media presence consists of publishing content consistently and engaging with your employees, audience, existing customers, etc., to network and eventually lead to leads and sales.

Your content should not only promote your brand and showcase your work, but you should also be commenting and engaging with other contractors, especially ones in your area.

4 – Paid Ads

If you want a steady stream of leads, a tremendous low-cost strategy is to use Facebook and Instagram to reach your clients. There are three things you can do here:

  1. Use Look-alike audiences and specifically targeted audiences to promote your service to the right people

Facebook allows you to target the right people using interests, demographics, income level, the likelihood of moving, etc.

For example, let’s say you’re a painting contractor. Who are people likely to need painting services? Homeowners, people likely to sell their house in 6 months, people likely to buy a home in 6 months, people who recently had a baby (people often buy a home or move when a new baby comes), etc.

  1. Retarget to people that have visited your page or engaged with your content

Once someone interacts with your brand, those are great candidates for your services. Most people won’t convert instantly on social platforms. You’re “interrupting” their social time, but they might like what you offer. You can retarget them so they can remember you. It also gives them more chances to sign up with your service rather than seeing it once and then disappearing.

  1. Build authority by posting content, including blog posts and authority-building videos

A great strategy to nurture clients is to make authority blog posts and videos to retarget your users. This will position you as an expert, and when the time comes that they need your service, you’ll be the first ones on their mind.

If you’re a General Contractor posting remodeling tips, or DIY how-to’s, you’ll find that even though you’re telling them how to do the work, they won’t do it themselves because of time or they don’t want to get hurt doing construction or remodeling. They will call you when the time comes.


Social media is where your future clients hang out, so it makes sense to interact with them there. You have to use a strategy to get in front of them, saying the right things at the right time. That’s why using paid ads and retargeting is so powerful. It allows you to tailor your message to those interested in your brand already.

Anyone in construction can use social media to grow their companies.

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