Amazing SaaS Startup Growth Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

No SaaS startup is complete without a growth strategy. A growth strategy will take your business to the next level, grow your audience, and create more earning potential.

For a SaaS growth strategy to be effective, it needs to prove the value of the service being offered to help build brand awareness and trust. Here are some fantastic SaaS startup growth strategies you won’t want to miss for 2020.

Try Before You Buy

Offering a try before you buy option will allow users to immerse themselves in your application and determine if it’s right for their needs. This is an effective strategy because users can explore the software before asking for financial investment. 

The free trial is one way to create a try before buying a growth hacking strategy, but there are other approaches. One of the most effective methods for this strategy is the freemium offering, which offers a limited free version with paid upgrades. 

You can also ask for a minimal investment for the trial period, offering a deep discount. For example, the SEO platform Ahrefs provides a $7 week-long trial to experiment with the services before committing to the $99 or $179 per month plan. This strategy uses the theory that acquiring the first customer spend is the most challenging; subsequent attempts to retain the customer are far more accessible.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Repurpose Your Content

There’s no need to recreate the wheel to grow your SaaS startup. Repurposing your content to share the same information across various platforms is one of the most efficient ways to scale your business. For example, your blog content can become:

  • An ebook lead magnet
  • Scripts for videos
  • Podcast topics
  • An email series
  • 400;”>Social media pull quotes

To repurpose your content across various mediums, outsource to a virtual assistant specializing in content creation. This will leave critical players within the startup free to focus on further growth opportunities while delegating the busy work.


Backlinking and Outreach

400;”>SEO is the bread and butter of content marketing, and backlinking is the driving force behind SEO. With backlinks from reputable, relevant sites, Google knows your content is worth highlighting. The more backlinks and dynamic range, your ranking on a SERP higher

Consider working with a backlinking and outreach expert who already has a rapport with reputable sites in your industry. This work-heavy project will yield incredible results but will take time and expertise. 

Referral and Affiliate Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing still strongly influences purchasing decisions– social media amplifies the message in modern times. 

Enabling a referral or affiliate marketing program is an excellent way to grow your audience without a front-loaded investment. With a referral program, you can offer discounts or payment options to users who generate future sales. Affiliate marketing strategies work well with social media influencer marketing and blogger outreach.

A similar option for your SaaS is to offer a trial or subscription as a part of a marketing bundle. For example, if a B2B blogger offers a paid course, provide a trial for your service as an add-on. 

Create an Email and Social Media Marketing Cycle

It’s not enough to have separate followings on social media and email if you want to grow. You’ll want to create a circular referral between email marketing and social media to expand both channels and promote growth. 

To enable this strategy, there needs to be value offered in each. That means creating exclusivity. Create offerings specific to your email marketing flow and discuss them on social media to encourage sign-ups. Conversely, create social media promotions, and discuss them in your email marketing flow. By doing so, you’ll have multiple angles to approach prospects, no matter how they became aware of your SaaS.

Scale and Grow

To prepare your SaaS startup for 2020, choose one growth strategy, and dedicate your efforts to executing it well. There’s always room for improvement, and focusing on one key area will yield the best immediate results.

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