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September 13, 2022

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process which involves the use of multiple tactics to make a website searchable. In simple words when SEO is correctly applied then a website will see a boost in its position and will rank higher in search engine results. There are many tactics which are being applied for keeping a website optimized for search engines. However, with time, the search engines are evolving, and so the strategies also have to adjust for ensuring appropriate optimization. There are some methods which are no longer considered as an optimizing action as search engines have moved beyond such practices. Therefore those SEO techniques are considered obsolete.

Knowing about the outdated SEO techniques

As an SEO expert and also as an individual who is working in the online field it is important to know the practices that no longer work for optimizing a particular site on the internet. These old applications concerning SEO are discussed below:

  • A wrong place for Researching keywords:

There are problems with the metrics of Keyword planner and also AdWords and so researching keywords there which was previously suitable is no longer appropriate. As previously those places were best suited for starting keyword research people still tend to initiate their process of research from there, but in the present situation, it has been observed that the commercial relevance of AdWord campaign is quite low.

This happens because AdWords tend to hide many keywords and so the result becomes inaccurate, and volume data also gets affected. Maybe with regard to granularity, the volume data shows an increase with a campaign made with AdWords, but the accuracy level is highly affected when the campaign is initiated. The absence of critical metrics leads to the lack of precision which negatively affects the decision to prioritize keywords correctly.

  • Keeping subdomains and forming separate domains for ensuring domination through SERP

The common vision of all website holders is to dominate the first page of the search result provided by a search engine. The method of topping the search result when any branded or even unbranded query was entered was carried out by adding a group of sub-domains to the main website. Registering separate domains was also done for achieving the same goal, but search engines now give more priority to subpages in a particular SERP that belong to one domain. Therefore for pushing the website to the top, it is suitable to resort to content that is subfolder hosted which implies that the content need not be placed in multiple sub-domains for ensuring ranking in SERP for the same content.

  • Not giving priority to traffic driving applications:

The craze for keeping the ranking at number one is so high that people fail to recognize that it is just one number and no the whole aspect. There has been a lot of obsession over the organic ranking, and it holds some value but ignoring everything just for focusing on that number one rank is not applicable in today’s SEO world. In the present time snippets have shown to have a higher click-through rate that might not be the number one on the search result page. The online platform has been witnessing the focus on click-through rate. For more information regarding suitable SEO techniques, one can visit Redtailseo.      

  • Trying to curtail competition with long tail phrases

Formerly targeting with long tail phrases cut down the competition. Competitive keywords meant greater competition and when long tail phrases were used that it could drive the potential amount of traffic and could also rise in the search list as fewer people were using that kind of keyword. But now the long tail is often seen as just higher ROI which is spent per hour.

  • Manipulating ranking by depending upon only link building:

Link building has undoubtedly played a vital role in the past for gracing the reputation of a website by promoting the ranking in a search engine result page, but in the present scenario building, links for getting to the top is no longer the way. User experience and content of the website along with brand growth have now become important indicators that influence the ranking. Therefore instead of investing the time solely on link building, it is sensible to make the website user-friendly so that user experience is flawless. This can be done by fine-tuning the formatting aspect of the website. The brand association with the content and the keyword is also very important as this will promote the brand to grow in the market. It is true that links cannot be ignored as an SEO technique but solely focusing on link building but not on content, and user experience will not promote ranking.

  • The preoccupation with keyword positioning:

Keywords have been highly misused for driving ranking and at a certain point of time led to the malpractice of keyword stuffing throughout the content. Such practices are entirely outmoded in the present online platform. It is sensible to make sure that the keyword is there in the title and the headlines but forcing it in without any connection is completely pointless. Another aspect that needs to be understood is that inserting keywords won’t optimize the page until the content is framed as per the focus provided by the keyword.

Therefore instead of sticking to keywords and its distribution it is important to find and used words and topics that are suitably related to the content. It is better to channel the obsession with keywords on to the creation of the tags and also perfecting those tags. One should be able to get maximum value for the keywords and topics that are related to the content. It is also important to ensure that the association is correct.

Therefore there are certain practices which cannot be deemed as the influential factors that make optimization foolproof. Instead, older practices become less relevant and newer actions are being introduced for making a website fully optimized.

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