How to Boost Sales with a Product Catalog


Kevin Urrutia




May 30, 2024

Businesses have one main end goal in common: increase sales. There are a few steps that need to be taken before a buyer can shop and purchase a product from your store. These steps include product planning and marketing on the front end, and manufacturing and production on the back end.


Digital product catalogs will help a business increase sales, enhance reach, and maximize profits. Knowing how to do these things with a digital marketing plan is a strategic move to be successful in the market. As you increase your revenue, you will optimize your financial base and can invest this profit back into your business. 


While there are several options available to help you increase sales and reach, in this article the focus will be on digital product catalogs. We’ll talk about creating an engaging digital product catalog that is also strategically used to align with your marketing and sales goals.

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What are product catalogs?

Product catalogs are pieces of marketing collateral that provide a comprehensive overview of the products a business carries. Companies use these marketing materials as helpful guides through business services. Within this content, customers can find detailed information about the company’s products which contain images, prices, size details, and more. Customers use the details within a product catalog to make an informed purchase.


Digital product catalogs take static, printed content and enhance the viewing experience by turning the content into a rich media, interactive solution. Both types of product catalog content are usable within the digital marketing plan, but digital catalogs enhance the marketing strategy. They provide an engaging format that is shareable across all different platforms and accessible to many customers. 

What is product catalog marketing?

Product catalog marketing is a type of direct marketing that enables companies to sell products and services from an online catalog. The products and services are assembled within the digital catalog format so customers can easily show, browse, and make purchases from the digital catalog itself. 


Digital product catalog marketing plans group products and services from seperate manufacturers in one digital catalog. For example, virtual library catalogs enable a multitude of catalogs to be published under one source, so customers can find what they are looking for across many different catalogs, depending on their needs. Use a high-quality product catalog software to design an online catalog that enables businesses to offer a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

Why use digital product catalogs?

Businesses that are large in size or that carry a lengthy catalog can benefit greatly from an on-brand digital product catalog that boosts sales and ROI. Create product catalog content that is a large part of retail marketing. Digital catalogs provide a number of benefits that make them a major asset to any size of business, whether large or small.

Why are digital product catalogs better than print catalogs?

  1. Cost effective: Digital catalogs save you money by enabling you to offset the amount allocated to printing costs. Significantly reduce your hard print costs by uploading a digital catalog directly to your chosen platform with product catalog software and designing it from there. 
  2. Easy distribution: It’s easy to share your digital catalogs, once you have designed them and are ready to distribute them. You can easily share the link to you digital catalog via email, social media, or by embedding it on your website.
  3. Instant updates: Instantly update your digital catalog from the back end of the digital publishing platform, and make those updates in real-time. You can update everything from a typo, to price changes, to inventory refreshes, and ensure that your customers always have access to the most up-to-date information.
  4. Personalize and customize: Digital product catalogs enable you to provide personalized and customized content that speaks to your customers and outlines your brand. Add an introduction page, GIF images, multimedia elements and more to tell your story. Help customers see the items in a life-like scenario by providing them with slideshows, html pop ups, and other types of media that reveal more information about the products.


Create product catalog content that provides a responsive and immersive sales environment. In turn, this enhances the sales potential for busineses. Guaranty brand consistency, lessen waste, and save manual labor all by choosing to use a digital product catalog.

How do digital product catalogs boost sales?

Examining the four points listed above helps to slam home the idea that there are many benefits with digital product catalogs. Another added benefit is that using them will help to boost sales and ROI. And, in the retail or wholesale industries, you’ll need a boost in sales anywhere you can get it. 


Customers who are shopping, especially online, want convenience. They also want to be sure they are shopping at a professional place that will take care of their needs. One way to ensure you have their trust is to create a professional digital catalog. Add shopping links and personalization, as well as interactive elements like video clips and audio clips. These factors will help your digital catalog’s performance, which leads to more sales.


Let’s discuss a few more reasons as to how digital product catalogs boost sales:

Cohesive Brand Image

Digital catalogs provide brand consistency and help you maintain a cohesive brand identity. Design the digital catalog with your logo and branding colors to match it with your website. For someone with a brick and mortar store, your digital catalog can provide access to even more items that you might not have room to display on the shelves. 

Accessibility and Reach

Expand customer reach with digital catalogs and make sure that your marketing materials reach your target audience. Digital catalogs are accessible any time, anywhere and across a wide range of devices. 

Customizable Approach

In a brick-and-mortar setting, a salesperson most likely will approach browsing customers to ask them if they are finding everything they need, and if they need any assistance. With many modern customers preferring to do their own research and browsing from a device such as a smart phone or tablet, the role of the friendly salesperson falls to the composition of the digital catalog. Build a customizable approach to sales and customer service with a digital product catalog that includes multimedia elements, html pop ups, image pop ups, GIF images, and more.


Digital product catalogs boost sales and reach. They also save businesses time and money by being easier to create, access, and distribute. Don’t hesitate, create your own digital product catalog as soon as possible to enhance sales, reach, and ROI. 

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