How Social Commerce Platform TaggShop Monetizes Social Media


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May 05, 2024


Social media has been a major influencer on the social behavior of billions of people and social behavior drives the buying behavior of users. Social commerce is inspired by these elements and some social media platforms are already using it. 

Earlier the social media networks were restricted to marketing activities by brands which helped them attract and engage with users but social selling wasn’t available. 

What is Social Commerce? 

Social commerce is the integration of social media with commercial activities that allow users to buy products directly from social media content. Instagram with its shoppable posts is a prime example of social commerce. 

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Social commerce has been an immense help to the brands who were highly reliable on social media marketing to drive traffic and conversions for their business. 

With social commerce, the point of sale has come closer to the point of inspiration to buy a product on social media. 

Earlier, social media marketing helped in generating interest among consumers to buy a product but the long purchase journey worked as a barrier. Social commerce makes the purchase journey short and quick with minimal clicks. 

Not just social media, but you can make use of social commerce platforms for integrating social media and commerce. 

Social Commerce Platforms

Social commerce platforms are digital tools that help you to integrate shoppable features into your social media content. 

An effective social commerce platform will help you aggregate all the relevant and required content from different social media networks into a single feed. From there, you can tag products to the posts in the feed and add a shoppable option. 

The shoppable option will allow the users to buy the products directly from the feed with minimum clicks. Further, you can embed that shoppable social feed to your website. 

TaggShop – Powerful Social Commerce Platform

TaggShop is a social commerce tool provided by Taggbox that was introduced specially for integrating the benefits of social media to digital commerce. 

The aim of Taggshop is to help brands build a successful campaign that lets them increase their conversions along with providing superior customer experience and brand image and identity building. 

TaggShop as a social commerce platform provides you with all the necessary features that could help in making the shopping as interactive, engaging, and easy as possible for the customers. 

Ecommerce brands especially are at an advantage with using social commerce platform. As eCommerce faces challenges like low conversion rate, high bounce rate and cart abandonment, and low user engagement. 

Here are some of the benefits that you can get by using the Taggshop social commerce platform. 

Benefits of TaggShop

TaggShop is an extremely advantageous platform that can garner many benefits for your business. We have listed a few key ones for a better understanding. 

  1. Leverage Social visuals

Visuals are crucial when it comes to online commerce as unlike offline retail where the users can feel and see the products in real, online commerce doesn’t have that possibility.

Visuals become more important to a user for making a purchase decision. You can aggregate captivating visuals from social media and display it on your website. 

  1. Build Social Proof with UGC

What can be better than building a positive brand image along with selling? It becomes more special when the consumers become your brand advocates. 

Using the relevant social media user-generated content you can simultaneously build a proof of authenticity, trustworthiness, and reliability along with selling through that Social UGC. 

User-generated content is a key driver of consumers’ online purchase decision making. 

  1. Website Engagement

The sole purpose of social commerce isn’t to just sell but to sell by increasing user engagement as users’ engagement with a brand is positively related to their conversion. 

Having a TaggShop generated engaging and interactive shoppable feed will help the users to explore, browse, evaluate, compare, and analyze content and tagged products through the feed. 

This will help in garnering maximum engagement and interaction from the users that can be directed to conversion. 

  1. Shoppable Integration

The best and most crucial part is that you can make your social media content especially UGC, Shoppable with TaggShop. TaggShop will provide you with the functionality to make your feed shoppable. 

You can make use of all the engaging visual UGC to sell your products. TaggShop will allow you to tag products, customize the feeds, and display it in the feed. From there, the users can click on the buy button under the tagged posts and purchase the products instantly. 

This can tremendously increase your conversions and sales with more satisfied customers through a shorter purchase journey and easy buy & checkout process. 


There are many more exciting features that you can use for more refined and targeted social selling besides these mentioned features. 

Social commerce is a developing arena and with the response, it is getting from social media users, this might be the future of digital commerce. So, try and take a head start over your competition and grow your sales & revenue.

Especially if you are an eCommerce then you should definitely give social commerce a try to see how it can bring change to your existing conversion rate.


Author’s Bio: I’m Alice Herman and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends. Twitter Handle: @AliceHerman_usa

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