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May 05, 2024

When running a business, your end goal is to create an indelible impression on the customer.

No matter what strategy you use, everything is futile unless your customer is unhappy when they leave your store.

This only fuels the saying, “the customer is always right.”

This perception, however, makes the customer sound unreasonable and slightly unfair.

Instead, it makes a difference when framed as “The customer should always be a priority.”

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Why should customers be your number one focus?

But then again, why should the customer be given so much priority? You have strategies to implement and a business to run. How can it be feasible if you think about customers?

The answer is right in front of you. No customers, no shop. The revenue that runs your place and your living comes from customers.

Another essential aspect is that customers are expensive to acquire. So, they are valuable in every perceivable manner.

Websites are essential to business growth these days. If your customer has a good time on your website, it can help boost your site’s revenue.

Here is what you would need to have an impeccable customer experience strategy.

Customer Experience Strategy Tips To Skyrocket Your Website Revenue

1 – Offer various platforms for customers to reach you

It all makes sense when you look at it from the customer’s perspective. Your customer is having a tough time on your website regarding something, and they need to get in touch with you.

The preferences, however, differ. While some are more comfortable in a telephonic conversation, others may be comfortable explaining the situation on chat.

You must offer practical and responsive platforms to retain the customer soon enough, even when your customer has a bad experience.

A frustrated customer is not uncommon. Nor is it bad. If you have your strategy in place, a frustrated customer is your chance to win them over again.

2 – Cleaner navigation means more customers.

If you have just put in efforts at optimizing your site only at the beginning of the process, then there is a high chance your website needs work.

Websites that have relished incredible conversion rates all have one thing in common: Ease of navigation.

The age-old adage of “keeping it simple” is truer now than ever.

Avoid having too many neon-sign-ish billboards on your web content. Go easy on the graphics.

Avoid too many paragraphs or a messy arrangement of text.

Large and well-spaced text is always appreciated and simple to use.

Wish to portray a complicated idea or concept? You can use a high-quality visual instead. Pictures do speak louder than words and eat up less space too.

3 – Your entire staff should uniformly prioritize customers

How your team behaves with the customer is ideally a reflection of your idea about the customer.

Though you are not the one in direct contact with the customer, you still have to approach the customer’s needs with utmost care and precision.

It is only then that your staff will understand the importance of customers and do their personal best to keep customers happy.

Creating a company culture where poor customer service is not tolerated goes a long way.

4 – Fast loading sites are preferred any day

You must have personally experienced it too.

You would not like a shopping app that takes too long to load. This slightly reels back to our earlier point of making websites more straightforward.

When your website has a simple outlook, it is easier to load it fast. Not just the homepage but every page on your website should ideally load in a second or two.

Longer loading time affects conversion rates considerably. So you have to pay heed to this.

5 – Discounts, promotions, rewards – Make your customers feel glad they visited your site

We cannot deny the fact that deals are excellent. You have to give your customers something that your competitor does not.

Customers usually do a lot of research before buying anything; hence fooling them is never possible. Most likely, your customers will buy something from your competitor if they offer it for a lesser price than you.

Offer smart discount codes, coupons, and reward points. This will incentivize their purchase. The more they buy from you, the more they earn.

Offers, discounts, and rewards create an excellent overall customer experience strategy.

6 – The checkout process needs to be streamlined

This is when the money comes in (or gets stuck). You would not want to make this hard for the customer.

If you make the checkout process too long, you give your customer time to rethink the purchase. Chances are, they might abandon the purchase eventually.

Make the checkout process involve only the essentials. The more steps you add, the more the risk of losing on the sale.

You have to acknowledge that time is precious to the customer. So, work your checkout process accordingly.

7 – Do not rule out your mobile users

It is quite a mandate to have your website responsive and mobile-friendly. If you create an app for the services you offer online, there is nothing like it.

Mobile devices drive half the global web traffic. And this number keeps increasing as smartphones tend to perform more computing tasks.

Customers generally love phones for the convenience it offers. You can boost your website revenue by tapping on this potential.

8 – Integrate social media involvement

You got to make your customer feel one with the brand.

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are free of cost, and you can create a platform for your customers to reach out and engage with you.

Social media networks are a faster means of communication, allowing you to deal with customer issues much faster.

9 – Include customer reviews for added authenticity

Everyone likes a good, honest, transparent brand.

People will make an effort to leave a review based on their experience. Make sure you leave a good mark.

You have to make sure that your customers can see reviews. Good reviews and acknowledging excellent and bad reviews influence the customer’s choice.

10 – Offer high-quality content to educate

This does not mean implementing “content marketing” strategies.

High-quality content which aims to educate people could even be visual. Create images instead of plain text, and you can retain customer attention for a long time.

At the end of the process, they (your customers) should feel they learned something more.

Parting thoughts

Implementing these website enhancement tips can improve website traffic for you incredibly.

It would be best if you had a simplistic plan, solely fleshed out from the customer’s perspective.

The results that come in later will prove the efficacy of your strategies, and if something does not seem to work right, leave it to your customers to point it out.

Work on what the customers wish your site could be, and you will have a website that is a customer acquisition magnet.

Author’s Bio: As a senior business associate, Peter Davidson strives to help different brands and startups make effective business decisions and plan effective business strategies. With years of rich domain expertise, he loves to share his views on the latest technologies and applications through his well-researched content pieces. Follow him on Twitter.

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