Actionable eCommerce SEO Tips To Achieve Great Ranking Goals


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July 10, 2024

Nowadays, the question is in the trend that one can improve eCommerce search engine ranking or how a store can be successful over the web? There is a fear in new store owners’ mind that whether they will get a prominent niche among already settled big brands or not.

Most of the e-commerce store owners invest a lot in advertising their shopping portal. But, what if they will get facilitated with excellent eCommerce SEO ways that cost nominal as compared to the paid ones. Yes! We are talking about search engine optimization ways that are actually taking e-commerce stores to the heights of success.

It must sound amazing right! Remember, SEO is never easy for store owners as there are hundreds of products having a separate web page which truly needs to get the desired rank over the web. Whenever you think that you’ve got an immense grip over SEO tactics, you observe a new change in Google ranking rules. So, be attentive when you are implementing any trending and proven SEO rule to uplift the ranking of an e-commerce store.

SEO commonly consists of various small steps. If you own a start-up store then it’s possible to take care of these small steps. But, if you’re already running a big online shopping portal, it would not be easy to implement all of these in one go. You can initiate things by first focusing on your best-selling products and the pages that you think can bring large value to your site.

Despite the initial learning curve, there is a lot to get an insight to. The blog will cover every best possible SEO technique that can definitely prove leading tactics to get the desired ranking for your eCommerce store.

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Have a glimpse:

  • Website Structure

Your eCommerce store’s architecture is the foundation of your entire business. A confused website structure may discourage users and unfortunately constrain them from leaving it within seconds. You should be very careful about your site structure if you want to see the fruitful results of your hardcore efforts. You can do this by creating easy navigation, seamless payment gateways and quick search options. These features provide users the reason to explore the website for more and even for a long time. The best method to get the insights is to utilize Google Analytics and observe where you’re lacking from the UX point of view. It would be great if you simultaneously make changes to your lacking website areas.

  • In-depth Keyword Research

Analysis of every website starts by making keyword research based on market competition. This is the first strategy which needs to be implemented appropriately to get profitable results. Make sure that your keyword strategy is in the right direction and follows the best criteria to earn utmost traffic. The criteria should include keywords that are having buying phrases, likely to convert, decent volume, product based terms and high ability to rank over the web. This not only improves your site ranking but also converts clicks into conversions.

  • Appropriate On Site Optimization

Search engine crawlers always prefer to scroll easy to understand websites. So, your next step should be to make your website easy to read and navigate. Through on site product pages optimization, your website will get a readable format which is also good from the ranking perspectives. Most of the search engine optimizers implement this strategy by focusing on making changes in sitemaps, tags, heading, URLs, content indentation and product/category pages optimization.

Also, to improve on site optimization, you need to create the correct structure of internal links. To do
this, you can use the Link Extractor tool. This tool detects all internal and external links on the website
and analyzes them. This way you can find and fix all the broken links on your website.

  • Upload Unique Product Description

People find it very interesting when they find the product availability with high-resolution images and description which well goes with that. Duplicate or even lack of description spoils the interest of customers for buying the product. They need everything perfect when they scroll the product to buy. They want elaborative description which defines the product from its core. Therefore, it’s necessary that you should also incline towards uploading unique product description for each of your e-commerce store.

  • Create Mobile Experiences

Today, most of the customers like to browse online shopping portals over their smartphones. This is likely to increase the traffic for portals that are mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed on different devices having a variety of screen resolutions. Now, it’s your time to transform your e-commerce store into a responsive interface which users can seamlessly access on their smartphone screens. Introduction of mobile websites clearly indicates the rise in customer engagement and powerful impression. If you want to get all these for your e-commerce brand, start transforming your desktop website into a flawless mobile interface.

  • Introduce Product Videos

Visuals are the mediums that quickly enchant visitors due to their descriptive ways. For a storefront, you can implement this strategy by introducing product videos. You can place them over the associated product page and also on social media channels to get visitors attention. There are also various ways to promote e-commerce products via videos. One can create discount videos on a few products to grab customers attention or the videos can be created to invite customers for the mega sale valid for a limited period of time.

Wrap Up:

The competition in E-commerce is rapidly growing like a fire and it can only be controlled when marketers implement trending ways to rank their product pages over the web. Only creating a powerful brand marketing strategy can take you out from this big hassle. So, start discovering the best ways that you consider can be useful to groom your e-commerce product pages. You can try the aforementioned ways to initiate the process.

Author’s Bio:

Tom Hardy is a highly skilled online marketing executive in Sparx IT Solutions. He is passionate and also works as innovative marketing expert to keep a track of all the ups and downs of the industry. Besides, making innovations for new marketing strategies, he also possess skills to write knowledge-based write-ups to make others aware of the important factors.

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