Best Caching Plugins To Improve WordPress Speed

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Are you looking for best minifying or caching plugin to speed up your WordPress Website? In this post you’ll discover best caching plugin that will enhance your WordPress installation. Use of these plugins permit you to build various tweaks over your website.


What is Cache?

It is a temporary memory storage that is used in different browsers to store data. Generally, hard disk is used to store computer information and when any user request for stored information then it need to run several procedures to present that particular information.

Cache is a local object that stores information so stored information requests for that data can be solved faster. Cache use temporary memory of computer to store this information and allow computer to access file fast and reduce load load time.

When it comes to analysing web page role of Cache can never be underestimate. Same as computer, this concept is also used in E-commerce websites to make their installation process faster. WordPress is a CMS system. In simple term, every second a user visits your website and request different web pages to get information then WordPress works as computer to fetch information fetches from its database and then process numerous other stages before the web page is sent to the user’s browser. Due to high demand of web pages on a single Website, rendering process takes more than result in low speed. Here cache allow WordPress to avoid page generation steps. It creates a static copy of your webpage and server it to the visitors and reduce server load time.


How Caching benefits your site

First of all, Caching creates static version of your web content result in decreases the load time on your WordPress Hosting servers and improve website performance and speed that encourages more visitors to your website. This will also reduce bounce rate of your webpages.

Faster website increase load time but also helps you to get Top rank in major Search Engines because according to Google recent update it will take Web Page speed in ranking aspects. With other aspects Master SEO Company can help you.

Furthermore, faster websites help users to surf better. Cache sites on other hand save user’s resource consumption as static pages are lesser in size as compared to dynamic.

Lastly, caching is also useful to web user’s who host their site in distributed hosting servers.

There are numerous Free and Premium WordPress cache plugins out there that helps you to enable caching on your WordPress website. We’ll share some of the popular, highly recommended ones.


1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one among highly recommended plugin used in WordPress because it offers various unexpected features along with user-friendly interface. So, if you are unaware of technical terms or beginner and looking to speed up your website then it is best option for you. It allows you to immediately cache your website in one click. WP Rocket makes the setup process easy and its crawler automatically build cache for your WordPress website pages. The best thing with this plugin it includes various other features that helps you to avoid installation of extra plugin.


  • Beginner-friendly Interface
  • Pre-load cache
  • Latest caching rules
  • Database Optimization
  • Direct Integration


2. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is another highest standard WordPress caching plugin that enhance website speed. It is a complete framework WordPress caching plugin that offers a lot of options which mark it best for professionals. Any one can get it free in WordPress Plugin section.

One thing about this plugin is that it is not easy to setup because there are so many options to setup at the time of activation. Beginners can find this Cache plugin little demanding to use because if you don’t know what to processing, you could lose something. W3 Total Cache state that your web blog will load 10 times faster once the plugin is installed. It offers plethora of choices and provides you with other site optimization types such as source code magnification and integration with your CDN.


  • Object Caching
  • Database Analysis
  • Conversion rate improvement
  • Increased search engine ranking
  • Browser caching
  • Bandwidth Saving
  • Minifying


3. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is one of the most commonly used caching plugin in WordPress. It is totally free and highly suggested by lots of the top WordPress professionals. So, when you’ll go to install this plugin then you’ll find that it has had over 6 million downloads with 5-star rating. It supports several caching types such as PHP, Legacy and more. WP-Super-Cache is easy to setup but some of its updated setting needs advance knowledge to get more. WP Super Cache plugin includes various advance features that can not be found in another cache plugin.


  • Advanced Cache Pre-load
  • Better Customization scope
  • Multiple Caching type support
  • Static HTML files
  • Steady Development
  • Synchronize with CDN server
  • Remove unused colour


4. WP Fastest Cache Plugin

WP Fastest Cache is one that is easy to set up and comes with great set of features. The best thing about this plugin is that it neither requires basic knowledge nor too advance so users find this plugin with middle ground. This is available for free but if you are looking some some advanced features then its premium version will fulfil your requirements.


  • Easy to setup
  • Generate Static HTML Pages
  • Advance Features with premium version
  • Integrate with CDN
  • Free of Cost
  • Performance Optimization Option
  • Minify HTML and CSS
  • Supports GZip compression


5. Built-in Caching Solutions from Managed Hosting Firms

Cache Plugin helps drastically decrease the loading speed on WordPress hosting servers and allow them to implement easily. Now days, there are numerous managed WordPress hosting firms that provide their own built-in cache solutions for your E-commerce or WordPress Websites.

If you’re finding solution to speed up your WordPress installation, then above mentioned plugin is your one stop solution. These plugins can have an intense improvement on your page load times. For WordPress users, the easiest and quickest way to implement a caching system is by the use of a WordPress cache plugin.



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