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January 23, 2022

With the rise of new technology, most companies and individual business owners are shifting their business operations online. 

This has increased the competition for market share for the businesses. The number of online shoppers is on the rise and demand for services is high.

The way customers interact with businesses, build trust and buy products or services is changing.  You need a personal brand around your business to earn your clients trust and grow your business online.

A report by eMarketer, ecommerce sales are projected to increase to $4.058 trillion by 2020

To win the trust of this ever-increasing number of shoppers and grow your ecommerce business you need to build a brand for your business.

A great personal brand helps you stand out among the crowd and grow your business sales and ROI. 

But why develop a personal brand for your business?

Well, you may wonder, why should I develop a brand for my business? Is it really that important?

Well, yes it is. And here reasons why.

It helps build trust with customers

A personal brand helps you stand out among your competitors and build trust with website visitors and customers. 

Personal branding increases customer trust in your business. They know that you have their interest at heart and are committed to helping them solve their pain points

Increase your business confidence

Personal brand increases your business confidence. As you establish your brand and share your business strengths with customers. 

Great confidence in your branding is a wonderful sign you know your business so well and can offer professional services to your clients. 

Your great confidence reassures customers of great services or products deliveries and leads to more business.

Builds credibility

Your customers view you as a thought leader in your market niche. Customers admire and like to associate themselves with your brand. 

Since customers view you as an expert and trust you, they become your loyal customers. 

They become lasting customers and increase your customer lifetime value. Branding helps increase your credibility to your customers. 

Increases brand awareness

As you grow your business, brand yourself and serve customers they become your business ambassadors. Their word of mouth marketing increases your brand awareness.

 Many potential customers know about your brand. That helps you increase your leads and clients, make more sales and grow your business revenue.

Now that you know the importance of personal branding, let’s look at how to build it.


Create awesome content

According to the Social Marketing Industry report compounded by Hubspot 43% of B2B marketers their most important content type is blogging.

 High-quality content is a great way to build your brand and market your business to clients. 

It is essential to create awesome content for your personal branding. Great content increases thought leadership and build more trust with customers. 

Here are some ingredients of high-quality content.

Captivating headlines

Headlines are essential in creating great content. According to Copyblogger, 80% of readers read the headline the rest read the whole article.

To catch the attention of the readers ensure you create an attention-grabbing headline.

One great tool to help create headlines is the CoShedule headline analyzer. The tool gives suggestions on how you can tweak your headline to grab attention.

For instance, I run this article title on the tool and here is what I got.

Provide answers

The reason readers do a google search is that they are looking for answers to their pain points. When creating content, ask yourself “ If I were a reader will I be able to get answers from this article”?

And readers don’t just want answers, they want them fast. Your content should be able to deliver these answers to them in an easy way.

Also, make your content actionable. Show readers how to apply the knowledge you provide them to solve their challenges. 

When readers come to your site and get answers, they trust your brand. They are likely to convert to clients.

Guest post content on reputable websites

As a way to build your brand, guest post content to other websites. Post great content on reputable websites and include links to your website. 

Once your post is published, engage your readers through comments and likes. You can share the article on your social media accounts to increase engagement.

When guest posting, provide your readers with actionable tips they can apply to solve their challenges. Include images, screenshots, short paragraphs and sentences for easy reading.

If readers love your guest content, they will open your website link and engage with website content.

Since you have an easy to navigate and professional website they will trust your brand even more and likely become customers. 

Use accurate sources

To deliver great content, ensure you back up your claims with proof. Use reputable and accurate sources of information. When readers trust your information, they also trust your brand. Through this way, you build your brand and grow your business. 

Linking your content to reputable sources also helps with search rankings of your content. Readers trust your information is they can verify it. 

Engage your potential clients on social media

The social media platform is a great place to help build trust and create your personal brand. To build a brand, engage your readers and potential clients on different social sites.

Some ways to engage readers and help build a personal brand include:

Facebook Engagement

Create a fan page for your brand and update your page. Here is an example of the Neil Patel fan page.

On your fan page, use different updates to engage readers to your brand. You can post videos, blog posts, and  images

LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is a great place to build your personal brand and grow your business. There are different ways you can use the power of LinkedIn to build your Brand.

Create an attractive profile

Most readers and business connections view your profile before engaging with you or your brand. It is important to create a professional profile and use keywords to optimize it for search ranking.

Use your own photo on your profile. Here is an example.

Write a clear title of who you. Use keywords in your title to help you rank on the search engine. The moment a person views your profile they should know in an instant who you are and what you do. 

Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has different groups. To help build your brand join groups that are relevant to your market niche and be active. 

Post questions and answer questions posted by group members. Answering questions shows you are knowledgeable in your field. 

Post content on your profile

Content on your profile is a great way to attract readers. You can post anything as long as it is educational and helpful to the readers.

 Also, ensure you comment, share, like other people’s posts. You can create high-quality content on the LinkedIn pulse to engage readers with your personal brand.

Ask for recommendations

Recommendations play a crucial part in your personal brand strategy. When people read your recommendations they end up trusting your brand and business.

When you work with a client, ask them to leave recommendations on your website and social profile. Asking for recommendations helps your potential clients know you have served other happy clients.

 It helps reinforce the belief of your brand helped other similar businesses solve their pains, you can help them.

Twitter Engagement

To help build a personal brand on twitter, monitor your brand mentions, likes and shares.

You can retweet other people’s tweets and create content that is attractive and engaging. Optimize your profile and use keywords readers use to search for services related to your brand.

Industry conversions also help build your personal brand on twitter. Monitor how your brand is converting leads to clients and also what the readers say about your brand.

Have a professional website

A website is essential in your brand building strategy. It is important to ensure you have a great and professionally designed website to attract leads to your business.

The first impression of your website to readers matters the most. If your website is not attractive, the bounce rate to your website will be high. 

According to a report by Blue Corona, 48% of readers determine website credibility by its design.

To help you build a personal brand ensure you fix the following on your website.

Website navigation page

Potential clients will leave your website for your competitors if they find it hard to navigate your website. 

In the above example, the moment a potential client lands on the website knows in an instant what the website is about. It is easy for readers to navigate the website.

The color mix of the landing page also plays an important role to attract readers to the website. 

Increase website loading speeds

In addition to great web design, ensure you optimize the loading speeds of your website. 

Slow speeds increases bounce rate and can affect how potential clients view your brand which affects your personal branding. Most readers will abandon sites that take more than two seconds to load. 

Readers like websites that are fast. In your personal branding, ensure you optimize your website load speeds. You can use Think with Google to test the loading speeds of your site. 

Your website should also be responsive to different devices. Potential clients abandon sites that are not responsive to different devices. 

Include social proof 

BrightLocal survey shows that 27% of online buyers read reviews before they buy.

To help build your brand, ask your clients to leave reviews on your website. With the reviews, potential clients trust your business. 

Buyers trust and engage with brands that other people have used and enjoyed. The reviews will be a great way to show potential clients that you have served other happy customers.

It is essential to create a business logo for your brand. Use the logo on all your marketing channels. You can look for a professional designer for your logo.

You can also use free logo creation tools. Free logo design is one great software that can help with logo creation.


Personal branding is a great marketing strategy for your business. When potential clients trust your brand it becomes easy to market, increase sales and make more business profits.

Use the above tips to build a personal brand for your business, reach out to more customers and make more business.

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