6 Signs That Your Business Needs SEO Consultancy


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May 05, 2024

Why your Business may need SEO Consultation

Are you ready for the digital age? Businesses are shifting their focus from traditional marketing into digital marketing.


Technology has changed the way businesses operate today, and many companies stay relevant with the help of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Businesses are growing because SEO was a priority for their business. Through SEO, your customers will have an easier time finding your business online, as well as finding the products or services that you offer.

Here are a few signs that your business may need SEO consultancy services.


  1. You’re Not Prioritizing SEO

SEO is the act of improving your online presence to reach the first page of Google’s results. Getting to the first page is important because 75% of users simply don’t go beyond page one.

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Small Businesses tend to not prioritize SEO.

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SEO is a long-term investment and does not deliver results overnight. Eventually, an SEO optimized website will be relevant for what your users are looking for. These pages on your website will appear on the first page of Google and stay there.


  1. You’re Not in Local Listings

Depending on where you’re currently located, Google will adapt its search results to match your location. For example, you’re from New York but currently in Colorado and you wanted to bring your business partner out for lunch. Your business partner mentioned he was looking for Mexican food. If you enter “Mexican Restaurant” in the search engine of Google, results will display a list of Mexican restaurants in the Colorado area.

The intention of making your business appear on search engines is for people to find your where your business is located. You may do this by setting up business listings such as Google My Business and Yelp for customers to find you. When you do not have optimized local listings, customers who search for your business may have trouble finding you. If your business does not have business listings but appears on search results, the information on your business may be wrong.


  1. You Don’t Have a Website

The reason why you want to invest in a website is to create relevant pages for your customers that talk about your products and services. What do you sell? Where can we find you? These are questions that are easily addressed with your own website.

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Because customers research their purchases online, you want to have a website that will provide them with the information they want.

Because of customers research before making a purchase or conducting a transaction, a Denver SEO company emphasizes the need to have an SEO-optimized website that is searchable online and will provide customers with the information they are looking for. An SEO-optimized website should have content that is relevant to your business and customers. Your website should also have an accurate business location for customers to easily find and contact you.


  1. Scrolling to Find You

You don’t want people passing on your company because potential customers cannot find you on the first page of search results. There is an estimated 20% of users who only go to the next page of Google. 80% of users simply give up searching after the first page.

Only 20% of users scroll down.

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Think of the 80% of the audience you’re missing on. A large chunk of your potential customers may not find your website even though your products or services are exactly what they are looking for. The better optimized your website is for search engines, the pages on your website are likely to appear on the first page of search results.


  1. Your Business Lacks Reviews

Here’s something you may have skipped on when conducting digital marketing for your business: Trust Signals. When a customer researches your business online but your business lacks reviews or trust signals, the customer may not be incentivized to transact with your business. Ensure that your business is present on Google My Business, Yelp, and even Social Media pages such as Facebook where customers may leave reviews. These pages and listings are great indicators of trust for Google and your customers.

Encourage your customers to leave a review by providing them a great experience when transacting. Here are a few ideas:

  • Listen to your customers’ feedback. And respond despite positive or negative.
  • Be Responsive: Don’t leave your customers hanging.
  • Treat your customers well: If you’re friendly with your customers, they may leave a good review of your store online and these reviews may encourage more customers to drop by.


  1. Your Brand lacks Social Media Presence

Brands utilize Social Media to reach out and stay close to their customers. When your business has a social media presence, you are helping your customers understand your brand a little bit more.

Interact more with your customers through social media.

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Post relevant content on your social media pages and link them to the relevant pages on your website. Keep your customers buzzing about your products by maintaining a presence where they can reach out to you. Social Media is a great avenue for your brand to interact with customers and handle any of their concerns because of the accessibility it brings customers to your brand.


SEO Consultancy begins with You

There are many ways to start investing in SEO help. Think of this article as a checklist. Go back to the question of why you need SEO for your business. You may want to have a website that looks great, but you want your website to have all the necessary information on your websites for customers who are looking for you. Update all your business listings. Make sure you have listings set up for reviews and relevant business information. When you provide all the relevant business information on your website and listings, your customers will find you.

These are a few of the many SEO needs that your business require to stay relevant online. Consider these factors and determine if you need SEO consultancy to address the SEO needs of your to stay competitive online and drive both website and foot traffic to your business.


Author’s Bio: Dan Smink is the founder of C1 Partners, a Denver SEO company that helps small to medium enterprises with their digital marketing strategy. Dan comes from a background of 20 years in business leadership and has a track record of helping businesses achieve million dollar revenue values. He is an active community leader and a contributor to the Forbes.com’s Agency Council spreading the word on how digital strategies can make a positive impact on today’s businesses. You may connect with him on LinkedIn.

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