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November 15, 2023

Everyone seems to have their own unique opinion of Instagram models — some hate them while others totally love them, but it’s likely that most people probably fall somewhere in between. One thing everyone can agree on is that they pack a serious punch when it comes to influencing modern culture — perhaps even more so, in some situations, than their supermodel counterparts of the past who graced the covers and pages of the world’s leading fashion magazines. Back in the 80s and 90s when models reached cultural icon status, they nonetheless didn’t enjoy the same type of mass global reach that nearly universal internet access provides modern-day models on Instagram — and Instagram promotions provide models with a lucrative source of income and maximum exposure. By the same token, these models provide varying levels of appeal depending on the target audience and the branding strategies of individual companies. Following are just a few of today’s top Instagram influencers.

Kendall Jenner

Although she’s a member of the well-known Kardashian family, Kendall Nicole Jenner has achieved recognition and fame in her own right. The daughter of Caitlyn and Chris Jenner began her modeling career at the age of 14 when she signed with Wilhelmina Models. The winner of the Teen Choice Awards in the years 2105 and 2016, Kendall has represented Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, and Dolce & Gabbana. She currently lends her name to numerous lifestyle products such as cosmetics, accessories, and clothing. As a top Instagram influencer, Kendall boasts more than 85 million followers and commands as much as 0,000 per post.

Emily Ratajkowski

The 26-year old American model and actress ranks as one of Instagram’s top influencers. Making her haute couture debut in 2015 wearing Marc Jacobs on a New York Fashion Week runway, Emily has appeared in music videos, in Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. Like Kendall Jenner, Emily focuses her influencer efforts on everything fashion-related.  Her price-per-post is reputed to be slightly more than $78,000, and she has more than 15 million followers.

Gisele Bundchen

Brazilian Gisele Bundchen has been modeling since the spring of 1998 when she made her debut in a London ready-to-wear fashion show. She’s worked for too many big-name design icons to name, and in 2012, Giselle earned the top position in Forbes list of top-earning models. In 2015, The Guinness Book of World Records named her as the model who raked in the most income from June of 2014 to June of 2015. Giselle has 13.6 million followers on Instagram, and her price-per-post is a well-guarded secret.

Adriana Lima

Sharing a home country with Giselle, Adriana Lima enjoyed a long, illustrious run as a featured Victoria’s Secret catalog model that began in 1999 and lasted through 2018. The 36-year-old actress and model has represented Maybelline cosmetics and has appeared in commercials for Kia Motors and for the Superbowl. Adriana currently represents several sportswear and beachwear clothing lines. With a following of 11.5 million fans, she’s definitely one to watch on the Instagram influencer scene.

Hailey Baldwin

Another member of a celebrity family, Hailey got her modeling start with Ford Models in 2014.  The 21-year-old Tuscon native is a regular on the world fashion stage, appearing at all important Milan, London, and New York events. Hailey is currently under contract with IGM Models of New York City and has 11 million followers on Instagram. In Maxim Magazine’s May May 2017 edition, Hailey was bestowed the honor of top billing on the magazine’s list of beautiful women.

Barbara Palvin

Hungarian hottie Barbara Palvin has been modeling since she was discovered at the age of 13. With 7.3 million Instagram viewers and a list of impressive credentials, Barbara clearly has a bright future to look forward to. Barbara has been featured in numerous high fashion magazines and serves as a spokesmodel for companies such as Armani, L’Oreal, and Victoria’s Secret. She’s currently based in Asia and continues to rack up accomplishments at an impressive speed.

Ashley Graham

Curvaceous beauty Ashely Graham has rocked plus-size styles in all of the major high fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. Always a trailblazer, Ashely was the first plus-size model to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2016. It’s easy to see why the 30-year-old has 5.8 million follower on Instagram. Her clients include a diverse roster of mega-retailers such as Nordstrom, Lane Bryant, Target, and Bloomingdales.

Liu Wen

As the first Chinese model to walk down the Victoria’s Secret runway, Lui Wen also has the honor of being the first Asian to make Forbes’ list of top-paying models. Liu has 3.5 million Instagram followers and is widely considered to be China’s first supermodel — she burst onto the fashion scene in 2012. Lui achieved another first in 2017 as the first Chinese model to be on the cover of Vogue when she was featured with seven other models.

Lucky Blue Smith

Nineteen-year-old Lucky Blue Smith has racked up a few firsts of his own, starting with being the first male model in a family of females with supermodel stature. He’s walked the runways of all the world’s high fashion meccas and graced the covers of global fashion publications. Lucky has 3.3 million loyal followers on Instagram and launched his modeling career at the age of 12.

Sierra Skye

An intriguing mixture of Italian and Native American, Sierra Skye didn’t achieve her fame as a traditional fashion model — this sultry millennial rose through the ranks of Instagram influencers and ended up with a few illustrious others at the top of the heap, with 3.2 million devoted fans. She represents a variety of lifestyle products and capitalizes on her stunning physical physique to promote glamor and luxury products.

The above models represent a mere sampling of Instagram’s brightest lights. As you can see, some came from traditional roots while others are completely from the 21st century. Each model brings something unique to the table, so be sure to peruse profiles carefully when it comes to deciding which ones to follow. And don’t forget to give the less popular ones a look — perhaps you’ll stumble upon a rising star or two who is exactly what your brand needs.

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