How ShaperMint Uses Facebook Ads


Kevin Urrutia




February 28, 2023

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[00:00:31] Kevin: [00:00:31] Hey guys, welcome to today’s episode. I’m here joined with my cohost, Eric Phillipo. How are you doing Eric?

[00:00:37] Eric: [00:00:37] Good. How are you?

[00:00:38] Kevin: [00:00:38] Good. How are you feeling? I know that you just got back from Asia.

[00:00:42] Eric: [00:00:42] I got back from Asia. Yes, I am feeling very healthy. I know. That is the first question people ask. Very healthy. Dr Sam healthy, everything’s good.

[00:00:51] In case it’s not going to get sick by listening to his podcast

[00:00:54] Kevin: [00:00:54] in case everybody’s wondering. It’s the Corona virus outbreak right now, so

[00:00:58] Eric: [00:00:58] no, no. Only Coronas here [00:01:00] are different kinds of Corona.

[00:01:01] Kevin: [00:01:01] The Mexican ones. In today’s episode, Eric and I are just going to be looking at two brands. One is going to be called shaper, mint, and the other ones is called beauty Bay, so that’s  dot com and then beauty and really what we’re going to do is just analyze the website and also analyze the ads and just kind of think about, you know, maybe how they’re running creatives, what we like, what we don’t like.

[00:01:22] And maybe if you could see any sort of room for improvements

[00:01:25] Eric: [00:01:25] on these brands. Yeah, we have no affiliation with these brands. These are brands we like to look at just because their ads are good, their messaging is good. Kind of a compliment to them, more or less. So just a little heads up there.

[00:01:37] Kevin: [00:01:37] Okay, perfect.

[00:01:38] So let’s look at shipment. Eric, I know you love Superman. You talked about them so many times in the podcast.

[00:01:45] Eric: [00:01:45] Yeah, so what I like about shaper, mint is I look at their ads library probably about once a week, just because they have such good marketing angles and a lot of diverse creatives. And the product itself is.

[00:01:57] I’m not sure much in the shape where [00:02:00] niche, how innovative it is, but they communicate the aha moment of their brand really well. They just take creatives very, very seriously. They do. They do it in a smart way from a technical standpoint and from a psychological standpoint. So yeah, I find myself looking at their ads like once a week.

[00:02:19] And well, the benefit of that is you’re looking over time, you see their changes, maybe an ad that you see. There’s a lot of different kinds of a certain ad, maybe they’re testing and then the next few weeks or months only one of that style remains. Maybe because I want to test. The shape of mint is a good example, a good Brenda followup.

[00:02:35] You’re doing that?

[00:02:36] Kevin: [00:02:36] Yeah. Kind of like a, it’s like a more like a general statement, but yeah, shaver does that. You can clearly see that they’re testing stuff and actually that’s really how most brands should be doing is clearly some stuff could be working for one month and we’ve seen some of their ads up for a month and the next month, so clearly different.

[00:02:51] So it probably died out. And we tell the brands all the time is you need to really be thinking about creatives or angles. And just tests [00:03:00] and it’s not just like, Hey, this is working forever. It’s gonna always work because we’ve seen it before. A lot of accounts we work with, it just dies out within like, and then we don’t even know why.

[00:03:10] But this is why, like I said, sometimes it’s great work with the agencies because we will have a backlog of creative or assets that we’re testing and it’s always a test. It would top brands. It’s like we’re making our best guess of what’s working or what’s going to work. And what I really like a everybody does.

[00:03:25] It’s summer, it’s very similar to Eric does, is they make their websites very specific to like what’s going on. As in for Halloween, they had really great Halloween ads and right now it’s Valentine’s day is coming up. So bright they have is a popup. So it says Valentine’s day sale. You get 10% off your first order, so that’s great.

[00:03:41] And it’s taking you to a messenger marketing, so then they’re, they’re adding you to their messenger lists, which is great because they know that lead generation, email generation, Oh, that’s important for longterm growth and LTB, and I think, Eric, you had a podcast episode on this, correct. Okay. Email marketing.

[00:03:55] Eric: [00:03:55] Yeah. Yeah. There’s a lot of benefits for longterm brand development. The [00:04:00] only things you own in digital are your email lists and your website. These Facebook presence. Theirs and stuff are rented, so to build that list is really good.

[00:04:10] Kevin: [00:04:10] Yeah. She Everman does this, basically, they have it on the front of the website and another great thing that they have is they also have a Valentine’s day sort of collection, which basically just shows people, from what I’m seeing, it’s just our sale page.

[00:04:22] But then they’ve added the Valentine’s day sort of texts, and then they’ve also added a little Valentine’s day hover text on top of the images. So it really makes you connect with sort of the holidays coming up. Are you looking at that report?

[00:04:34] Eric: [00:04:34] Yeah, I’m looking at that. And you’ll also notice that their ads library, so many different style of Valentine’s day ads, and that’s a really important thing to have different styles for certain creative.

[00:04:44] If you wanna dive into that now we can. Um, or if you want to stay on the website

[00:04:47] Kevin: [00:04:47] just on the website a little bit, something that they do really good. This is more of a general statement, but if you look at. They’re sort of product photos. Usually their first two or like very good stock photos or they’re not stock photos, but like in house [00:05:00] photography.

[00:05:00] And then what they also do, which is a great job, they also input some kind of UGC or photos of like real people wearing the clothing and then they go back to photography again. Right? So it knows exactly what we say works well on Facebook ads. You do see content  people actually wearing it and they’ve incorporated that into their product pages as well.

[00:05:20] Eric: [00:05:20] Absolutely. And you know, the real women think that’s another, uh, there. It’s so core to their messaging, their brand. So that’s also really important. So they’re aligning their actual technical details of their website to their brand‘s core message. And that’s a really important psychological thing for customers.

[00:05:36] Kevin: [00:05:36] Yup, exactly.

[00:05:37] Eric: [00:05:37] So at a glance, obviously it’s the Valentine’s day season, so you’re going to see a lot of it, the Valentine’s day sale ads, but that’s really important, especially I’ll look at them for probably six months now. And they always have a really good promotion happening, whether it was Halloween or Christmas or black Friday, and they make ads that are really good.

[00:05:56] One thing I like about them  they take ads [00:06:00] that you’ve probably seen your, like if you’re looking at them year round, you’ve seen these ads, some of these ads use year round, but they’re maybe in a square aspect ratio and what they do that’s really smart is. They instantly make it the four by five aspect ratio by adding a little banner on the bottom and it says either free shipping or Valentine’s day sale or X percent off.

[00:06:23] Basically by making a square video four by five with a little a banner like that, you can put as much text as you want in that banner because follows the whatever 20% text rule cause it is 20% of the screen. And it’s very versatile. You can put whatever discounts you want. In fact, we saw them doing this for the black Friday sale.

[00:06:44] Uh, we saw them doing this for Halloween and we replicated it for a few brands and it was a huge success. It’s a really good way to take top performing ad creative and use it during the any holiday promotion, which is a really smart move from an advertising standpoint. [00:07:00] And that’s something that shape Herman does really well.

[00:07:02] Kevin: [00:07:02] Yeah. They do this a lot too. Like a lot of their ads are just like 20% of texts on top. It looks like for me, I would categorize this as like very meme style, right? Which is like the thick black font on like white texts and then it shows their sort of where our messaging or angle they’re trying to do.

[00:07:20] Oh

[00:07:20] Eric: [00:07:20] yeah. I see some of those. I think what Kevin’s getting at is very simple texts. Nothing unusual. It’s just very clear what it is, especially in very quick reading. It has to be very simple and clear. And so just like a white caption with black text, that’s fine or whatever, whatever. Just a solid, just a color and a different color text or something as clear as possible.

[00:07:44] Not a lot of details. And we even tested that ourselves. So for the holiday sales, the banner had just a simple black banner with white text and whatever, X percent off, whatever, however much percent off. And then we had like snowflakes or graphic [00:08:00] in the back of the banner. With X percent off, the simpler one performed way better.

[00:08:04] So that’s something important. That shape does the simplicity of it. I think it’s what Kevin was alluding to when, was that correct?

[00:08:11] Kevin: [00:08:11] Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and another thing that I like, and I think Eric likes too, is that our messaging is very clear, but it’s also very on point to the problem that they’re solving.

[00:08:22] They’re really pinpointing that pain point and that for advertising that’s so important, like this messaging that they have for one of these ads. It’s really, really, I think catchy and it really solves the problem. It literally says, forget sucking your belly in. As females, they probably have this issue, and another one, which is even for men too, the messaging it says is, do I really look like that in pictures?

[00:08:45] Eric: [00:08:45] It’s

[00:08:45] Kevin: [00:08:45] sort of playing on that pain point that as a brand they probably looking to solve that. What do you think Eric.

[00:08:50] Eric: [00:08:50] No, that’s absolutely correct. It’s also polarizing subject in general body confidence. They do a lot of body confidence messaging and the nature of their product [00:09:00] allows them to, so that’s why I think it’s so effective.

[00:09:03] It’s something that a lot of advertisers are kind of shy away from, but they are very upfront about that and they communicate it in a very good way and they have a genuine solution to a real pain points of a customer and they communicated very well. So it has a little controversy in it, which a little controversy like that.

[00:09:22] Um, there’s something you’re not used to seeing in. A professional advertisement that goes a long way

[00:09:29] Kevin: [00:09:29] for me. Like this is really the controversy. This is more like an actual pain

[00:09:32] Eric: [00:09:32] point that they’re solving. So yeah,

[00:09:35] Kevin: [00:09:35] I would consider this controversial. I think this is like, they just really know their audience and this is the messaging that works well because that’s the pain point they’re trying to solve.

[00:09:43] So I think that’s your brain. Like sometimes like this is what you’re trying to solve. Let’s sort of say in a clear way that’s not like beating around the Bush. I think that’s, that’s really what they’re doing. . Yeah.

[00:09:52] Eric: [00:09:52] Yeah. We do that very well.

[00:09:53] Kevin: [00:09:53] Yep, exactly. A great thing too that they do is they use a lot of UGC content in their [00:10:00] creatives, which is great.

[00:10:01] So like real woman, real people, just putting it off. And then of course, real testimonials, which is what we say you should do all the time. So really like their stuff.

[00:10:10] Eric: [00:10:10] Yeah, that’s good. And that’s something we’re seeing, well, the models in, whether it’s a model that looks like more of like a real woman than a model or user generated content, the more you can relate to the audience, the better.

[00:10:23] I think we talking about how your example for the 60 plus audience, when you change the model. So for example, we sit us in advertising. Your target audience is ages, say 60 plus. And uh, models in the ads are not 60 plus. They’re not going to perform as well. And when we implemented some ads with the models were 60 plus.

[00:10:43] We saw click through rates were much higher. They were responded to a lot better. So relating to the audience in general, well, if the technical standpoint and a psychological standpoint is important.

[00:10:53] Kevin: [00:10:53] Yeah. And also another thing with their ads is their ads for shipment sometimes look like really well filmed.

[00:10:58] But if you really think about [00:11:00] it as like filming, they’re just using one room in one sort of prop. It’s either just like a dining room at the hallway in their bedroom.  you just looks good. But if you really think about what it’s comprised of, it’s just like probably one camera in one room that they’ve probably rented out, like, and when we like more creatives.

[00:11:18] Yeah. Like you can literally rent out an Airbnb and do a photo shoot in a nice apartment, essentially.

[00:11:24] Eric: [00:11:24] Yeah. Yeah. Or it could be someone works there. It’s a super, a realistic thing. And what’s also is you’re probably trying. Is this shape wear product? You’re probably trying it on in your bedroom in front of them.

[00:11:35] You’re, so, it’s a more realistic backdrop for the ed. Yep.

[00:11:39] Kevin: [00:11:39] Okay, cool. I think that’s sort of, you know, some critique by shaper, mint, I mean, not good critique. We love them, great brand. We just love following them. So we always tell people to look at them as a good company. That’s sort of doing everything a little bit right in our

[00:11:51] Eric: [00:11:51] eyes.

[00:11:52] Absolutely. Okay,

[00:11:53] Kevin: [00:11:53] perfect. Eric. The next brand we’re going to be [email protected] so this is actually our first time looking at this [00:12:00] one. So let’s sort of start from the website.

[00:12:02] Eric: [00:12:02] Yeah, so I’m on their homepage now. I see. It’s kind of an interesting one. They have two columns, and

[00:12:09] Kevin: [00:12:09] I

[00:12:09] Eric: [00:12:09] saw that too. Yeah, so that’s interesting.

[00:12:12] I’m not sure what the conversion, or I don’t have backend data as what the conversion rates are, but I do generally see that these websites. Little more unusual user experiences that conversion rates harder just because the customer is not as conditioned to go along with it. But this isn’t so outrageous.

[00:12:28] It’s just two little scrolling things. It’s not like some horizontal parallax or something labyrinth, like some others websites you’ve seen.

[00:12:35] Kevin: [00:12:35] Yeah, and also I think with this website too is just by looking at it and looking at the people on it, it looks like there for them, they partner with Jeffrey star.

[00:12:45] I’m not sure if you know who Jeffrey star is

[00:12:46] Eric: [00:12:46] already. Oh, yes.

[00:12:48] Kevin: [00:12:48] Yeah. So basically like they probably have such influencer marketing influencer campaigns where someone’s going to come and look for Jeffrey star makeup. It’s a, it’s essentially a makeup brand, right? They’re going to buy no matter [00:13:00] what. So really for them, I don’t think they’re carrying too much, maybe all the conversion rate.

[00:13:03] Of course, they probably care, but it’s like a different type of brand, you know, kind of like peppermint. It’s more like they’re advertising on Facebook and they’re looking for that great conversion with them. It’s like, Hey, we’re really nicely designed. We’re partnered with some of the best

[00:13:16] Eric: [00:13:16] people. .

[00:13:18] Kevin: [00:13:18] Yeah, that’s my thought.

[00:13:20] I think because obviously Jeffery stories, massive celebrity girls, they love him. This is a good baby blogger,

[00:13:26] Eric: [00:13:26] so absolutely one of the best infantry’s you can get in the beauty space.

[00:13:30] Kevin: [00:13:30] Yeah. And also like, I think it’s also good, Eric was like, if you’re a brand or owner, sometimes you see this website and you’re like, Oh, I want to be like them.

[00:13:37] But their marketing is just very different than what they’re trying to do. These guys, like they have really well connections. Where as a founder, you’re probably wondering, you’re probably bootstrapped and you want to get every dollar out of any campaign that you’re running. Right. . So sometimes like we will Eric, or you probably seen it where we work with brands and they’re like, Oh, I want to be like this company where I’m like, you’re not that type of company where they can [00:14:00] afford, you know, this really complex design.

[00:14:02] Eric: [00:14:02] You know? Understood. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. And that’s an important thing. Brands realize it. They’re trying to mimic another brand.

[00:14:10] Kevin: [00:14:10] Yeah. These guys are different journey in their campaigns. I mean, I was looking at them up real quick on Google, and they started in 1999 so they’re not new, right?

[00:14:19] Eric: [00:14:19] Oh yeah.

[00:14:20] They’ve probably been around for awhile. Also, just looking at their websites, I just don’t know where to start. There’s so many products that I wouldn’t know where to start. So usually in stores like that, unless the ads, we haven’t dived into the ads yet, but. If the ads are bringing people to the home page, I can see that making conversion rates a little harder because there’s just so much.

[00:14:40] So just huge selection. So obviously going in different categories would be good.

[00:14:47] Kevin: [00:14:47] Yeah. Kind of what you said, it’s, I dunno, should I scroll on the left side or right side, but you know, it’s, it’s, let’s just like the home page.

[00:14:55] Eric: [00:14:55] I’ll scroll on the right side.

[00:14:57] Kevin: [00:14:57] And they also have a lot of products here, so [00:15:00] I mean, massive brand.

[00:15:02] Yeah, it’s makeup, skincare, bath and body wellness, haircare tools and brushes. So yeah, I mean, probably looks like they’re doing well. And I mean, but in general, I really like, their website’s designed, it’s not like a stock theme that you see on a Shopify. So

[00:15:16] Eric: [00:15:16] that’s true. And our early comments, at least my early comment about the unusual illness of the homepage might, it might hurt through your rates, might not.

[00:15:23] Like I said, it’s not so outrageous to where it’s like this labyrinth or maze that the customers are going to get lost. All it is is just a little twist on a home page. So just enough  that’s, that’s pretty interesting, honestly. So I think from a DTC or direct response marketing standpoint, we can learn a little more about them from their ads library.

[00:15:44] Do you want to move over there?

[00:15:46] Kevin: [00:15:46] Okay, so yeah, this is, Brian is massive. They have over a million

[00:15:50] Eric: [00:15:50] likes. Eric. Alright. We all know likes is always indicative of revenue.

[00:15:55] Kevin: [00:15:55] Okay. So yeah, let’s look at some of that. Our campaigns I’m looking at, you know, they have some [00:16:00] 20% off ads, which is probably some great top of the funnel campaigns that they’re running.

[00:16:05] And I’m just gonna click on one and then it’s the one I’m clicking on right now. It’s grab 20% off. All LA girl concealers setting sprays and primers, and it’s, that is just like five products, which is in like a really nice background. So I really like to start with background. So what do you think

[00:16:22] Eric: [00:16:22] that’s good?

[00:16:23] Like

[00:16:23] Kevin: [00:16:23] pest deli backgrounds, right? They can of just

[00:16:25] Eric: [00:16:25] pop. Yeah, they pop something you’re not used to seeing. You know, this one, maybe it’s retargeting, maybe it’s top of funnel. No product centric. So that’s what makes me feel like it might be retargeting. But who knows one, and as you scroll down to, you’ll see an interesting one.

[00:16:40] These story ads there, it looks like makeup tutorials, the products being used, but actually being used by men. So it’s something that you’re not used to seeing in the beauty space, even if they’re targeting women or maybe they are targeting men. I looked like a skincare routine more than a product. It’s a story ad, so that’s interesting.

[00:16:57] It’s very pattern disrupting. It’s a market that [00:17:00] is probably less, I guess, relatively untapped. But we are seeing that growing. Yeah, I guess cosmetic space, so that’s an interesting angle they’re doing.

[00:17:10] Kevin: [00:17:10] I like this makeup tutorial one that they have here. I also really liked this other ad that they have, which is, it’s interesting because it’s a vertical ad.

[00:17:19] Do you see direct? It’s next to the grill with a makeup tutorial. But there’s no ad copy or anything on it. I guess it’s a swipe up to shop type of ad, so it’s an Instagram story ad. Anyways, going on that again, Instagram story ads are just killing it right now, and they’re clearly taking advantage of like that’s sort of texts and hype with like, and they’re also doing a good job because it says swipe up to shop, which is a really great

[00:17:39] Sometimes branches don’t

[00:17:41] do .

[00:17:43] Kevin: [00:17:43] So I really liked that one.

[00:17:44] Eric: [00:17:44] Definitely a lot of versatility in general. As you scroll, it’s hard to pinpoint one specific one because they have so many different styles. You can almost differentiate what’s probably a top of funnel and what sort of retargeting by some are more product centric.

[00:17:56] Some are a little more descriptive or video or something [00:18:00] kind of new. So that’s interesting. You can tell they’re differentiating different parts of the funnels, or at least we can assume that by like how much different they are. That’s pretty interesting.

[00:18:11] Kevin: [00:18:11] Yeah. No, no. I really liked that. These ads remind me of their website.

[00:18:16] It’s a very like, right. It’s like I look at their ads and it’s like, this is their website, which is, I’m not sure. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Right.

[00:18:23] Eric: [00:18:23] I, their website is in like the personality of their personality. Yeah.

[00:18:27] Kevin: [00:18:27] The personality. The style, the colors. Right. That sort of whole look, it’s very, yeah, it’s, it’s very similar.

[00:18:34] Eric: [00:18:34] Yeah, these huge websites, honestly, they do so much conversion rate optimization, they have so much data behind it to where it’s probably a calculated move and probably working for them. And that’s actually another thing we should point out about these huge brands that, you know, they’re optimizing every single little detail of their website and their branding and their everything.

[00:18:51] That’s something to note about this huge brands that maybe other smaller Shopify sites or something might not be doing as much. So as you’re [00:19:00] looking at brands in general, but it’s a little more confidence from that standpoint. Yeah, you want to, you want to click an ad and see are there landing page. I clicked one of these ads and the landing page is telling you it’s interesting about what their funnel is.

[00:19:11] So I clicked an ad. It looks like it says introducing skincare by beauty Bay, designed to suit the needs, the lifestyle needs.

[00:19:19] Kevin: [00:19:19] It’s so funny. I clicked on that exact one too.

[00:19:21] Eric: [00:19:21] Yeah. So it brings you to, it looks like a quiz funnel or

[00:19:24] Kevin: [00:19:24] some kind

[00:19:25] Eric: [00:19:25] of something like that, which is interesting. So we see this. Maybe it leads me to believe it’s top of funnel or maybe a little higher up funnel.

[00:19:33] Kevin: [00:19:33] I already seen an issue here. The first step, the items out of stock.

[00:19:37] Eric: [00:19:37] Yeah, so that’s interesting. Yes. Maybe they’re selling a lot of it, Kevin. Maybe it’s working and they can edit the website.

[00:19:44] Kevin: [00:19:44] Well, yeah, something like this would be probably like something that you definitely want to be watching out as a brand is especially like this just is out of stock and then, you know, use users could be like, Hey, this is step one.

[00:19:54] Like what do I do now?

[00:19:55] Eric: [00:19:55] Yeah. Yeah. That’s interesting. So about the landing page, I [00:20:00] personally like when the landing page has no head or navigation, and this happens too, but no, I’m sure optimize this SoCon so I’ll give them that. I

[00:20:08] Kevin: [00:20:08] also, I also really like hear how they like branded it. It’s called like, it’s like they don’t call like add it to your shopping cart.

[00:20:15] It’s like build your skincare routine. So it’s very orange. Right? But if you click on an item and like, let’s say for example, you go to step two, the tree. You click on it, it says like add to my routine. Yeah,

[00:20:26] Eric: [00:20:26] I like that a lot. I like that a lot. It’s like an outcome. It’s selling an outcome in a way. It’s, I like that a lot.

[00:20:33] Kevin: [00:20:33] Yeah. That’s probably what you said before. They’re definitely testing all this stuff.

[00:20:37] Eric: [00:20:37] Yeah. I’m sure actually if maybe if you refresh or in incognito mode, it might even show you a different one. If they’re doing a lot of CRO tests, that’s it. That’s something to keep in mind, but yeah, I like how they replace add to cart with add to my routine.

[00:20:51] That is a very clever way to do that. I like how the colors change in each part of their teen aesthetically. It’s a beautiful, it’s a beautiful one.

[00:20:58] Kevin: [00:20:58] So yeah, I mean,

[00:20:59] Eric: [00:20:59] we

[00:21:00] [00:20:59] Kevin: [00:20:59] were, we were saying, Oh man, but like this something at the end. Nice.

[00:21:03] Eric: [00:21:03] Yeah, it is really nice.

[00:21:05] Kevin: [00:21:05] Yeah. When I did my second step treat right, I did skin fixer claim ask, and I went to step three, which is skin hints.

[00:21:13] It’s sorry, the first two are highlighted, but then the second two are says like, this is not what you need. So

[00:21:19] Eric: [00:21:19] I think that’s pretty helpful. That’s interesting. That’s a really good user experience.

[00:21:23] Kevin: [00:21:23] Good user experience, and also instills confidence that there, this is actually a quiz funnel versus other ones that we’ve seen.

[00:21:29] That’s like the outcome is always the same.

[00:21:31] Eric: [00:21:31] It’s a shopping cart with a fancy, yeah. User experience. Yeah. No, this is good. Nice. What I like also about these quizzes, a lot of times it’s like a 10 question quiz. You get pitched one product at the end. What I like is this takes you through adding a bunch of things to your cart.

[00:21:45] They’re building that average order value. They’re probably increasing the conversion rate just because they’re getting a bunch of add to cart clicks. That’s really, really smart. That’s a really smart way to do a quiz funnel. With a lot of different skews or building upon Google. I like this a lot. I

[00:22:00] [00:21:59] Kevin: [00:21:59] like

[00:22:01] Eric: [00:22:01] straight up copy for a lot of brands.

[00:22:03] I

[00:22:03] Kevin: [00:22:03] like this a lot. This is like so crazy that we both just found this right now. Like I said, we’re doing this real time. We’ve never seen this.

[00:22:09] Eric: [00:22:09] This is my first time looking at this.

[00:22:12] Kevin: [00:22:12] Yeah, this is cool, right? Yeah, this is cool. You know, this sort of shows us to it. It’s always important to just look at brands that even when we first saw the website, we didn’t know what was going on, and then we started diving deep and we’re like, Oh wow.

[00:22:21] Like, yes. There’s some things that we might not like, but there’s always something that you can find that you can apply to your brand or your business, which is super helpful because we don’t know what they’re doing. But this sort of formula of like this routine is pretty clever and like, I can already think about badass applying it to other brands this year.

[00:22:37] Yeah. So that’s one thing about it is like with these sort of brands that you never know what really you can learn from them or you know, what sort of tech tactics or tips you could really just pick up. And it’s just like we just randomly looking at this company, I don’t even know how I found it. And

[00:22:50] Eric: [00:22:50] yeah, you just learn so much.

[00:22:51] Like right away we found not only we see good ads, we see good angles from the ads, but even deeper, you see their funnel is very unique, or quiz funnel is very unique [00:23:00] and you know, something like this is a good takeaway if you’re a TTC brand. Yeah. It just shows every time you look at some of these brands, so should these fast growing brands, there’s always something to learn and every time you learn something, you know that can be money in the bank if you implement.

[00:23:13] Right.

[00:23:14] Kevin: [00:23:14] And also one thing that we try to tell brands that we work with is, yes, this is a skincare routine and it’s a really complex sort of funnel. But you can replicate a lot of stuff with simple tools. And then if you see it’s working, you design it well. I think a lot of companies get too sometimes caught up in, Hey, this is my brand, and everything in the shower in the world is unique, but you could spend maybe two or 3000 developing this and then you don’t know if it works

[00:23:41] Eric: [00:23:41] so.

[00:23:42] Kevin: [00:23:42] Yeah. That makes sense. I mean, this is a great think, great episode, Eric. We’re just trying this out now, so let us know. Give us any feedback on what do you think of this format and I think next week we’re probably doing other brands too. Yeah.

[00:23:54] Eric: [00:23:54] Feel free to send us submissions or requests, brands you want to audit.

[00:23:57] You want us to all to your brain.

[00:24:00] [00:24:00] Kevin: [00:24:00] If you ever Brandon one ought to let us know, and like Eric said, leave us some reviews on iTunes. If you haven’t yet or you just let us know, there’s some feedback.

[00:24:09] Eric: [00:24:09] Thank you very much.

[00:24:10] Kevin: [00:24:10] Check out boy talk to you soon, Eric.

[00:24:13] Eric: [00:24:13] Right. This week’s episode of digital marketing.

[00:24:16] Fastlane was brought to you by the performance marketing experts at voice media. Join us again next time as we will be bringing you more tips, techniques to know how to make your online business the very best that it can be. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, we’d love to hear them on Twitter at voice media.

[00:24:33] Thank you.

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Practical Tips for Successful Facebook Ads Scaling

Next up

Practical Tips for Successful Facebook Ads Scaling

Next up

Practical Tips for Successful Facebook Ads Scaling

Next up

Practical Tips for Successful Facebook Ads Scaling

Next up

Practical Tips for Successful Facebook Ads Scaling

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Practical Tips for Successful Facebook Ads Scaling

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