6 Highly Effective Tips For Email Marketing


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May 05, 2024

The first question that pops up in our mind is, does “Email marketing” works? The answer is “Yes”, but only if you send emails for what your customers subscribed for. I’ll rank email marketing on the top of the digital marketing chart as it is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.

Email marketing is still one of the most important weapons in digital marketing. Some companies are able to generate over 40$ on every single dollar spent on email marketing.

Are you sending emails and losing your subscribers or not receiving a positive response, so what you’re doing wrong?

There are hundreds of factors to improve your email campaigns, but I am going to highlight some major factors which can really change your game.

Email Marketing Checklist!

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  1. Who’s your audience?

Most of the time we subscribe to get coupons, deals,  newsletters, blog updates, news and we end up on receiving a total crap. It’s the most common mistake every email marketer do and that’s why it is important to learn about your audience demands, behavior, needs, or the main reason they subscribed for. If you don’t send the content they opt for, then you’ll definitely lose your subscribers in every campaign you send.

How to know your audience? You can get to know about your audience with some simple tricks.

  • Customer Persona, through some easy survey with biographic questions to get the age, location and gender of your subscribers, people love to answer survey about themselves and you’ll definitely get positive feedback.
  • Customer Survey, you can arrange some quick survey and place a reward ( discounts or freebies ) at the end of the survey, it’ll help you get some of their recent purchase history and what they’re looking for so you can fulfill their need in your next email campaign.
  • Track Your Emails, by tracking your customer’s emails you can get a clear picture about your customer’s behavior, about your emails and you can personalize your emails to get back your customers.
  1. The subject line is key!

Remember, your subject line is everything. Almost half of emails people avoid due to bad or misleading subject lines. A good subject line can drive you some best results. Nowadays people receive tons of emails daily and nobody has time to open all of them. An attractive subject line also provides you some attention.

Some crucial subject line mistakes:

  • Never ever write misleading subject, you’ll lose your subscribers
  • Avoid spammy symbols and emoji’s, it’ll end up in the spam folder
  • Make your Subject line mobile-friendly, more than 80% of people check their emails on their mobile phones.
  1. Consider Using Infographics.

Are you losing subscribers? Or your emails are not getting not many clicks, so it’s time to change your strategy for your email campaigns. Some research shows that infographics increase 80% of willingness to read. It’s a huge difference in infographics vs plain text.

By adding some colors and graphics in your email can increase the interest of your readers.

Infographics can also gather all the information on a small area and the reader easily digest all the information.

You can convey your message way faster to your readers. Use attractive colors and some high-end graphics for better results. According to some studies, infographics can be remembered more than 3 days later, so if you send a coupon or deal to your subscriber they’ll get a quick throwback that they have a coupon resting in their inbox. Infographics can drive more traffic and increases the click rate compared to plain email. Nowadays you don’t need to hire a professional graphic designer, you can make some high-quality infographics by using these amazing online tools.

  • Canva
  • Infrogr.am
  • Easel.ly
  • Visme.co
  • Pick to chart
  • iCharts
  1. Mobile friendly.

Is it important to make your emails mobile friendly? Damn yes! 81% of emails are being open on a mobile phone. Nobody will open your email campaign if your emails are hard to open or taking too much time to open on your subscriber mobile phone. You need to check several times how your email will open on your client mobile, desktop or web.

Make your emails mobile-friendly by these tips:

  • Make your Subject line length mobile-friendly:
    Don’t use long subject lines your clients won’t see the entire subject line on your mobile device. According to the Return Path report, an average subject line length should be 25 to 31 words.
  • Consider using Pre-Header text:
    Pre-header can provide a boost to your emails when it comes to mobile-friendly emails. Pre-header text can work as a short summary for your email body. You can include a few words on the first line for your pre-header.
  • Keep it short:
    According to the DMR report, an average office worker receives 121 emails a day and nobody has time to read an entire essay, long and meaty emails will lead you to a loss of subscribers. Always keep your email short and to the point. My friends at Discount Codez advise mentioning the purpose of the email in the 2nd or 3rd line. A screen size email is a great example of a short mobile-friendly email.
  1. Choose the best time and day.

Time and days can make a big impact on your email campaign. If you’re able to run your email campaigns on the time when most of your clients are active so that you can drive some good numbers on your email click and open rates. So what’s the best time and day for an effective email campaign?

According to data of CoShedule 14 research, the best days for email campaigns are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Overall Tuesday is possibly the day for those who run one email every week.

The best possible times are:

  • 6 AM to 8 AM, more than 50% of people start their day by checking their inbox in their bed. It’s a good time to provide a discount offer, book, and blogs to your subscriber.
  • 10 AM to 12 AM, when most of the office workers scrolling their emails. If you hit them with an attractive subject you’ll possibly get a good response.
  • 8 PM to 10 PM, some studies show it’s also an effective time for email campaigns. When people are free to check their device before going to bed. It’s a great time for blog emails.
  1. Show how to unsubscribe.

Showing your subscriber how they can unsubscribe from the email list will vanish your precious readers from your email list and nobody wants this. So why it’s important to add a visible unsub bottom in your email. One of the worst outcomes will your campaigns will be registered as SPAM and or the email provider will permanently block your IP.

The reader has a right to unsubscribe from your newsletter if they’re not getting what they’re looking for. There are few benefits unsubscribe link will provide you like

  • People will leave your list if they’re not getting what they want.
  • Your email won’t end up in the spam folder
  • Help you to analyze your content and subscribers list
  • Change your content according to your unsubscribe rate

Mostly email campaigns add unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, the footer is the best possible place where the reader look for it.


About The Author: Asjad is a passionate writer. He’s a student of computer science. When he isn’t glued to his computer screen, he plays cricket, learns new languages and workout. He’s currently working as a freelance writer. He loves hiking and visiting new places. You can reach him on Twitter or Facebook. He loves posting his pictures on his Instagram.


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