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May 05, 2024

According to one recent study, businesses in the United States alone will spend roughly $110 billion on digital advertising by the end of the year. This means that companies of all types, shapes and sizes are spending more on digital marketing channels like Facebook or search engine optimization than they are both television and print ads combined.

Digital channels like social media sites, a business’ website, email, search engines and even mobile apps are an incredible chance to connect with your target audience in a more intimate and organic way than ever before. They’re also very, very easy to “get wrong,” so to speak – especially if you’re caught off guard by just how fast-paced this new digital era truly is.

All of this underlines why finding a partner like Voy Media is so important: they can leverage their expertise in the digital realm to your advantage, allowing you to enjoy all of the major benefits of a successful digital marketing campaign with as few of the potential downsides as possible.

About Voy Media

Voy Media is an independent digital marketing agency that is based out of New York City. First established in 2015, the company’s deep bench of young, forward-thinking talent has already helped transform countless businesses across the globe. Above all else, they pride themselves on the way they treat their clients’ money as if it were their own – meaning that they don’t make money unless the same is true of their clients.

Although their main headquarters is on Wall Street in Manhattan, they also have offices in San Francisco as well. More than anything else, they aim to help mid-size and enterprise level businesses use the full scope of Facebook and other modern day advertising opportunities to their advantage – all while helping clients avoid as many of the common pitfalls as possible.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

In the end, they aim to be the perfect type of partner for businesses of all shapes and sizes: the one that is every bit as invested in their success as the clients are themselves.

Voy Media’s Clients

Voy Media has worked with a large number of notable clients over the years, including but not limited to such major brands as IconSwim, Say Bye Bugs, Big Life Journal and others.

IconSwim, one of the Internet’s leading swimwear brands, partnered with Voy in an effort to better understand whether or not coupon codes would be able to increase their already healthy sales. In essence, they needed to verify whether those incentives would benefit their overall return on ad spend or hurt it. Voy’s team conducted a thorough analysis and was able to determine that not only did a campaign with a 30% off coupon code not perform as well as one that had no coupon at all, but the click through rate for the coupon campaign was also surprisingly lower. This helped IconSwim make better decisions in terms of their marketing, helping to protect their already solid foundation and guarantee that absolutely every dollar would count.

Say Bye Bugs, on the other hand, was in search of a way to better target their admittedly niche audience and turned to the team at Voy for help. Using a series of thoughtfully constructed lookalike audiences, Voy was able to scale Say Bye Bugs’ budget from ,000 per month in advertising to over 0,000 per month – all without sacrificing their return on ad spend along the way. So not only was Say Bye Bugs suddenly in a better position than ever to connect with their ideal type of customer, but they also slashed their cost-per-acquisition by more than half at the exact same time.

Finally, there’s Big Life Journal: a book company that aims to help the mental health of children all across the country through creativity above all else. Big Life Journal had been able to get returns from ads up to that point, but they just couldn’t scale themselves in the way that they needed to be profitable. Using an innovative burst scaling strategy, Voy worked on Facebook ads for Big Life Journal and other promotional media opportunities. Just one month later, Big Life Journal was gaining roughly $1.5 million in Facebook advertising revenue alone and had increased their return on ad spend by 2.24 times as well. Not only did this meet Big Life Journal’s expectations – it exceeded them from every angle.

Voy Media’s Services and Specialties: Breaking Things Down

As one would expect from a full service digital advertising agency, Voy Media offers a wide array of different solutions for customers to choose from depending on their needs. This currently includes options like:

  • Facebook advertising. Facebook ads allow you to maximize your spending by paying by clicks, impressions or auctions depending on the situation. Facebook is also notable because it offers a wide array of different ad formats, including ones like video, image, slideshow and more. Voy Media can help design the perfect types of Facebook ads that are great for increasing reach, increasing organic website traffic, maximizing engagement and even generating brand awareness on the world’s largest social networking platform.
  • Instagram advertising. Instagram is currently home to over 500 million active monthly users, and Voy Media’s array of services can help you tap into as many of them as possible. Voy’s Instagram advertising is great for allowing you to advertise in a way that generates direct responses for prospects, all by way of an opportunity to tell your brand’s story in the most compelling and visual way possible.
  • Retargeting advertising. Here, Voy Media will help you target those people who may have been to your site in the past, but who for whatever reason failed to convert. The key here is that they’ve already expressed an interest in your company, your products and your services – meaning that Voy can help you continue to show them relevant content related to your brand in a way that entices them to return to your site and make that purchase.
  • E-commerce advertising. Voy Media can help customers deliver exceptional, personalized experiences to customers across every step of the buyer’s journey – from that initial discovery of your brand all the way up to that fateful day when they have a purchasing decision to make.
  • Mobile advertising. Smartphone ownership is still growing and the vast majority of people are consuming content online by way of a phone, a tablet or a similar type of mobile device. With Voy Media’s mobile advertising services, you can easily enter new markets and laser focus your targeting on the types of people who are most likely to become your ideal customer in the first place. Likewise, Voy can leverage Facebook data to your advantage – all in a way that helps build the perfect mobile-driven campaigns for your specific industry or niche.
  • Consulting. Voy Media also consults with clients on a regular basis on Facebook campaigns in particular, an option that is available via both an in-person meeting or video conferencing if you prefer. This is a great way to go over everything you’re doing to determine what is working and, most importantly, what isn’t. Voy experts can help you perform an in-depth analysis on all aspects of your campaigns, including but not limited to things like media buying tactics, your scaling process, your creative strategy, your action plans, your testing frameworks and more.
  • Creative development. Finally, Voy offers clients access to a full creative suite, providing assistance with not only shooting and editing videos but also taking photographs that they can use on their website and social media and much, much more.

Pricing at Voy Media

Voy Media prides itself on transparent pricing and no hidden fees and, as a result, has broken its services down into a few different tiers that customers can choose from depending on their needs. Each offers the same basic services such as free account setup, full service Facebook and Instagram ads and access to a dedicated account manager, but they’re all aimed at slightly different segments of the market. These plans include:

  • The Standard Plan, which is best for organizations with an advertising budget of between $1,000 and $19,999 per month. In addition to the benefits outlined above, this also allows customers to enjoy benefits like one on one strategy consultations, return on ad spend tracking and bi-weekly reporting on the progress of their campaigns.
  • The Growth Plan, which is ideal for companies with an advertising spend of between $20,000 and $49,999 per month. In addition to everything from the Standard Plan, this adds in email, Skype and phone support and a more comprehensive level of bi-weekly reporting.
  • The Pro Plan, which is designed for those companies who spend approximately $50,000 and $500,000 per month on advertising. In addition to everything that was included in the previous two plans, this adds in on-demand reporting so that clients can always see exactly how their campaigns are performing so that they can make the best and most informed decisions possible at all times.
  • The Enterprise Plan, which is ideal for companies who spend between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per month on advertising. As expected, this includes everything from all the other plans but adds in a dedicated account strategist and creative designer as well as access to personal phone contact information so that you can always get someone from Voy on the phone to answer important questions or address concerns moving forward.
  • Custom plans are also available for businesses that spend more than $1,000,000 per month on advertising, although the exact details of what you will get will obviously vary depending on exactly what it is you need your advertising outreach campaigns to accomplish.

Note that the actual pricing for each one of these plans will vary depending on the exact size of your organization, along with the specific services that you plan on taking advantage of. This is to say that even if two organizations both selected the Pro Plan, they wouldn’t necessarily end up paying the exact same price. More detailed information about Voy pricing is only available after your initial consultation with one of their representatives, which you can request by using the following link.

Voy Media Reviews

In a review left on Yelp, one satisfied Voy Media client said that “I’ve worked with multiple agencies over the years, and Voy Media was among the best communicators.” She also said that one of the major benefits of working with Voy was that “you get to directly work with the founders, Kevin and Wilson. Kevin is great about keeping in touch and if you have a question about your project, they respond very quickly – which is unusual for an agency these days.”

She finished, saying that “they were also able to get us a 22% higher ROI on our ad spend from our previous agency,” which is a common theme that runs throughout many of these reviews.

Another enthusiastic review left on Yelp stated that “it only took a week or two to get everything setup and to start working with [the team at Voy]. We had a call to go over my current campaigns and which ad types I was running.” The client was particularly impressed with this part of the process, stating that “they were able to see some good wins that I initially thought were failing campaigns. They were also able to pull out current campaigns and scale them up.”

In a review left on Sitejabber.com, another satisfied customer said that “Voy Media did not disappoint. Working with [Voy] has grown my skin care business. We started with about $10,000 in revenue and now we are doing over $150,000 per month.”

In the end, it’s beyond clear that digital advertising is one of the most important elements of a successful business in the modern era – regardless of the type of company you’re running or even the industry you’re operating in. Facebook in particular represents a powerful opportunity to always get the right message in front of the right person at exactly the right time, all via a channel that allows you to intelligently spend every dollar on the tactics that will do the most good.

It’s also a time-consuming process, to the point where many feel like it can quickly become a full-time job – which is problematic, since most people already have at least one of those monopolizing the majority of their time.

This, in essence, is why a digital advertising partner like Voy Media is so important. They can handle Facebook and Instagram advertising, retargeting, content creation and more on your behalf – all with a level of insight, care and attention-to-detail that you’d be hard-pressed to replicate on your own. This in turn helps to bring about the most important goal of all: freeing up as much of your valuable time as possible so that you can focus on actually running your business, exactly the way it should be.

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