How we made $1.48 million USD using this one tactic…

Facebook Advertising Revenue

2.24 ROAS

A new growth mindset.

Big Life Journal is a book company that helps children’s mental health through creativity. The company was able to gain returns from ads, yet, couldn’t scale to be profitable.

Being stuck at $40k ad spend per month, Big Life Journal wanted to increase their ad spend to at least $100k. Big Life Journal partnered with Voy Media to help their goal of scaling above $100k/mo in advertising spend and maintaining at 2X return on ad spend (RoAS).

Client’s Goal

Maximize growth by staying above 2X ROAS and increase Facebook advertising spend.

💣 Burst scaling strategy

A great way to achieve this goal is through the burst scaling strategy. Voy Media worked on Facebook advertising for Big Life Journal, using promotional media. Within the advertising, we selected segments of audiences to reach the most awareness.

The Burst Scaling strategy is a way to retarget audiences effectively. Demands in advertisements are high and expensive during the fourth quarter. To mitigate these costs, we advertised the brand to a cold audience during the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, we displayed more advertisements to the retargeting audience segments. By this, we cut down unnecessary costs in engaging with a cold audience for the busy holiday season. 


We allocated each audience group into segments based on their behaviors (i.e., page viewers, content viewers, add to cart users, etc.). By separating them into different segments, we can reach out to specific, niche Facebook audiences.

From traditional efforts of retargeting, not all potential clients get notified of the products and/or services. We can tackle ALL retargeting audiences by splitting each audience into behavioral segments. From this, Voy Media can drive audiences to conversions.

Our Results

In 1 short month, we surpassed the goal threshold of 2.24 ROAS and gained about $1.5 million dollars in Facebook advertising revenue.

Voy Media had not only maintained our client’s original expectations of their return on ad spend by 2X but by 2.24! From this, we increased Big Life Journal’s advertising revenue a promising $1,488,445. 

Our team learned that burst scaling is an impressive strategy for saving time and costs. Burst scaling can be used during any holiday seasons with high buying intent. From these results, Big Life Journal is one of the longest clients for Voy Media.


Increased Facebook Advertising Revenue

2.24 ROAS


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