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Marketing Opportunity

A marketing opportunity is a potentially favorable business opportunity from a sales-accepted lead that is qualified for your products or services.

For a market opportunity to exist, a business must be able to identify its potential customers, their specific needs to be met, the size of the market share, and the capacity to capture that market share.

Why is Marketing Opportunity Important?

Identifying marketing opportunity offers competitive advantage in a market where changing trends and increasing demand can be captured. The more opportunities you can identify, the more sales you can drive to your business.

The 3 critical elements to tapping into marketing opportunities include:

  1. Understanding your audiences’ problem(s)
  2. Knowing and delivering effective messaging that solves their problem(s)
  3. Offering the solution at a price point for your products or services that suit your target audience

Essentially, your ability to notice and seize market opportunities allows you to accurately improve your sales forecasting and give you a powerful advantage now, and over the next several years.

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