5 Best Link Building Services in 2024: What Company to Choose?


Kevin Urrutia




May 08, 2024

How long ago did you click on the second page of Google search results? As statistics show, only 0.63% of users open that page, and accordingly, 99.37% give up the search after examining the results on the first Google search page. By ignoring SEO, organic traffic, and website visibility by search engines, you risk losing loads of potential clients and, definitely, a profit.

But how to top up website ranking? Link building is one of the tools that definitely can and will help you out! 58.1% of SEO specialists are sure that backlinks are a MUST to improve rankings in search engines. In this article, you will find out more about link building and discover the 5 best SEO link building services.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a method of SEO when other websites link to your website’s pages. In this case, other companies, media, or simply websites add content hyperlinks (backlinks) that lead to your website. The fact is that search engines treat such links as an endorsement: if high-authority relevant domains refer to your website, search engines will mark your page as trustworthy. More trust from engines = more traffic = more profit.

You may think quantity here is a key, but it is not: you can easily overtake other websites with 1,000 links with only 500 links from authoritative domains if you do everything right. 

Benefits of Link Building for SEO

As mentioned previously, link building helps boost a website’s ranking. Here’s how it’s done:

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  1. Increased authority. The more websites refer to the page, the more it is valuable for search engines.
  2. Better rankings. With qualitative backlinks, the domain gets a higher ranking on search pages.
  3. Enhanced visibility. Authoritative resources receive more traffic, which means more people discover the brand.
  4. Sales boost. More traffic means more leads, more sales, and more profit.

You can build links by yourself, but over 60% of business owners entrust this process to professionals due to the complexity of link building. If you also want to outsource this task, continue reading and learn about the 5 best link-building agencies.

Best SEO Link Building Services

Looking for next-level link building packages? Want to cooperate with the leading link building companies? Meet the 5 ultimate agencies of 2024:

1. SEO G.O.A.T.

SEO G.O.A.T. is a link building service with 5/5 stars on Clutch. It’s a team of professionals with 4+ years of experience, 100+ completed projects, and 20,000+ high-quality backlinks. Working with this team means you’ll partner with industry leaders who know how to grow your website’s backlink profile with high-authority websites.


  1. Skilled team with 10+ years of experience;
  2. Moderate pricing;
  3. 5 link building packages;
  4. Proven case studies;
  5. Individual and white-label services;
  6. Personal account to check the order’s progress;
  7. 20% discount on the first order;
  8. An affiliate program;
  9. Unique links without duplicates;
  10. 100% money-back guarantee.


  1. Provide guest posts only;
  2. Paid consultation;
  3. Do not work with illegal, racist, or offensive content.

2. LinkBuilder.io

The agency that takes second place in the rating of the best link building services is LinkBuilder.io. LinkBuilder.io is trusted by Tripadvisor, Udemy, and other well-known brands that cooperate with this company. The agency is focused on high-domain authority websites and uses 20+ techniques of link building, including guest posts, brand mentions, and editorial outreach.


  1. Quality backlinks on relevant and authoritative websites;
  2. SEO and content strategy guidance;
  3. Live updates on orders;
  4. Work with HARO journalists;
  5. 8+ years of experience and 350+ case studies.


  1. Expensive cost of services, one of the highest in the industry (from $5,999\month);
  2. Work only via phone calls (do not provide an opportunity to order services online).

3. uSERP

Full-stack link-building agency that specializes in SaaS SEO. Their main working method is to provide quality over quantity to overtake competitors. Among their clients are Hotjar, Monday.com, EarlyBird, Nav, Reply, and others. uSERP guarantees quality and performance-driven SEO.


  1. White hat outreach approach;
  2. Custom dashboard with weekly updates;
  3. Clients pay only for live links;
  4. Content plans and consulting;
  5. Competitor gap and anchor text analysis;
  6. Slack community with dedicated channels;
  7. 300+ proven case studies.


  1. Minimum 6-month commitment with a 60-day cancellation notice;
  2. High prices, one of the highest in the industry (from $10,000 a month);
  3. Paid consultations (on a monthly basis only);
  4. Inflexible plans (no individual services).

4. Authority Builders

Authority Builders is one of the leading link building agencies in the niche. This company differs from the others with its moderate pricing; for example, one guest post starts at $80. Suitable for both website owners and SEO agencies. Authority Builders has 8+ years of experience.


  1. Moderate prices (from $500 a month);
  2. 365-day money-back guarantee;
  3. 1,000+ monthly traffic guarantee;
  4. Custom dashboard with order tracking;
  5. Custom campaigns from scratch;
  6. Content creation, link audit, and guest posts.


  1. The quality of backlinks and posts is far from the best;
  2. Limited opportunities (compared to other agencies);
  3. Low visitor count.


Founded in 2012, FATJOE managed to help over 3,000 clients and build a team of 100+ specialists. Its mission is to provide the best possible outsourced services for marketing and SEO professionals. Today, FATJOE’s bestseller services include blogger outreach and digital PR services.


  1. Moderate prices (from $1,214 per package);
  2. 90-day continual link placement guarantee;
  3. HARO link-building, blogger outreach, and PR services;
  4. Copywriting, press releases, keyword research, and product description;
  5. All-in-one dashboard;
  6. Secure, natural, in-content links.


  1. Slow technical support;
  2. Up to 130 days for 70 pitches.

What Is the Best Link Building Agency?

Let’s sum up: comparing the 5 top-end companies, the SEO G.O.A.T. agency turned out to be the best. Its pricing, link quality, experience, and user-friendliness played their roles. To make the rating more transparent, our team cooperated with SEO G.O.A.T. to analyze its work. The result is fast, qualitative, and 100% professional work with measurable results.


Link building is a SEO-methodwhen other websites link to your website’s pages. Search engines treat such links as an endorsement: if other domains refer to your website, search engines will mark your page as trustworthy, giving it more traffic. There are many link building companies that provide different services in the industry, and SEO G.O.A.T. is the leading option. We collaborated with their team and it was a great experience. Their services are user-friendly and bring results.

If you want your website to be ranked on the first page of the search results, partner with SEO G.O.A.T. to increase your website’s authority with high-quality guest posts and backlinks. You’ll get a 20% discount on your first order. Partner with professionals now!


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