Are You Monitoring What Your Kids Are Watching On YouTube?

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Along with the other so many websites, YouTube is the second most leading social website which is used for browsing videos, uploading videos, and downloading videos. People make their accounts on YouTube and start uploading their desired content on it. Anyone who has an account on YouTube or not can access these videos easily only by browsing the YouTube site. This browsing might be dangerous for your kids as the videos found on YouTube can be 18plus or they might have content which shows harmful material. Nowadays there is so much violence in this world and people all around the world make videos of that violence and they can upload those videos to anywhere including YouTube for getting views. They don’t really look beyond the scene and upload anything which might bring those millions of likes. These videos of violence, terrorism, and pornography might leave a very bad Impact on your kids. Your kids might consider that violence as a right thing in a result of which they might adopt a violent behavior unknowingly. They might start getting influenced by the bad content on YouTube as a result of which they might start making their own videos for uploading them on YouTube.

Pornography is the worst thing that might affect your kid’s mentality and it can be accessed on YouTube. Your kids might get into bad habits which might destroy their future. Your kids can not only get influence from these videos but they can also share these videos with their friends as well. They might be a source of hatred, lust, and greed in other kids as well. This is a matter of concern but you can handle your kids and their YouTube activities by keeping an eye on them. In today’s era, it is way too much necessary for the parents to monitor their kids. It might be quite tough for you to monitor your kids and snatching their devices wouldn’t work for their good future so, there must be a smarter way towards monitoring them.

How to Monitor the YouTube Activities of Kids?

You can monitor the YouTube activities of your kids in a very smarter way. BlurSpy cell phone spy app brings you the opportunity to monitor your kid’s activities on YouTube. You have an access to monitoring the YouTube activities of your kids only with the help of world’s best spying application the BlurSpy. BlurSpy brings you the opportunity to monitor your kids on YouTube with the YouTube live screening recording feature of BlurSpy.

What is YouTube Live Screening?

YouTube live screening is one of the amazing features of the BlurSpy which enables its users to have an access to the monitoring of YouTube activities led by their kids. You as a parent can have the live screen recording of the device of your kid in which he/she is browsing YouTube.

How Can Access This Feature of BlurSpy?

You can access this feature of BlurSpy by sending a request to the BlurSpy application installed in your kid’s device through your own personal mobile. The BlurSpy installed in your kid’s application would start recording the screen of your kid’s device when he browsing YouTube. You would be able to see the live video recording of your kid’s YouTube activities. This would help you to know what your kid is browsing which might help you in controlling his bad directions.

How to Install BlurSpy Application?

Well! That’s not a big deal as you can spy your kids on your fingertips. What you need to do is this that go to and purchase the app from the buy now page to get licensed. You cannot avail this app from the play stores. Download BlurSpy app into your child’s Android before handing over the gadget to him. Check its feature and ratings for your satisfaction and read its policies. After installing the app to your kid’s mobile, you can hide the app without letting your kids know. This spying can be done from your own mobiles by connecting your device to the BlurSpy app installed on the target mobile. Enjoy the safety measures provided by BlurSpy at the simplest ways.

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