The Power of Social: A No Brainer to Social media Lead Generation


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January 23, 2022

How to Leverage Social Media for B2B Lead Generation


In the past decade, Social media channels have gone from being just networking sites to actual business marketplaces, where transactions happen, and strong brands emerge.

While B2C companies enjoy the popularity of connecting with a large audience base on social media, B2B service providers are still sceptical of their efforts and strategy to make use of these platforms. After all, ROI is what matters, and in the absence of a long term strategy, efforts on social media are simply like throwing darts in the darkness.

As a B2B marketer, social media is not the first place you’d look to find revenue-generating leads and paying customers. In this post, we’ll tell you why you’re wrong, and how social media, if used strategically, can dramatically increase high quality leads for your business.

When it comes to generating leads online, social media can be a great place to start. Most of the critical decision-makers are likely to hang out on social media, ready to be influenced.

Linked-In and Twitter can be great for growing your professional contacts and getting your business in front of the right people. In fact, in a recent study by Hub spot, it was revealed that Linked-In is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook.

So what does this statistic mean for businesses?

Simply that businesses need to spend an extra hour of time and resources, to juice out leads from their social media pages. Here are seven different tactics you can include in your social media strategy to land in more clients:

Publish Gated content

Gated content is any reliable well researched educational resource that can help your potential customers, to grow their business. For example, if you are an SEO agency, you can publish an EBook on ‘How to stay on top of Google and rank better’. Use this E-book to lure interested leads as they surrender their personal information in exchange for the material. You can further convert these leads using a sales approach.

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One of the finest and wisest ways to get an interested audience is through Gated content. It could be anything from premium podcasts to whitepapers, E-books to Journals, or even a sample version of your product.

Make sure your content is reliable and of top-quality. Good content establishes your credibility and authority. Even if the conversions are low, good content is what differentiates your efforts from those of your competitors.

Target leads based on buyer personas

With advanced targeting functionalities, Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in, allow you to narrow down your ad audience. When you create campaigns on social media, it is easier for you to fine-tune your prospect based on specific criteria. By creating buyer personas, you can target potential clients, who are more likely to buy from you or use your services.

When targeted, the ad for your product is shown only to people who would be genuinely interested in buying. Apart from the generic demographics, it is essential to use geo-targeting to get leads based on your audience’s geographical location.

Your business may have several different types of clients, and therefore you need to create more than one buyer persona. For example, if you are a courier and logistics company, your services will be employed by high-end MNCs, governmental organisations, and local businesses too.

You will have to craft your social media ads/ campaigns accordingly for each of these clients. These ads must target their pain points, preferences and spending habits, separately for each.

Run contests

Contests and sweepstakes are a common way of having an interested audience, participate in a giveaway and for businesses, in return, to get some warm leads. The first thing you should know about hosting contests is that: your prize should be worth eyeing.

That means it has to be relevant to the winners, and especially the audience whom you are targeting. If you are thinking about gifting a smartphone or a flight ticket, chances are the entrant pool will be full of uninterested applicants, who are simply in for the prize.

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Instead, offering something of value, like a chance to use your service for 90 days for FREE, or a sample product (in case of tangible items), now these could get you more interested applicants.

While running contests, always specify the rules before holding contests, and mention the steps that participants need to follow clearly.

Social selling: Take the help of your sales team

If you do not have your sales team on board your social media, then you are definitely missing out. Agreed that it is the responsibility of your marketing team to handle your social media pages, but the insights of the sales team and their responses can come in very handy when closing a lead and making conversions on social media.

Your sales team has more to do than just fieldwork. Get your team involved in responding to your Facebook messenger queries, listen in on social conversations happening on other discussion forums, and reply & engage with prospective looking customers on social media.

Also, you can take inputs from your sales team when writing social media pitches. It is essential to consider their insights into account when writing posts, blogs, or creating a lead generation form.

Social selling helps you to build and establish long term relationships with future clients.

Offer free trials of your product

Often, a client is sceptical about committing to your product and feels that the price he’s paying for your product or service is very high. To help him overcome this fear and establish trust in your product, you can offer him a freemium that is a limited free version of your product.

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Advertise the freemium on your social media channels. Once people click the CTA and ask to sign up, you can take them to a lead form where they will enter their contact information in exchange for the free product.

If your product has a large number of features, then it is best to offer limited functionality, in the freemium version. Through this, you can pique the interest of the users and make them buy the original product.

Invest in social listening

Social listening is more than just a tool or tactic. It is an art. With social listening, you hear on all the online chatter and conversation about your product, your competitors, and the industry at large.

How you make use of this information is what can get you high quality paying leads. Set up google alerts and monitor your brand mentions online. With the right efforts, this tactic can help you find your way to leads, and ultimately close in some sales.

Optimize your social profiles

Your bio’s, about sections and display pictures, are vital to establishing your brand on social media. What your social media bio says about you, can help bring the right kind of leads to your website, those that are actually interested in making a sale.

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Ensure that your bio and about sections are updated whenever you introduce new products. And also that, they have all the keywords that your clients are looking for.

Key takeaways

It may seem a daunting task for businesses to take up lead generation through social media when there are other favourable mediums available. However, it is imperative that leads that trickle in through social media channels are much more genuine and in need of your services. With a little effort and time, you can devise a strategy to milk more cash out of your social channels.

Comment down below to let us know what tactic you will implement in your strategy.


Author’s Bio: Yash Chawlani is a Digital Marketing Strategist associated with UnboundB2B, who specializes in SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Content Marketing. 

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