6 Tips to Choose Domain Names That Are SEO Friendly

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Choosing a domain name that is SEO friendly for your business website is not an extremely tough job, but also, it is not as simple as you imagine it to be. You have to use your intelligence level for getting the perfect domain name. You can consider the important tips that are mentioned below if you want to know how you can choose a domain name that is SEO friendly.

Make the name easy for typing

You have to select an easy domain name that can be typed easily by any user and ensure that the name is not confusing as the users can get extremely irritated when they are typing. If the users find your domain name confusing, they will prefer not to visit your website.

Making it memorable

The domain name should be memorable and the users should be able to memorize it without any hassle or confusion. This will allow the users to type the domain name or search it without making any mistake. For example, a domain name like (imaginary) is not only easy to memorize but it will also get viral very easily.

Keeping the domain name short

All the people, including you, are capable of remembering names that are short and crisp and this is a fact. Moreover, users who are looking forward to visiting your website will not want to write a name that is big and complex. Therefore, you should keep the domain name short and simple and keep in mind that your domain name does not contain four words or more. You should use two or three words only. If you keep this tip in mind, you will surely get a domain name that is SEO friendly.

Avoiding numbers and hyphens

You need to understand that numbers and hyphens can degrade the SEO ranking to a great extent. The main reason behind this is that the numbers and hyphens are responsible for misleading the users. For instance, if a person has only heard the name of your website, he might decide to visit it without having any idea about the exact spelling. If your domain name is, the user may type, and your website will not open. This is why you should not use numbers or hyphens at all.

Avoiding trademark domains

There are many people who have the dream of getting rich within a single night. These kinds of people use domain names that resemble the domain names that are highly ranked, the trademark domain names. However, this should not be done, as you can face legal complexities in the future..

Using keywords

If you have decided to buy a domain, you should use keywords that are related to the contents that you are willing to deliver with the help of your website. This will help you to get more benefits during SEO ranking.


Choosing SEO friendly names are crucial and if you keep these tips in mind, you will be successful in doing so.

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