5 SEO Benefits of Responsive Website Design


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May 05, 2024

Responsive design is the buzzword of the current digital world. Undoubtedly, it has not come into existence because somebody thought that it could be one buzzword. In fact, it has greater implications and benefits too. Let’s look at the top five benefits of a responsive site.

  1. Improves usability:

Image Source: succeedatscale

Internet users are no more in the confines of desktop or laptop universe in fact most of the users access the internet through their cell phone. As the habits shift, Google shifts its focus towards giving a better user experience. The crux of the matter is that seamless digital journey and beautiful user experience are the key growth drivers.

When you have a site that is responsive it means that your site will fit into all mobile ecosystems, all screen sizes and screen orientations. Because your site is easy to navigate, people tend to stay on your site for a longer period. And Google considers “the spent on page” as the principal factor for any given customer query.

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If your page manages to keep visitors on the site for a significant amount of time, then Google will endow you better value thus bringing more repeat visitors. Repeat visitors would mean getting improved conversion rate.

The below mentioned is the image of the usability sore and how it impacts the site’s ranking. Just take a look and you will understand how important it is to have a responsive site.

  1. Page speed:

The human mind is agile especially the attention span of the digital users are minuscule. Therefore, Google decided that it will give higher page ranking to the sites that load fast and quick. Ideally, your site should open in 7 seconds and for that, you have to have an optimized site so that the site can open on all the smart devices quickly.

Faster speed means giving a better user experience. If you look at the digital world, then you will realize that the users are becoming highly experience centered. In fact, they want clean, precise and seamless brand communication and a site with that loads quickly does the job nicely.

If you look at the above-mentioned image, you will see that the graph indicates the load is 1.4 seconds which is faster than 87 sites. That means you are going to get better visibility than those slower sites. Better visibility would means more visitors and better conversion rate.

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  1. Improved social media shares:

Digital users are frequenting social media sites on a regular basis. The study suggests that more than 70 percent of the social media activities take place on smart devices. Now, if your site is not responsive, then it cannot open on the mobile phones.

For instance, you can place an advertisement or a post on social media site with your web URL but if your site does not open on the mobile phone then it does not make sense. As a matter of fact, you should get your site responsive for this reason.

The below-mentioned image can give you insight into the user numbers of prominent social media sites. For example, Facebook has 2 billion users while Twitter has more than 300 million active global users and Instagram has 7 million. The numbers are staggering and you can certainly improve your conversion rate if you have a responsive site. In brief without a responsive website your social media campaign is a simply thoughtless act.

Image source: d1b8ifz9kd2pqh

  1. Minimizes the effect of duplicate content:

The old school theory suggests that you have a separate site for desktop users and a different site for mobile users. Ultimately, by doing this, you will create two different URLs for the same site but the content would remain the same on both the sites, right?

So what happens when you have duplicate content? Undoubtedly, Google algorithm is designed to penalize the sites that have duplicate content by pushing then down to the search engine result page. That means your site is going get affected by it. Now, you might claim that both the sites belong to you but Google algorithm does not recognize that fact because it considers two different websites as two distinct sites without any correlation.

So, when you create a responsive site, you ultimately make sure that the URL is one and the contents are also the same thus bring better SEO results.

Image Source: landerapp

  1. Lower bounce rate:

Bounce rate is yet another aspect that can hamper your site’s performance. When your site fails to open on smart devices or fails to load quickly, the users tend to bounce back from the site and Google considers this as a factor because your site does not help the users.

Since Google is keen on improving user experience to maintain its dominance in the search engine market, you can get heavily affected by higher bounce rates. But by having a responsive site, you will ensure that your site opens in all the ecosystems and fits into all types of screen. That is not all, as mentioned earlier responsive site will have better page speed which will help you in retaining your users or visitors on your site thus getting better SEO results.

Image Source: neilpatel

You have built your site to improve your conversion rate. Therefore, it is important that you should give meaningful and seamless digital journey by making your site opening on mobile devices.

In addition, the mobile-commerce market is also a growing trend as people love to shop over the internet and they use smart devices. If you are an online retailer, then you should seriously consider the importance of responsive sites.

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Parting note:

The abovementioned benefits are key advantages of responsive site. You can also get other benefits like link building as an advantage of a responsive site.

In short, if you want to improve the efficacy of your site and improve your digital marketing effort’s performance, then you have to have a responsive site. You should never ignore this aspect, without a functional website, all your marketing efforts will not make any sense, so, keep these factors in mind and create a responsive website to leverage your online presence and beat the clutter.

Author Bio-

Justin Kemp is working as a content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO for last six years. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

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