7 Actionable E-commerce Marketing Techniques to Drive Sales


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Amazon revealed that 5 million sellers use their e-commerce marketplace as of 2018. Out of these sellers, 1 million joined in the year 2018 alone.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that eCommerce is guaranteed success. 60% of these websites crash and burn alone in the first 12 months. The biggest challenge for eCommerce website owners is sustaining constant traffic to the website and rapidly increasing it. You may have the best deals, discounts, and offers, but chances are that you might lose a large percentage of your website’s traffic to another e-commerce website if you don’t keep innovating.

Consumer habits have changed, and so should your marketing strategies. Hence, marketing an e-commerce website is crucial. Without further ado, we look at seven actionable e-commerce marketing techniques that will help drive sales.

Marketing Strategies That are Over-looked

Mitigating Cart Abandonment Rates

If research by Baymard Institute is to be believed, almost 70% of carts are abandoned before the actual sale is made. Roughly translated, that’s more than 50% of the possible sales that you could have made.

This happens when the customer cannot decide to buy a product or gets distracted due to other factors.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

An effective marketing strategy to reduce the abandoned cart is the ’email-recovery’ campaign, letting users make purchases on their return visits and simultaneously complete their original investments. For example, BooksRun uses this strategy to convert abandoned and completed sales.

Integrate With/Leverage Facebook And Instagram

Facebook continues to be the biggest social media platform for marketing products online. One-third of social media promotion is done through Facebook, and we don’t see why you can’t use this viable platform for e-commerce marketing to benefit your marketing campaign too.

You can integrate the feature on the social media platform called the Facebook Store with the Shopify store, which streamlines the process of social media marketing and sales. Chances are that you will reach a more comprehensive and global audience who can view the products and the price range you offer.

Social media commerce trends keep on evolving; stay in the know-how. With 500 million daily active users and 34% of all internet users on Instagram, it’s time for your business to make the most of the platform. Like Facebook stores, Instagram can also pitch products to a global audience and increase sales.

Upselling Your Products

More than 90% of e-commerce website uses cross-selling to market a product by offering similar buyer products in almost the same price range. The technique has been reaping the rewards, but upselling the products is 20 times more effective than cross-selling.

Most customers are unaware of a better variant or version of the product than the one they are currently buying. A better or upgraded product can be marketed to them as an option on the ‘You may also like!’ section, where the buyer can come across the upselling products.

However, while upselling a product, remember that the product should be related to the customer’s original choice. Secondly, the product should be in or around the price range of the customer’s initial intention.

Targeting Existing Customers

To acquire more customers, companies try to improve and spend on their customer acquisition process when they should be focusing equally on customer retention strategies.

Retaining a customer is essential as many resources go into acquiring a customer, and not having them will take you back to square one and the drawing board.

Older or existing customers add more items to their shopping carts, have a greater conversion rate, and generate more revenue with every visit to your website. Providing reward points to existing loyal customers, exclusive deals, and discounts have more chances of turning into a successful purchase than giving discounts to new customers.

Amazon Ranking Strategies

E-commerce sellers operating through Amazon can utilize unique tactics and strategies for ranking on Amazon’s search results. . The search algorithm is similar to that of Google. Amazon’s A9 algorithm will place the products that will make more money for them and have a better conversion record on top of the results page.

Using Amazon search to see what products have the highest searchability can help understand the algorithm better. The specific keywords used in the product title and description can be used to describe the products that you are selling. There is an 80% chance that you will appear among the top 10 search results using identical or similar keywords.

Leverage The Content Generated By The User

User-generated content, or UGC, effectively creates social proof of your services and products. 54% of the users trust online reviews from other users and their peers’ recommendations. Only 20% of these users trust the brand itself. Hence, using reviews with images, photos with customer testimonials, Facebook reviews, online ratings, etc., as leverage can be a great marketing strategy. Check out these top-rated user-generated content campaigns on Instagram.

Optimizing For Mobile Phones

The reality is that people rarely use computers or desktops to shop online; they prefer mobile phones and tablets. Using mobile phones is a constant habit for many; leverage this opportunity to market your products better through mobile-friendly apps and websites. Make sure that your e-commerce website is compatible with mobile phones, as 40% of mobile phone users have bought something online on their devices.

63% of millennials shop through their mobile devices, and being aware of that and optimizing your websites for mobile devices can drive your sales. If possible, develop a mobile application across different OS like iOS and Android. Also, promote app-only behavior with the help of discounts and deals for first-time buyers.

Parting Thoughts: Over to You!

Some additional features for marketing like customer testimonials, promotions, advertisements, sales & discounts, reward points for loyal customers, and video demonstrations are becoming popular ways of e-commerce marketing to drive sales.

The tips provided above will definitely be your guiding stars for increasing your sales. Enough dictation; we’ll let you get into action and apply them! But, before you proceed any further, your motive should be to stick to your budget, optimize, and direct the organic traffic to your website.

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