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Call-to-Action (CTA)

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A call-to-action (CTA) is a compelling statement or web element that encourages an online audience to take a specific action (i.e. click here, subscribe, buy now, etc.).

Business use call-to-actions to strategically attract their target audience to respond to their messages with a unique action.

Why is a Call-to-Action Important?

Having a call-to-action gives you a chance to motivate your audience toward your business goals. This could be to sign up to a newsletter, download an app, or purchase a product.

CTAs motivate your audience to move through your sales funnel. They serve as transitions through different stages and help create a conversion focused journey.

The best ways to use a CTA include:

  • Offering a free ebook or white paper
  • Providing a deal or discount
  • Subscribing to a newsletter

Ultimately, call-to-actions are an online necessity to interact with an audience and direct them specific goals at your business.

Not sure what this means for your business? Get in touch to learn how to take your customers on a conversion focused journey — send a message.

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