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Kevin Urrutia




March 17, 2021

Personality matters when crafting just the right image for your business, and details often make or break a brand. Social media icons are one of the most overlooked tools in the arsenal of those seeking to create attractive and functional websites that best represent the unique characteristics of their brand — these icons may be small, but they pack a serious punch when it comes to providing websites with the types of visuals that get them noticed in a good way. Custom icons convey what’s unique about your company and let customers and prospective customers know that you aren’t just another product or service on the cookie-cutter treadmill. However, many business owners believe they’re limited to the conventional icons available on social media platforms, but it’s actually possible to add customized icons to the picture. However, locating an icon set with that just-right feel can be tedious and time-consuming as well as put a serious dent in your budget. Fortunately, there are numerous high-quality icon sets available for absolutely free. Following are several from you to choose from.

The Social Media Long Shadow Vector Set By Vecteezy

As one of the most expansive graphics communities in the global marketplace, Vecteezy utilizes the skills of millions of talented illustrators and artists. Users are welcome to download icon sets directly from their platform for use on personal and professional projects, and because they’re vectors, the icons are resizable to meet individual needs and preferences.

Social Icon Set By Nucleo

Commercial users can choose from more than 28,000 icons from Nucleo. The company offers one royalty-free icon set through Dribbble, and for a fee of $99, you can get the Nucleo app and have access to the rest of its icon inventory. Nucleo specializes in edgy design with sleek, minimalistic lines, making it a good choice for those targeting a Millenial consumer base.

Trendy Polygon and Square Icons by LunarPixel

LunarPixel has a set of 160 polygon and square icons for use on social media and company websites. These are available in PSD as well as PNG formats, and each type comes with three blank templates.

Vector4Free Triangle Icon Set

Vector4Free offers users 20 icons featuring distinctive designs for absolutely free. The look is trendy and clean, and the look is ideal for use on social media pages.

Flat Icons by Allan MacAvoy

Allan MacAvoy offers a set of traditional flat social media icons dressed up with a fresh new twist. These are ideal for those wishing to keep it classic while giving the 21st century a nod. You can download these on Dribbble using an EPS link.

Minimalistic Icons By Ahmad Firoz

Also available on Dribbble, this uber-stylish icon set of 20 stickers features clean, simple lines perfect for rounding out a neo-minimalist ambiance.

Circular Icons by Michal Kulesza

Those in the market for classic black-and-white icons can download Michael Kulexza’s circular set for free. You also get a certain amount of full-color icons, and the set of 65 is available with and without circular borders around the icons.

Animated Icons by Dani Perez

Animated icons add life to any website, so give yours an extra layer of vitality with this animated icon set by Dani Perez, or add these to your emails for extra pizzaz. There are 16 of them in various sizes.

IOS -Style Icons by Roberts Ozolins

Timeless, classic, and classy, the monochromatic look of these IOS-style icons are suitable for a number of social media and websites needing a clean-but-stylish look. You can get this set of 24 icons from Dribbble in Vector AI files that can easily be embedded in your website’s HTML code or in EPS files.

Flat Pastel Icons by PrintKEG

Soft and classy pastel icons are available from PrintKEG. You can customize the background color and shapes to complement the desired style of your websites and blogs. Most leading social media destinations are represented in this gallery.

Uber-Thin Line Icons by MediaLoot

MediaLoot has superslim social media icons inspired by the clean, unfussy lines of IOS 7. This totally free 24-icon set is available in SVG, Ai, and EPS formats. You must agree, however, to provide proper attribution when using them for commercial or social purposes.

Hand-Sketched Stamp Set

FreeVectors offers 20 original social media icons under their free license terms. These are perfect for those seeking a way to add a creative finishing touch to their websites and social media pages.

Grunge-Style Icons by PrintKEG

For a retro 90s-style grunge effect, download this complete set of grunge-inspired flat social media icons from PrintKEG. The colors and transparencies of the icons can be adjusted as needed.

Geometric Icons by Blocktacular

This set of icons is available in bright, pastel, and neon colors in a variety of sizes, including 32, 64, and 128 pixels. Users also have the unique opportunity to mix different hues and create custom colors and craft a highly individualized color scheme for your site or contact card.

Stylized Icons by Tonicons

Tonicons has seven stylized sets of icons that are free to use and cover all social destinations. Images are all layered vectors that can easily be resized and edited in a matter of a several quick clicks.

Social Media Icons by Dreamstale

Dreamstale’s stellar stable of 90 free social media icons is surely one of the best available offerings around. Designed in Adobe Illustrator, these icons are available in nine separate styles and are truly of the highest quality and come in a wide variety of file formats. users have the choice of rectangular, flower, rounded, leaf, and waterdrop style sets. These icons come in all colors.

The above icons are all available for free download and for those wanting to enhance the visual and functional aspects of their sites. Because they’re free, you can experiment with a variety of styles, colors, and themes until you come to the perfect combination that perfectly reflects your brand. Best of all, you’ll be able to keep costs as low as possible while developing the just-right strategy for promoting your brand and connecting with your target audience.

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