8 SEO and Marketing Trends to Watch Out For


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September 13, 2022

SEO will never disappear when it comes to ways on improving your website and gaining traffic. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that you follow the right methods for improving your rank on search engine pages. But it’s easier said than done!

With the constant updates and trends that come and go yearly, it can be quite confusing on what you should follow and what to avoid. That’s why I did the research with the help of SEO websites and other trusted sources. So read on for the top seven SEO and marketing trends to watch out for in 2019!

So, what should you watch out for when it comes to digital marketing and SEO? These are the top seven ones to look into:

  1. The Rise of AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMPs are actually open-sourced protocols which allow webmasters to create pages that are capable of loading instantly on mobile devices. It will be able to load your website even faster than usual without spending too much data.

Google and other search engines are now favoring websites that use AMPs, as mobile-friendliness and site performances are what makes users happy and satisfied, thus being favorable by search engine crawlers.

In fact, websites that have AMPs already have a carousel and small icon to indicate their status. Because of this, I believe that there will be more favoritism for AMPs in search engines, so it’s time to make that change!

  1. Dense Content Is Now More Popular

I’m pretty sure that even you get sick of reading the similar content over and over again, all just in different words and layouts! Before, content marketing focused more on producing short content with the appropriate amount of keywords. However, there has been a surge in popularity with epic contents, which are long pieces covering specific topics with as much information as possible.

But, it isn’t just about the length but what’s inside the content written. While length may be a short trend, search engines will focus more on blogs that provide as much relevant information as possible without it being too long, making it great for readers.

  1. Machine Learning Changes Algorithm

With Google RankBrain now being released, there is a possibility of algorithmic machine learning. The search engine will now learn about the way users phrase their conversational queries, updating the algorithm automatically the more it learns.

There hasn’t been an update for it yet, but since it’s been so long, we may expect more machine learning updates in next coming years. Expect search queries to be more personalized and with long-tail keywords used for searching.

Other updates may include machine learning in other aspects, from marketing automation to data interpretation!

  1. Personal Branding Is Important For SEO

Personal branding has existed for many years now, but I believe it will become even more important in the next coming months! This is because personal branding gives you an easier time when securing a guest post while building user trust for better website traffic.

Because social media platforms are already refining algorithms to favor the individual over branded posts, it’s best to start creating your personal brand. This can also help create more consistency and layouts for your posts!

  1. Apps Are Now Becoming More Loved

Lately, there has been a high increase with SEO options available on mobile apps. From app indexing and deep linking content within an app, there has been a ton of development with app streaming and the like! Many users are now relying on apps for their source of entertainment and information, and Google has taken notice of that.

The famous search engine has even catered to app users without having to alienate their core functions. BUT, come next few years, there may be app favoritism, with apps replacing websites altogether! Don’t fret; this is still a long way in the making.

  1. Personal Digital Assistants Become Even More Sophisticated

Personal digital assistants have been a part of all our lives for a long time. Since they’ve been so commonplace, many of us consider it as a part of our lives at this point! With tools like Cortana, Alexa, and Siri, it’s helped make our lives much simpler and easier.

Because of the rise of verbal conversational queries, we now see diverse and increased sophistication of such features. It will open the door to new ways on how people search, as well as more advanced ways of asking questions, may it be to their voice assistant or personal digital assistant.

  1. Influencer Marketing Is On the Rise

Influencer marketing is the classic strategy for boosting your social media shares and traffic. But what makes it different today is WHO these influencers are! Before, companies relied on celebrities or “important” people to convince their target audience to purchase their products and services.

However, consumers are now leaning towards their peers and fellow bloggers. Many companies are now turning to micro-influencers, or “real” people, as customers start to trust them more than the more famous.

So if you want to switch up your game and start creating better marketing strategies, it’s time to look into micro-influencers like bloggers to help spread the word of your business!

Wrapping It Up

With the ever-changing trends coming this 2019, it’s important for you to follow the right methods and marketing strategies for more success. With the right methods that will work for you based on the trends coming next year, you’ll be able to go up the ranks and gain more traffic needed. All it takes is proper research and constantly staying updated with the different trends and changes brought by from search engines and what people start to want.

Hopefully, these seven SEO and marketing trends to watch out for in 2019 helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and begin strategizing now or contact Brisbane Joel House SEO if needed!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips on improving your SEO and marketing plans, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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