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Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Handling an online e-commerce store comes with many challenges. With competitors, costs, and other important facets such as logistics to take care of, marketing can sometimes take a backseat. If you’re running an e-commerce store, you’d know how hard it is to differentiate yourself and stand out amid all the competition online. 

E-commerce has seen tremendous growth, with 2018 seeing a total of 1.8 billion buyers online. This is an indicator that e-commerce has seeped into how people transact online, and engaging these customers is a priority.

Email marketing plays a vital role in the fortunes of a company online. That’s where e-commerce marketing, specifically email software marketing, comes in. Designing emails and sending them out to your customers requires special software that will do the job for you. For every $1 spent on an email, you can enjoy a return of close to $32. 

Well-crafted emails can make or break the fortunes of an e-commerce company online and help them reach out to newer customers in bulk. Older customers will also be aware of the various sales and offers available, making email marketing one of the most important aspects of a company’s branding exercises.

We’ve narrowed it down on our list of email software for e-commerce sites based on different parameters, including ease of integration, cost of packages, and design ability. This software offers a great alternative to areas such as Mailchimp and is worth trying. If you feel there are other software as well that can be added, do go ahead and link them in the comments below!

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

1. SendX: SendX is an excellent platform to get started on your e-commerce marketing strategy, as it allows you to organically and efficiently create good emails. As an e-commerce marketing manager, you need to feed in the data during the initial phases. The software automatically learns how to market the right ad to the right person based on user behavior on your website. SendX also has hundreds of proven templates that can be used to get the best results, so you know you’re in good hands! SendX offers various other benefits for your email, including drip management, automation capabilities, and more.

2. Active Campaign:  Active Campaign is another excellent lead nurturing software, and close to 75,000 organizations vouch for its validity. You can enjoy a wide array of capabilities with it, and e-commerce managers, especially, will have a field day.

With Active Campaign, an e-commerce manager can enjoy complete CRM management, allowing you to focus more on your online store than the marketing aspect. The excellent user interface also ensures you can easily navigate the software and create persuasive emails that are bound to catch the eye!

Active Campaign also has a strong marketing automation wing which allows you to ideally advertise your e-commerce store and get the right audience to click and start shopping!

3. Mailerlite: An intelligent software with a slew of features that sync perfectly with e-commerce stores, Mailerlite is perfect for those who want their e-commerce customers to interact via email. Their Landing Page features are unparalleled, getting more customers to sign in and increasing the email list.

It is also a great learning tool if you’re looking to become an email marketing expert. The features like pop-ups, surveys, and more offer actionable insights that can be worked on and analyzed intricately to receive better results the next time. 

4. Automizy: Automizy is probably one of the best software for anyone who wants to start in the e-commerce emailing business. Since there are plenty of things you’re still in the dark about, Automizy makes it simpler by providing tools and features such as subject line testers, A/B testing, and more, allowing you to customize and work the content to send your e-commerce store right to the top. 

It also has strong machine learning capabilities that understand your customers’ behaviors online and thus adjusts its software to get results from those who interact the most with your store.

5. AWeber: Another popular site that e-commerce marketers can tap into is AWeber. The available options on the website include reliable tools with which you can nurture leads and send them marketing emails regularly. They also provide a dashboard that gives you detailed campaign analysis and derivable insights to improve strategy.

The UI of AWeber is also a strong indicator of its many capabilities, especially in e-commerce. It allows you to navigate the various tools easily and use only those pertinent to your e-commerce store.

6. ConvertKit: A great partner for e-commerce websites, ConvertKit is perfect if you’re looking to nurture an audience purely on the subscriber model. Once you advertise your online store, you can easily integrate e-commerce essential stores such as Shopify and others to start your emailer campaign.

ConvertKit is perfect if you want to create a vigorous branding exercise with your e-commerce store and is the ideal alternative to Mailchimp. The various design elements make your website stand out and garner better responses.

7. Constant Contact:  A great alternative to Mailchimp, Constant Contact may is not the most comprehensive tool,  but it is perfect if you want to segregate your audience. The intelligent, intuitive tool and the robust UI allow you to slowly integrate your e-commerce product store and begin selling directly via emails.

Some of the most popular brands started with Constant Contact owing to its simplicity and ease of use.


This software offers some of the best alternatives to MailChimp, making it easier for you to manage your email campaigns. With an e-commerce store, it can become hard to control marketing as the website takes most of your time. However, with the intuitive tools available, this process becomes more straightforward.

Let the software do the job for you, and you’ll begin seeing the benefits of integrating it with your store. Start slow, analyze, experiment, and you’ll start getting the results you desire. 

Happy Email Marketing!

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