How to Effectively Build Your Brand on Facebook

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Despite the fact that, in the past several years, various social networks have seen a stellar rise and fall from grace, when it comes to sheer numbers, Facebook is still the undisputed king in this field. We’re not just talking about its use and popularity by individual users but also its use for branding and commercial purposes. The biggest problem that a lot of people make here is to start assuming that, just because they’re using Facebook for years now, they know all they need to know in order to successfully pull this off on their own. This is both inaccurate and naïve. Sadly, sometimes it’s hard to tell which of the two is more dangerous for your brand. In order to avoid this pitfall, here are several tips on how to effectively build your brand on Facebook.


1.      Don’t try to fool anyone with fake accounts

Sheer numbers don’t really mean that much if the bulk of your audience consists of fake accounts. Therefore, what you need to focus on is attracting real people towards your brand. Needless to say, this is the only reliable way for you to build social media influence on Facebook. Also, real people take real actions and have real Facebook friends who might take their WOM (word of mouth) recommendation seriously. Having a lot of fake accounts in your friend list will also make you look less reputable in the eyes of your potential customers. Real Facebook friends are also likely to become paying customers in the nearest futures, while fake accounts are merely there to inflate your numbers. Fortunately, there are some quite fool-proof techniques on how to spot fake accounts from a mile away.

2.      Learn how to address negative comments

The next important skill you need to master is – how to address negative comments. When someone is trying to inflate your ego, it’s quite easy to just thank them, however, what happens when someone comes out with a piece of criticism. First, you have to take a deep breath, seeing as how, when your ego is wounded you might not be able to tell between internet trolling and constructive criticism. At this point (when it comes to composing a response), it really doesn’t matter, seeing as how you need to avoid conflict at all costs. Simply say thank you for the insight and promise that you’ll look into it and carry on about with your work. Sometimes, this may be able to defuse a situation or even turn a disbeliever into a loyal brand follower.

3.      Paid and organic reach are not one and the same

Just because you have 1000 people on your friend list, this doesn’t mean that all of them are going to see the content that you’ve just posted online. In fact, there are some conspiracy theories out there that the platform is deliberately limiting the organic reach of business pages so that they are forced to pay for sponsored content. Unfair as this may seem, paying for Facebook ads and for your content to be displayed online is incredibly important and is definitely something you should do.

As for your organic reach, it might be worth exploring what time of the day, there’s the most of your target demographic online in order to expand your reach. You can also try to boost your organic Facebook reach by utilizing the leverage of platforms like Reddit in your favor.

4.      Consult some professional help

The next thing you might want to consider doing is hiring some help in order to tackle this issue. Namely, every platform has its own rules of use, engagement, and branding, which may be obscure to you. However, by reaching out to a reputable branding agency, you’ll have a much easier job efficiently tackling these issues. Remember, just because you have a Facebook account for over a decade doesn’t mean that you know how to use it to promote or even establish your brand. Seeing as how there’s so much at stake here, it might be for the best to entrust this to professionals.

5.      Try to stay positive

There are too many people, even brands, out there, complaining about how the game is rigged or how the whole world is against them. Remember that whining is not for the winners, which is why you need to remain positive and optimistic in your posts and online behavior no matter how you feel in real life. Everyone wants to do business with a winner, everyone wants to get associated with a winner, which is why being positive is the single most important piece of advice when setting your tone and voice on Facebook.

6.      Branding all the way

As a brand, you’ll have a logo, a moto, and corporate colors. Why not use them all in elements such as cover, profile picture, and your about card. Think about it, by pulling all of this off, you’ll do a lot to boost your brand awareness, which is supposed to be one of your main objectives. Later on, in your posts and pictures that you upload, you can promote your brand, values and your products, all of which serves the same purpose and works in your favor.


In conclusion

The best thing about this lies in the fact that the majority of these tips are applicable regardless of the social network you choose. Sure, there are some technical principles, yet the majority of these rules stand. Moreover, due to constant updates and changes (even Facebook and YouTube have stories nowadays) knowing these essentials will become more and more important as time goes by.

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