How to Block Words and Profanity From Your Facebook Page


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October 20, 2022

Facebook is one of the best advertising marketing platforms for brands as it can help you reach your target audience in the most optimum way. But when you work hard to grow your brand’s Facebook page following, you also need to make sure your page is free from any spam comments or profanity in order to keep the engagement high.

Being active 24/7 in order to find and report trolls can be incredibly difficult, especially for brands who want to put most of their marketing efforts into designing their next big campaign.

Luckily, Facebook provides some useful features to help block profanity which you can take advantage of and always keep your brand’s page clean

Moderation blocklist

With this feature, you can block any spam words of your choice. These words can include general spam words or your competitors’ names that you don’t want to be mentioned on your brand’s Facebook page.

In case there are some current issues or bugs that you are already dealing with and you don’t want customers to post about it on your Facebook page, then you can block those specific keywords as well until you resolve the issue.

Profanity filter

With profanity filter turned on, Facebook automatically blocks commonly reported words or phrases that are marked as offensive. You can choose the degree of filtering as well. This is the quickest way to ensure that your Facebook stays clean and free of spam.

Though, it’s an automated feature which cannot block each and every spam comment. If a user has included misspelled words, then the profanity filter may not be able to catch them. This is exactly where you can take advantage of the moderation blacklist as it allows you to add keywords of your choice

The many benefits of Facebook’s moderation blocklist and profanity filter

1- Avoid topics irrelevant to your company

The Facebook page for your brand should be relevant to your brand and its offerings. After all, you wouldn’t want people to share their favorite recipes or search for roommates when you are actually a SaaS app for small to medium businesses. You can contact us if you need a SaaS marketing agency. By using the blocklist feature, you can automatically hide such posts instead of reviewing and rejecting each of them manually.

2- Keep bullies and trolls at bay

The internet is one place where people love to argue and attack each other. As a Facebook Business Page admin, you can use the moderation blocklist to hide any comments by using common keywords or phrases that someone bullying a page member would use.

3- Block newer offensive slang terms

There are new offensive slang terms cropping up every day on the internet and it’s important to stay up to date in order to keep your Facebook page clean. If you notice any new inappropriate terms you can quickly add them to your page’s blocklist.

4- Keep your Facebook page quiet when the brand is under fire

When your organization is facing a PR crisis, it’s crucial to mitigate criticism while you get your house in order. In times like that, the moderation blocklist feature can be incredibly helpful.

Though it’s important to remember that when you use the moderation blocklist feature, only your page members won’t be able to see the hidden post. The user who posted the spam comment and their Facebook friends would still be able to see it.

The step by step process to block spam words and profanity

Blocking spam words

1- Go to your page settings. You will be able to find the Settings option on the top right corner of your Facebook page, right above the cover image

2- Click on the General tab on the left-hand side

3- Scroll through to find the ‘page moderation’ option. You can add any number of keywords that you want to block by separating each with a comma. Apart from the words that are specific to your brand, you can also block generic words. You can download this exhaustive list of 1272 exhaustive words to keep trolls at bay.

After adding all the words, click on the Add button

4- Once you are done adding the words, click on Save Changes. Facebook will start blocking the listed words on your page as soon as they appear. You can add more words or delete the existing words, anytime later.


Automatically block profanity

1- In your page settings, right below the moderation blocklist option, is the profanity filter.

2-You can choose to set the filter as off, medium, or strong.

While selecting medium will block both moderately and strong profanity comments, choosing strong will only block strongly vulgar profanity.


More tips to moderate your Facebook Page like a pro

Block specific users

Through this option, you can block users who then won’t be able to see or engage with the content posted on your Facebook page.

1- Click on the Settings option

2- Go to the Page and Other People’s tab present in the left-hand side column

3- Select ‘People who like this’ and checkmark the specific users you want to block

4- You can either choose to remove the user from the page or ban them completely

Limit users who can post on the page

If you have been noticing a lot of spam posts from users lately, then you can decide who is allowed to post on the Facebook page and who isn’t.

1- Go to the Visitor Posts option on the general tab

2- You can decide whether people can post texts, images, or videos on the page. You can completely disable posts from other members or choose to review them before they are published on the page.

Final Words

Moderating your Facebook page well is just as important as publishing good content, in order to keep your audience engaged. With these simple tips, you will be able to keep your Facebook page free from any profanity or spam.


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