How SEO and Facebook Ads Work Together

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Wouldn’t it be great if, with a few small tweaks, you could transform the impact your Facebook presence has on your bottom line?

Everyone knows that building a strong social media profile is crucial to establishing a reliable communication route with your audience. Most people understand that targeted SEO has a direct impact on rankings; but what happens when you bring the two processes together? The result is a productive synergy which can mean greater traffic, enhanced conversion and ultimately an increase in brand loyalty. Luckily, there are a number of straightforward methods of maximizing the chances of engaging your target audience, based on working that SEO/social media combination. Take a look at five sure-fire tips to get your online presence fired up.

Let your ads do your SEO for you

Got an ad on Facebook? Want to maximise exposure? The right keywords could help you do this.

– include keywords in the name of your brand
– add more keywords to the text which is included in your ad
– use phrases which drag the user towards further engagement – although many people are dismissive of “clickbait” phrases, the reality is that few people can resist the lure of a “you’ll be amazed by how she reacted when…” or “this one tip stopped a dripping tap in seconds…” type of sentence.
– keep phrases short and punchy to boost attention

Enhance brand awareness

One of the amazing things about a Facebook presence is the number of people that your brand will reach. As your links, posts and other content are shared and commented on, search engines inevitably pick up on the activity which is surrounding your company and its activities. Known as increased exposure, greater awareness of what you’re about means your business begins to stand out from the others. At first this may not rapidly translate into greater sales; over time, however, a strong brand exposure helps to keep what you’ve got to offer firmly in the view of the people who need it.

Work those backlinks

Backlinks spread your message! Your social media posts should be the jumping off point for readers to engage with a whole range of additional media that you’ve made available to them. Links to your website, blog posts, adverts or related social media accounts give readers the opportunity to engage with you on a range of levels. By adding suitable keywords or phrases to the backlink phrase, you not only provide a portal to more of your content, you also begin to tick those hungry search engine boxes in two ways: SEO phrasing gets picked up, enhancing your chances of returning highly in a search; increased activity as users click through on what you’ve got to offer shows that you are an attractive brand, again enhancing your search engine profile.

Pay for positivity!

You get what you pay for: paid-for copy, ads and press releases ensure that your content gets put in front of an audience that will appreciate it. Frequently they will already be looking for the type of goods or services you have to offer and are receptive to your business. Paid-for work usually delivers quantifiable results, so you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money. Why not enjoy a positivity snowball? Although initially paid-for material obviously costs money, it usually generates a snowball effect, eventually continuing to generate interest due to its own momentum as it’s shared and commented on.

Target your Facebook profile

Have you made the link between SEO and all your Facebook content? Many people confine SEO to blogs or sites, forgetting the crucial role it plays on social media. Don’t make that mistake! Optimise ALL your social media information: from your title and sub-title through to your profile and more, there’s always an opportunity to slip in a suitable SEO phrase. Try using Google search terms in some of your Facebook content and see the difference that it can make.

Check the difference in search results between your site and your Facebook now; make some of the changes suggested above; recheck in a few months to see if that gap has narrowed. For most businesses, synchronising SEO and Facebook ads makes a demonstrable difference to rating positions for both social media and site content. Start growing your online presence now with these simple, effective tips.

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