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Mobile Ads With Facebook
Easily enter new markets & pinpoint targeting
Facebook has 1.1 BILLION daily active users.

Just let that sink in. No matter who you need to target, its possible with Facebook.

Not only are there A LOT of Facebook users, Facebook knows A LOT about all of their users. And we get to benefit from all of that data. Facebook allows almost unlimited methods and combinations to find the perfect audience for your specific industry or niche. With their targeting options, we can even find the audiences who will spend the most money and provide you with the highest return on your ad spend. That’s the goal, isn’t it?

Just to give you a tiny sample of who we can target on Facebook:

we can look at people’s demographics like gender, job, age, education, relationships, just to name a few.

Then there are behaviors and interests which we’ll be leveraging to hone in on your niche.

Data, Data, and Even More Data
Facebook is a treasure trove of data. Each tiny piece of data fits into the larger picture and helps us determine winning campaigns. This is a HUGE benefit when it comes to audience research. Who are the types of people who want to download your app. Or even more importantly, who will SPEND MONEY on your app?

Data is simple, but not easy. But don’t worry, this is where we come in. We make sure all tracking analytics are properly set up. We’ll need our tracking to be perfect so we can optimize for your return on investment. We’ll then launch some campaigns to get the ball rolling and collect data.

The data is key. The data answers key questions about your app.

We’ll be deep diving into all of the analytics to reveal how users behave, where they dropped off, find the most and least frequently used features/pages, the path they followed before making an in-app purchase, and much, much more.

Once again, here’s just a tiny handful of the data we can discover through Facebook’s ad manager:

How many people have seen your ad, the cost of a click, the cost of a download, how much each download brings to your bottom line, where the download is coming from, what device is the download coming from (should we optimize for iOS or Android?), and much, much more.


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