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Some essential reading, listening and app-ing

Our founders – Kevin and Wilson – wrote the book on digital marketing. Seriously. It’s called Digital Marketing Made Easy. They used that expertise to build apps that’ll improve your online store and track its progress. And Kevin publishes a top-rated marketing podcast that covers the nitty gritty stuff, like broad targeting vs narrow targeting and how to apply for better Facebook ads.

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However you plan on getting there, CHESTER’s stylish and lightweight luggage is along for the ride.

CHESTER was born out of necessity. As avid travelers to every corner of the globe, we grew tired of luggage that never seemed to work. It was either too heavy, complicated, or easily ruined by harsh climates or adventures.

We set out to create luggage for us. We tested different materials, wheels, and interior design to get it just right. We tested our products on the road, and documented how to continuously improve it. What you see today is a culmination of that work.

Good design goes un-noticed. It just works. Traveling is one of the life’s many pleasures, and we set out to design a companion that makes your life easier, so you can focus on the adventures.



Metrics Box ‑ Store Analytics

Grow your store with actionable analytics, reports & KPIs.

Instant Insights, Analytics, & Tools

With Metrics Box, running your Shopify store has never been easier. Real-time reports, infinite segmentation, product insights, customer tools and 100’s of other features.

A single dashboard unifying your store’s orders, customers, and products, helping you understand your data and make more informed decisions every day.

For Understanding

Data-driven. KPIs. Growth. Retention. LTV. COGs. AOV. All words and ideas we’re told matter to e-commerce businesses but are traditionally complicated to track and understand.

This is a core focus of Metrics Box. There are various reports throughout the app with the sole purpose of helping you understand your store better, each accompanied by growth metrics and simple but effective filters.

For Acting On Data

You’ve got all the data. Customers, orders, refunds, products, coupons, categories, subscriptions, and more. But how do you translate that data into more money or happier customers?

Segment everything by everything at a lightning-fast speed. For example, filter orders by their value, item count, or products. Or maybe you’d rather filter through customers by LTV or AOV. All possible.

Metrics Box solves some pretty big problems for some pretty big stores. That’s not something we take for granted.

Features that get asked for get built. Bugs that are found get fixed. And most importantly, Metrics Box’s customers are the only priority

Are you convinced yet?

We’re so sure you’ll love Metrics Box that you can start right now, for free, without a credit card – and use it without limits.

Deeper integrations with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Slack are coming soon.

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Ecommerce Company


The World’s Leading Premium Stress Balls

Serenilite is here to provide you with top-quality therapy products that are affordable and leave you stress-free.

OVER $1,000,000+ in products and proceeds donated to schools, organizations, & those in need worldwide since 2015.

Serenilite on a mission to help make the world a little more stress-free, one ball, or fidget at a time!

Buy and De-Stress Today

Amazon Book

Digital Marketing Made Easy: A-Z Growth Strategies and Key Concepts of Digital Marketing

In Digital Marketing Made Easy, Kevin and Wilson, former Intuit, Google, and Salesforce employees, teach founders and marketers how to grow and maintain company success by pairing growth strategies with modern technology.

After profitably spending more than $30 million and generating over $120 million in revenue for health, fashion, education, DTC, and SaaS brands, Kevin and Wilson will show you the essential and actionable insights you need to achieve breakthrough numbers.

Concepts are laid out in a way that lets you learn and test your knowledge in real time. The book uncovers the best practices used by big-name marketers to beat the competition, such as

  • Using Google Trends to see what your customers are searching for
  • Using SimilarWeb to monitor website traffic
  • Writing and getting published on websites like Forbes.com
  • Understanding growth marketing and what it really means for you
  • Crafting your message across social media platforms
  • + other digital marketing topics for you to learn and optimize

Learn other growth marketing methods, such as content marketing, SEO, landing page optimization, A/B testing, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and more.

Digital Marketing Made Easy is a powerful, accessible, and practical toolkit for B2B and B2C company leaders, individual business owners, or anyone looking for guidance to grow an online business or simply to become a better marketer.

“Get out there, break barriers, stay-ahead of the competition, and continue to orchestrate your path to e-com bliss.”

– Kevin and Wilson, Founders of Voy Media

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Digital Marketing Fastlane

This podcast will show you how to build, launch, grow, and scale a wildly successful online business.

Listen to real conversations with proven practical strategies and success stories. You are going to learn how to generate more traffic, more sales, more profit, and customer lifetime value for your online store. Coming to you from the online marketing experts at Voy Media, here is your host Kevin Urrutia.

We bring a rotating lineup of experts to analyze the week in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, and mindset

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