How to Use Instagram Stories: 6 Tips for Promoting Your eCommerce Brand

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With over 500 million users across the globe, chances are good that many of your customers are on Instagram.  Marketers have long been using the image-sharing social network to promote their brands, but the launch of Instagram Stories last August has changed things up a bit.

Essentially, Instagram Stories is nearly identical to that of Snapchat Stories, where users can send photos and videos that disappear after a certain length of time after the receiver views them.

If you’re an eCommerce merchant, this is an excellent opportunity for you to share more than just the picture-perfect moments that you’ve carefully worked into your marketing strategy.  You can now share those random and real moments—the ones that can show a different side of your business and your brand.

The potential with this new feature is huge, and marketers shouldn’t waste this opportunity.  Here are six tips to help you begin promoting your eCommerce brand with Instagram Stories:

1. Tease New Products, Promotions, and Content

One of the reasons why Instagram Stories is so effective is that it creates FOMO (fear of missing out).  The stories disappear within 24 hours, which gives your followers a sense of urgency that they don’t get with your regular Instagram posts.  This makes it perfect for teasing new products and upcoming events.

We’ve seen some brands do this brilliantly.  J. Crew used it to tease its September sunglasses collection with huge success, while Sephora gave followers a glimpse of their makeup tutorials that they would soon release. Try it with your own products and promotions and see how your followers respond.

2. Give a Glimpse Inside Your Brand

Putting a face to your business is important—especially online.  Customers want to connect with humans, not a business that they can’t relate to.  That’s exactly why you should take advantage of the casual nature of Instagram Stories and give those interesting glimpses into your eCommerce store.

For example, you could post a story that shows your employees taking part in a viral trend or celebrating an achievement of one of your employees.  It puts a human touch to your brand that can lead to greater brand recognition and loyalty in your followers.

3. Reward Your Most Engaged Followers

Unlike your regular Instagram posts, the Stories you share don’t show up in your followers’ news feed.  Instead, they can click on your story at the top of their screen if they wish to view it.  This means that you may need to create a little incentive to get them to view your Story.

Your incentives don’t have to be huge, but they do have to be worth it; otherwise, your followers won’t bother opening your Stories in the future.  Besides, you want to give the best to your followers that are loyal enough to follow you on Instagram, so you should reward them for their loyalty!

Offer coupons that only appear in your Stories, show promo codes that become ineffective once the 24 hours are up, or offer free swag like Mountain Dew does to its followers.  You can even announce breaking news related to your brand in an Instagram Story if you have hotly anticipated products coming out.

4. Give Quick and Helpful Tips

There is a reason why headlines that begin with “5 Fast and Dirty Tricks for A/B Testing” get our attention.  Consumers want helpful information that they can process quickly, and Instagram Stories is perfect for this.

The subscription-based apparel startup known as Stich Fix regularly uses their Instagram Stories to provide helpful styling tips to their followers, and now your own eCommerce store can use it in a similar way.  Show off your expertise in your industry by providing your followers with tips and tricks that will make their lives easier in just seconds!

5. Show Off Your Creativity

It doesn’t matter what you sell—there is a way to make it exciting using Instagram Stories.  Online stores everywhere are using it to show the human side of their brand and let some silliness show.

Take Starbucks, for example.  They made coffee exciting by posting a humorous Instagram Story in which two of their iced coffee drinks fall in love with each other.

Some businesses use Instagram Stories to ask questions of their followers and keep them engaged, while others use a mix of filters, drawings, and text to liven up their products.  There are an endless number of ways for you to show off your creative side and promote your brand.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Feedback

Did you know that Instagram Stories can be used as a feedback tool?  Unlike your Instagram posts, your followers can’t comment or like your Instagram Stories.  The only way that they can respond is through a direct message that no one else can see.

Basically, you have the ability to treat Instagram Stories as a one-question anonymous survey, of sorts.  For example, Taco Bell used their first Instagram Story to ask their followers what they would like to see using the new feature.  Users can then send their answers via Direct Message, and you can further improve your social media marketing efforts based off of this feedback.

Final Thoughts

Finding a way to connect with consumers is key to your eCommerce store’s success, but it’s not always easy to engage with your audience.  With Instagram Stories, you now have another way to promote your products and tell a compelling brand story that inspires loyalty in your followers.

There are many exciting ways for you to use Instagram Stories, and we look forward to seeing how other brands use this feature in the future.  Just remember to keep your audience in mind as you create your stories so that your message continues to make an impact!


Ways to find the best SEO providing company – Things to avoid while choosing an SEO firm

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With the rise in E-commerce business today, every business in the market is trying to make a mark in the online market through various ways. SEO is considered one of the best ways to improve and grow online business and marketing as well. All most all business today is making use of SEO services irrespective of small-scale business or an MNC. In order to survive in the online market, it has become very important to have a good SEO for the business. If the business is not much visible online, there are chances that it may have really bad effects on the company sales as well as goodwill.

The success of a good SEO completely depends upon the SEO provider after all they are the one who makes the strategies and execute the same. Also, necessary additions and changes are made in the web content by them in order to make keyword strategies work for your business. Handing over your business to an SEO firm is like handing your baby to someone; hence you need to be very careful while choosing an SEO firm. All the success and failure of your business will be further dependent upon the SEO strategies, so it is very important that you hire only a reputed SEO firm. In the following ways, you can find one.

Research on SEO firms

Before choosing or finalizing an SEO firm for your business, do some research on the reputed companies nearby you. You may find many options for the same and depend upon your business preferences you can select the one which can best suit your business needs.

Look for a firm which assures you to deliver your expected results

When you say SEO, you are obviously looking for improvising the visibility of your business. Every SEO firm will work on improving your visibility on search engines but see to it that before finalizing the services you set your needs and expectations upfront to the SEO Firm and only if they assure to give you your desired results you can carry forward with their services.

Budget constraints

One of the main components which affect your SEO selection is your estimated budget you are willing to spend on SEO services. From freelancers to professionals there are all in who provide SEO services, and their rates differ accordingly. If you are a small or an established business in the market you obviously cannot effort high profile SEO services. Hence you need to choose the best SEO firm within your budget.

Ask for demonstrations

As mentioned earlier you will have a lot of options for an SEO firm and in that case, you will land up confused. In order to make a wise choice you can ask for demonstrations from the sales or pre-sales team of a handful of firms, know their working style, their strategies, services they provide, etc. Through this, you will be able to judge which firm would best suit your business and probably make a wise choice.

Choose a company which provides you SEO audit

An SEO audit will help you to understand it better how the business has improved online before SEO and after SEO. Today there are several reputed SEO companies in the market such as the Punch SEO which help the business owners to track their growth and get a detailed knowledge about the success of SEO strategies.

Going through the reviews and ratings

The modern times it is not difficult to get genuine reviews about any firm in the market there are several websites on the internet today which will assist you with the genuine ratings and reviews from actual customers of a firm. You can also go through the recommendations and testimonials on these websites and then take the final decision.

All the above points will definitely prove very helpful in choosing the right SEO for your business. However, there are certain things you must avoid while choosing an SEO firm and the following are a few of them:

Getting convinced easily with fancy presentations

As it is rightly said, all that glitters is not gold, the same way a fancy presentation of SEO firm necessarily does not mean that the firm is very professional and can deliver the best results. A great presentation strategy may be just their way to get business from you.

Falling prey to false promises

Many times it happens that during the presentations the SEO firm may make false or extraordinary results-oriented promises but always see to it that whatever is discussed is all in the documents as they may just try to flatter you with big promises and not fulfill the same in the future. Hence you need to be very careful while making a contract with SEO firms.

Taking SEO decisions without basic knowledge of SEO and no SEO research

If you are the decision maker of finalizing an SEO firm it is necessary that you have at least basic knowledge about SEO and before searching or finalizing your SEO firm at least do some research on the SEO strategies and how the SEO firms work or you may land up easily misguided by any SEO provider.

Choosing very expensive or very cheap SEO firm

It is true that professional SEO services cost a lot, but that does not mean that all the expensive SEO services are best and reputed! Many frauds are happening these days, and you should stay aware of it. Also choosing a cheap SEO only for the sake of having an SEO is not advisable at all as this can prove to be a waste of both time and money as such SEOs cannot give you the desired results.

As SEO can have the best and worst effects on your business, so online choosing an SEO firm is one of the most important business decisions one has to make and all the points should be taken into consideration.

What Are The Problems You Face In A Business Venture?

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Well, the word “business venture” looks like a big and a complicated word, but once you know the meaning, you will be astonished.  The business venture is nothing but starting a new business.  Normally a business is started in a small way, maybe that’s the reason all small business is referred to as business venture also.

The profit can be earned only after taking some risks, and in business, it is a common phenomenon.  A higher profit is expected by taking high risks.  But how far taking risks is good depends on the market conditions. But for a small business, expert’s advice not to take high risks because the business will not be in a position to face the consequences. A businessman should be prepared to face any sort of problems while doing business but anything done above limit is always risky.  However, following are some of the problems faced in a business venture:

  • Management of sources of income:

The most important aspect in any business is the inflow of cash or funds. Both relate to the sources of incomes.  The inflow of funds or cash means income through either sale or further investment. But a business can expect a regular sale than a regular investment.  So that is the reason why any businessman gives more important to his/her sales team, and they are considered the revenue earners. This is possible only with complete coordination of all the departments. But being a small business, initially, the businessman may not be in a position to hire many employees.  With the limited source of employees, he/she starts a business to achieve profits.

  • The sales are of two typesCash and credit

Both are beneficial to the company. So, when there is a cash sale, the revenue comes into business immediately. In credit sales, the debtor repays the due amount only after the given credit period.  Normally the debtor repays your due amount only after the credit limit given by you, and it may range anywhere between 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, or above 60 days. What is important is be very careful when you are deciding the credit limits.  To increase your sales, you allow even credit sales, but if the sale is made on a credit basis, you should keep track of the entire outstanding amount due from your debtors.  You should ensure that you make direct sales on immediate payment of cash (physical cash or bank transactions). Too many credit transactions may increase your sales volume, but your money will be held with your creditors.

Only when there is frequent income of money through your sales, you will be able to meet your expenses.  In case of lack of money, you yourself will land up in becoming a defaulter, and many of your debts remain uncleared. So, a business can run smoothly if the income and expenses are managed properly, and thorough control is being maintained on both of these.

  • Debt Consolidation

If your debts pile up and still you are not able to repay them, then the best suitable solution is to go for debt consolidation process.  In this process, all you have to do is consolidate all your payable debts and then take new loan equal to that a debt consolidation amount.  Now after receiving the loan amount, plan accordingly and try to clear all the debts.  Now you will be left out with only one big debt, and you will get sufficient time to clear the new debt.  It is a big problem to get a new debt consolidation loan for a businessman doing small business.

The lender will be under the impression that a person who cannot repay small debts, will he be able to repay the big amount.  They have every right to question seeing your financial status.  So, you should ensure that you plan perfectly and try to clear this new loan within time to retain your reputation in the market. For a beginner, the reputation plays a major role in retaining the business in the market.  If you are labeled as a bad debtor, then no one will give you further loans or will plan to invest in your company.  In case you are unable to do the task perfectly, approach a good professional like who will try to help you by giving valuable suggestion and solving your problem.

  • Hiring of employees

To run smoothly, a business requires qualified and experienced employees.  But your business venture is small, just analyze whether you can afford to hire employees as their charges are too much.  If not, you will be left out with the option of hiring employees who are capable of managing the show.

  • Management of time

Again, this is one of the most important aspects of life. Never waste your time because once you lose the time, you may never be able to get it back.  As a businessman, you should always ensure the timing when you are planning to launch your product or service.  A launch in the wrong timing will fetch you an only failure.  So observe the market trends and act wisely.

  • Competitors

Competitors can never be avoided because everyone is working hard to achieve success and thereby profits.  So, you find competition in aspects of life.  Always ensure you never lose the self- confidence and fight back with your competitors.  This is a must to sustain in the market.

  • Capital

As it is a small business, you will need additional capital to grow your business. You can approach various financial institutions for grant of additional loans. But this is possible only when you prove your ability in running the business smoothly without any defaults. For capital supply, you can get in touch with

Apart from the hurdles mentioned above, the biggest problem is your own self-confidence.  Facing so many issues, you start losing your self-confidence which is not good.  Whatever be the situation, ensure that you maintain the confidence levels as it is because it is your confidence levels that give you the energy to fight with the circumstances.

Your Final And Ultimate Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing

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Sometimes, you have seen so many people dealing with WordPress Instagram based themes. It can actually prove the importance of this social channel right now. Among all the social media channels like FB, Twitter and more, Instagram is gaining quite some popularity among the masses. So, this channel can be well used for some other influencer marketing, which will help in the growth of your business well. Have you ever considered going for the Instagram Influence marketing for the business? If not, then the time has come to start it now.

More about the influencer marketing:

Adding up the IG influencer marketing into overall strategy for the IG can help in increasing band awareness. It can also be used for growing follower base and even drive some of the major sales. Are you all set and ready to get started with the IG influencer marketing for business? With the help of an ultimate guide, you can cover everything on ways to find right influencer for businesses. It can also be used for properly disclosing some of the sponsored posts and also determining if the influencer marketing strategies will actually work or not. You can get some more ideas in this field of influencer marketing straight from Gramblast now.

Reason your business needs IG influencer marketing strategy:

Whenever it is about influencer marketing, IG is one best platform for brands to partner up with the influencers on ways to reach some new audiences in a quick manner. It is also considered as one best performing channel for any social action with an average of around 3.21% engagement rate, when compared to the 1.5% across multiple social networks.

  • A major reason for the IG influencer marketing being so effective is because it helps in removing barriers of the traditional advertising and also introduces brand to new audience through trustworthy source, which is your influencer partner.
  • Whenever an influencer recommends service or product on channels, it can easily come across an authentic recommendation from any friend.
  • Having a proficient influencer marketing strategy in place can help raise awareness about new campaign or product line, which will be delivered in the most relatable manner.
  • As the IG’s algorithm is limiting reach of some businesses, the influencer marketing is the main strategy for promoting brands and products on IG.
  • Around 67% of marketers have already tried their hands in using IG marketing for promotion and we are always expected to see that number to grow and increase organic reach declines.

The cost revolving around the field of IG influencer marketing:

There is no question that social media influencers have now become indispensable for the brand campaigns, mainly on IG. But, the main question is how you can come up with fair price when there are so many factors to consider. According to the latest influencer marketing report, it was stated that rates will vary widely among IG influencers, terming it as “wild west.”

  • The report further states that guiding principle for the influencer brand collaborations will be rather simple. The brands and influencers are in proper position to benefit one another mutually. There is more than just a single way in which brands can offer value as cash is king.
  • In case you are planning to work with influencers within the 100k range, you might hav to prepare yourself for a hefty price tag that come along with it.
  • As per the 2018 state IG marketing report, some influencers might be charging you somewhat around $5000 to $10000 for each sponsored post. But, it is way more common for them to charge a basic amount of $250 to $1k.
  • Unfortunately, it is hard to come across one size fits all package when it is about the cost of the influencer marketing. There are multiple factors which are involved and that might go well beyond IG’s influencer’s number of followers.

The small businesses can also leverage IG influencer marketing with some micro-influencers:

As the current IG engagement rates seem to decline, more businesses are currently seeing value in partnering with IG influencers with small but highly engaged platform. In general sense, micro-influencer is one who have significant but not massive form of social media following. This might range somewhere between the 1k to 10k followers mark.

  • One of the major benefits to join hand with the micro influencers is that they can retain higher engagement levels when compared to top-tier influencers. It has been confirmed by two different studies from Markerly and Hello Society, which have already found negative correlation between audience size and engagement rates.
  • So, when the accounts of multiple sizes are procuring fewer comments, likes and even followers in general than what they used to get in past, bigger accounts will be the one with bigger hits.
  • It means that any IG post from micro-influencer will be likely to seen by larger group of people in the following. So, that means you can potential reach more crowd at the same time.

Perfect partners for the IG influencer marketing are the main point:

Finding those right influencers for marketing campaign can be bit of a challenge. Therefore, it is always important to set some clear goals and even some expectations ahead of the time. In case, the goal is for racking up engagement, it might always make sense to partner with some of the micro-influencers with less audience but with the higher engagement rates.

  • Then, in case you are trying to increase brand awareness, then some other metrics might prove to be useful. Those metric are traffic and even the influencer’s reach. There are some points to consider and keep in mind while determining whether or not to establish a partnership with an influencer.
  • You need to check their IG engagement and the quality of followers they have. After that, don’t forget to check the followers’ numbers and finally the budget requirements.

Going through some simple points can help you live up to your dreams and grow your business. You don’t have to worry as IG influencer marketing will be there to offer some help.

Interactive Marketing as a Way to Increase Interest to Your Business Website

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In a traditional sense, marketing is a one-way stream. A marketer will think of an ad, purchase the space needed, and wait for the results once the ad is live. However, traditional methods are slowly fading away, and one-way marketing simply isn’t going to work anymore.

A key factor in this change is the rise in customer participation. Every individual now expects to be active in the brand’s development and to be seen as an interlocutor.

The chances are that you have created a website for your business. While you have the basis, you still need to create an increase in interest. A great and efficient way to accomplish this is to make use of interactive marketing.

In recent years, this term has been used fairly frequently, but what meaning does it hide? How can you utilize it to grow your business website?

To help you use interactive marketing as a tool, we’ve decided to explore it.

What does interactive marketing mean?

Interactive marketing relies on customers, with the same business growth goal as outbound marketing. Creating a dialogue between yourself and your customers creates new marketing options. For example, when a customer is asked to leave his feedback, other people are going to see it.

With this public display, new customers may join the ranks of your brand, all because of something you yourself didn’t do. Interactive marketing at its best involves motivating individuals to urge your business to grow with just a few simple actions.

All businesses must have a good customer feedback strategy to capture the feedbacks online. In today’s digital world, it holds great importance.

What does interactive marketing provide customers with?

In this day and age, people revel in the opportunity to grow and evolve their favorite products. Talking about their favorite brand anywhere is now used as a valuable form of analytical data used to improve the product.

Even if an individual talks negatively about a product, it’s still deemed as interactive marketing. The brand will still be mentioned and will have an opportunity to grow and be more successful.

Now that we’ve cleared up that interactive marketing means “customer participation,” we can move onto the benefits. For a growing business website, many of these advantages will be a massive boost to your site’s evolution.

What are the benefits of interactive marketing?

“Financial resources have always been the most important factor in marketing, but interactive forms have changed this mantra”, explains Linda Mali, a marketing executive for essay writing service cheap. She adds ‘’There are no limits as to which tools you can use to establish an interaction.’’

The first and foremost advantage is cost reduction

Writing blogs and engaging social media posts are completely free. While they only require effort, you can target that effort for maximum efficiency.

Having a dedicated team handling customer relations will leave a great impression and improve customer attraction. With increased customer retention as well, your business website will grow exponentially.

The second benefit is increased data influx

As you interact with your customers, they will supply you with feedback. Since they’re using your brand, they will comment honestly without hesitation.

Comments and insights can all be used as material to improve your website and your brand in the future. Also, demographic information, personal interests and everything else can be stored in your company’s database. By knowing how your customers behave, you target your moves according to their immediate needs and wishes.

An often underrated benefit is customer inclusion

After someone posts a negative comment and they see an immediate change, they will feel involved in your brand. By motivating customers to share their insight, you are sending a positive message.

The customers will start expressing loyalty if you make a consistent effort to tailor your brand according to your customers’ needs,

The methods at your disposal

Interactive marketing can change the face of your brand in a short period. Along the years, it has taken many different forms. Let’s discuss the best interactive marketing tools to grow your business website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Believe it or not, SEO is also interactive marketing. While you’re not posting an ad per se, you are actively altering the structure of your posts and website for better ranking. As you rank better, more people will visit your website, and it will rise even higher.

Email marketing. Sending out marketing emails still isn’t out of fashion, despite the rise in social media. Out of all immediate contact methods, email marketing is the most interactive. Through further personalization, you can find out better ways to reach your customers. Every connection that you establish will be much stronger, more efficient and swifter.

Personalization. As we’ve already mentioned, customer insight and thought-provoking comments are valuable analytical data for your company. When you’ve assembled and stored all the data, you can use it to approach your customers in a more personal way. Knowing their habits, online presence and behavior can greatly impact your conversion rate.

Social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are at the forefront of the social media revolution. Every marketer and brand manager can use them as valuable places to advertise and provoke conversation. Commenting is the basis of all three websites, so you can promote your posts and get reactions out of people.

Guest blogging. In your area of expertise, there are probably more famous blogs and websites that would love to collaborate with you. Collaborating with bigger brands and websites will get you more attention, and the very interaction with another expert will cause even more interaction with your customers.

What to use?

The channels needed to establish an interactive marketing scheme have been discussed. But, what can a marketer use to enhance his influence on these channels? What are some useful tools that can be utilized to establish better interaction with one’s customers?

Multimedia. Visual stimulation is everything. Video, images and even games are great choices.

Opting-in. Only contact your customers if they have previously applied and given their consent.

Story-telling. Blogging and guest blogging both function better if the post is not seen as a promotion. Forming it into a story is a much better tool.

Easy sharing. If someone likes your post, allow them to share it with one click. Interactive marketing at its best.

To conclude

Establishing an interactive relationship with your customers will give you better customer retention and your website will grow. Allowing people to participate in the growth of your brand is the best customer experience they can get. Through the use of various channels, you can reach customers on both a global and a personal scale. With such an all-around effort, success will be imminent.

Actionable eCommerce SEO Tips To Achieve Great Ranking Goals

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Nowadays, the question is in the trend that one can improve eCommerce search engine ranking or how a store can be successful over the web? There is a fear in new store owners’ mind that whether they will get a prominent niche among already settled big brands or not.

Most of the e-commerce store owners invest a lot in advertising their shopping portal. But, what if they will get facilitated with excellent eCommerce SEO ways that cost nominal as compared to the paid ones. Yes! We are talking about search engine optimization ways that are actually taking e-commerce stores to the heights of success.

It must sound amazing right! Remember, SEO is never easy for store owners as there are hundreds of products having a separate web page which truly needs to get the desired rank over the web. Whenever you think that you’ve got an immense grip over SEO tactics, you observe a new change in Google ranking rules. So, be attentive when you are implementing any trending and proven SEO rule to uplift the ranking of an e-commerce store.

SEO commonly consists of various small steps. If you own a start-up store then it’s possible to take care of these small steps. But, if you’re already running a big online shopping portal, it would not be easy to implement all of these in one go. You can initiate things by first focusing on your best-selling products and the pages that you think can bring large value to your site.

Despite the initial learning curve, there is a lot to get an insight to. The blog will cover every best possible SEO technique that can definitely prove leading tactics to get the desired ranking for your eCommerce store.

Have a glimpse:

  • Website Structure

Your eCommerce store’s architecture is the foundation of your entire business. A confused website structure may discourage users and unfortunately constrain them from leaving it within seconds. You should be very careful about your site structure if you want to see the fruitful results of your hardcore efforts. You can do this by creating easy navigation, seamless payment gateways and quick search options. These features provide users the reason to explore the website for more and even for a long time. The best method to get the insights is to utilize Google Analytics and observe where you’re lacking from the UX point of view. It would be great if you simultaneously make changes to your lacking website areas.

  • In-depth Keyword Research

Analysis of every website starts by making keyword research based on market competition. This is the first strategy which needs to be implemented appropriately to get profitable results. Make sure that your keyword strategy is in the right direction and follows the best criteria to earn utmost traffic. The criteria should include keywords that are having buying phrases, likely to convert, decent volume, product based terms and high ability to rank over the web. This not only improves your site ranking but also converts clicks into conversions.

  • Appropriate On Site Optimization

Search engine crawlers always prefer to scroll easy to understand websites. So, your next step should be to make your website easy to read and navigate. Through on site product pages optimization, your website will get a readable format which is also good from the ranking perspectives. Most of the search engine optimizers implement this strategy by focusing on making changes in sitemaps, tags, heading, URLs, content indentation and product/category pages optimization.

  • Upload Unique Product Description

People find it very interesting when they find the product availability with high-resolution images and description which well goes with that. Duplicate or even lack of description spoils the interest of customers for buying the product. They need everything perfect when they scroll the product to buy. They want elaborative description which defines the product from its core. Therefore, it’s necessary that you should also incline towards uploading unique product description for each of your e-commerce store.

  • Create Mobile Experiences

Today, most of the customers like to browse online shopping portals over their smartphones. This is likely to increase the traffic for portals that are mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed on different devices having a variety of screen resolutions. Now, it’s your time to transform your e-commerce store into a responsive interface which users can seamlessly access on their smartphone screens. Introduction of mobile websites clearly indicates the rise in customer engagement and powerful impression. If you want to get all these for your e-commerce brand, start transforming your desktop website into a flawless mobile interface.

  • Introduce Product Videos

Visuals are the mediums that quickly enchant visitors due to their descriptive ways. For a storefront, you can implement this strategy by introducing product videos. You can place them over the associated product page and also on social media channels to get visitors attention. There are also various ways to promote e-commerce products via videos. One can create discount videos on a few products to grab customers attention or the videos can be created to invite customers for the mega sale valid for a limited period of time.

Wrap Up:

The competition in E-commerce is rapidly growing like a fire and it can only be controlled when marketers implement trending ways to rank their product pages over the web. Only creating a powerful brand marketing strategy can take you out from this big hassle. So, start discovering the best ways that you consider can be useful to groom your e-commerce product pages. You can try the aforementioned ways to initiate the process.

Author’s Bio:

Tom Hardy is a highly skilled online marketing executive in Sparx IT Solutions. He is passionate and also works as innovative marketing expert to keep a track of all the ups and downs of the industry. Besides, making innovations for new marketing strategies, he also possess skills to write knowledge-based write-ups to make others aware of the important factors.




Attracting Shoppers to Your New Online Store

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If you still haven’t grasped the sheer magnitude of the World Wide Web, just consider that your website is a single part of a million-piece puzzle. So, unless you’re the CEO of Amazon and the likes, you’re most likely an average eCommerce entrepreneur struggling to survive in the overly-competitive digital market. This is not to say the eCommerce industry is not ripe for the picking. Quite the contrary.

By 2021, the industry is expected to surpass 4.88 trillion US dollars in market value, so the time to step into the arena and claim your piece of this sizable financial cake is now. Alas, getting people to actually visit your store instead of sticking with already established brands can be a cumbersome task, so here are five effective tips on growing your new eCommerce store like a pro.

Brand yourself the right way

Out of millions of online stores on the web, why would anyone give your brand a passing glance on their way to their favorite digital retailer? The truth is that without a strong brand identity in place, most people won’t even notice that you exist. Such is the power of branding in the modern business world.

You can start by detaching yourself from the stereotypes and showing the world that you’re a store with more than just product descriptions and a beautiful website. You’re a brand that cares, you have a face and an identity that boast a unique tone of voice, and a set of values that strike an emotional chord with the customer. You need to build a brand people will know and love. With that in mind, the next part will be weaving that identity into your content strategy.

Harness the power of SEO content

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important for e-commerce businesses as the years go by, and the present and near future are all about crafting SEO-friendly, stellar content on a regular basis. After all, if you don’t publish relevant articles and other content that will engage global audiences and help you expand your brand’s reach, how do you expect to surpass the competition in the long run?

To give your audiences something to believe in and incentivize them to visit your online store, you want to keep these things in mind:

  • Write blog posts that are friendly, relevant, and meaningful.
  • Don’t use your blog to blatantly promote your products, but rather weave them into a story – help the readers imagine themselves using your products.
  • Craft content with SEO in mind, and optimize every piece for Google and other search engines.
  • Don’t forget about SEO link building and focus on building high-value links across the digital realm.

Build a user-friendly design

Arguably, the most important element of a winning eCommerce website is its design. Transparent, decluttered, utterly beautiful, responsive, and straightforward – the design of a modern online store must be up to par with the latest trends in the industry, as well as the latest expectations of the modern online shopper. As a point of reference, take the expanding Australian market.

In the Land Down Under, eCommerce is booming across the board, and every innovative digital marketing agency will tell you that user experience should be your number one priority. User experience is built by integrating your brand’s values, stories, messages, and visuals into a seamless, responsive design that works like a German engineer with the facial features of a Greek goddess. Function and form – that is the name of the eCommerce game.

Advertise yourself on social media

If you’re not on social media, then it’s time you fired your marketing manager and started investing in social media management because that’s where you’re most likely to find your potential customers. Given the fact that social media has almost three billion active users, it only stands to reason that you should advertise your brand and disseminate your content across the most relevant platforms.

You can start by researching the most lucrative opportunities and leading active accounts across all major networks. Focus on building engagement and buzz around your brand with great content and various promotions and live events before you start spamming people’s feeds with paid ads. When you start advertising, make sure you use the SM analytics tools to segment your demographic, target accordingly, and schedule your ads to appear at the right places at the right time.

Focus on stellar customer service

Last but not least, customer feedback can mean the difference between life and death for your eCommerce store. In order to ensure positive reviews and customer satisfaction across the board, be sure to focus on delivering professional, timely, and comprehensive customer service that will answer all of the questions and problems of both your potential and existing customers on the spot. When the positive reviews start pouring in, you will witness an exponential rise in your website traffic and thus, increased conversions as well.

Getting your new store on the online map and in front of relevant audiences is definitely not an easy task, especially in such a competitive market. Nevertheless, you can ensure a steady rise to prominence in the industry by implementing these time-tested tactics into your growth strategy.

Internet Marketing Is Only Growing: Is Your Business Ready?

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Competition is unpleasant, but it is indispensable. It helps business improve their services and product quality. No matter what you are selling right now, there is always the chance someone is selling the same thing online, at a lower cost or with better customer services. With the easy access to hundreds of similar e-commerce stores, people often leave one and go to another at the slightest delay of order booking, or delivery. Not paying enough attention to your user experience (UX) is similar to hand-delivering your visitors to your competitors.

So, how do businesses deal with competitors? Some brands take measures that are outright unethical or illegal (like negative SEO), while others stick to more constructive actions including improving their website experience and customer services. You do not have to spend a fortune to optimize your customer experience. You can reduce the rates of defection by leveraging five simple steps.

Step 1: get to know your customer

Who are the visitors to your site? Are they middle-aged women? Are they seniors? Do you attract an exclusively hip and young crowd? To be able to attract the right traffic and keep them on your website, you need to know them like your childhood friends. Since you do not have the option of spending as much time as you did with your best friend, you can begin by working on their persona.

A customer persona is like a portrait of the typical converting visitor. It should portray their age, gender, occupation, likes, and spending capacity. Anything that influences the sales should be a part of the comprehensive buyer persona. Laying out a detailed image of the customer will not only help you understand them, but it will also help you attract them and serve them better. The persona should collect relevant profile data, activity data, business data, and support data.

Apart from the data, you should also include the different types of motivations in their buyer’s profile. The motivation can take two different forms – negative and positive. Positive emotions are the ones you should always leverage to push the customer towards the conversion point in the sales funnel.

Step 2: rendezvous with your competition

Which brands in the market are your current competitions? At this juncture, there is no room for assumptions. You need to find out who your real competitors are before you can device potential marketing strategies. As we have stated before, some brands are experts at offering a “friendlier service” or “better price,” but it is up to you to find out the deeper reasons behind these strategies. It is necessary to do some (ethical and online) spying on the brands. Visit to learn about the ways you can improve your competition research techniques.

Spying on any e-commerce service requires a selection of sophisticated tools. Most of them have free trial periods, but you will have access to only a couple of features that will limit your research. You need to buy the premium versions of these spy tools to be able to unearth the motivations and intentions of your competition. First, check out comprehensive spying tool reviews. Make a list of them for snooping around and then you can use them to unearth the success secrets of your competitor brands.

Step 3: convey your USP to your customers

There are several things a brand needs, but the one thing it cannot do without is a USP. Your business should have a unique selling proposition. It is the lifeblood of your business. Think of it this way – there are hundreds of companies that are selling similar stuff, but you have a dedicated set of customers buying things only from you. The reason they do so is your USP. The reason others don’t buy from you is they do not know your USP.

It is time to make a USP if you don’t have one, sharpen it and make it bold to attract the attention of your customers. Your USP needs to have dressing, garnish, and an exotic mix of spices to keep your customers hooked, while the competitors try to push their off-the-rack USP. Check out Harry’s official website. Their USP is simple, yet bold. They have made the process of picking all the items you need for shaving easier than ever. They have not only made it possible for all customers to remember them, but they have ingrained their USP in the website’s navigation as well.

Step 4: Convince your customers to buy more

It is not about upselling or cross-selling. However, research shows that people who spend more than the others hold the goods in high regards. It is the endowment effect in action. That translates to – when people own something, they tend to value it more. When they spend more money on it, they appreciate it more as well. That is a part of the perceived value effect that comes into action along with the endowment effect. In short, if you can manage upsells and add-ons, you have a better chance of retaining a customer in the long run.

Step 5: give them enough incentives

The world cannot run without rewards and incentives. People love receiving something in return for their actions. The moment you offer incentives, three things happen –

  1. Your customers find something tangible to relate to the brand
  2. Your customers do not defect as easily since you are encouraging them to try your products and services
  • You can expand your current customer’s list by using your existing customers

This incentive can be in the form of cash back, coupons, discounts, and even free products. You can offer them in exchange for their services like sharing your website link on Facebook or messaging it to 50 friends. Some brands provide lucrative discounts to their existing customers if they can get their friends on-board the brand’s email list. Such brands include big names like BlueHost and Uber.

Sometimes, all your business needs is a touch of sophisticated competition research and the fine-tuning of their existing customer interactions. Your brand can outperform the competition as well with a little help from the experts, who know a thing or two about competitive digital marketing and SEO.


Facebook Content Marketing Strategy Tips for eCommerce

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Content marketing is a great way to get attention and build up your brand’s image on Facebook. But you can’t just throw your content out there and expect people to care. You need to produce quality content that is targeted, relevant, and interesting to your audience. Here are five Facebook content marketing strategy tips for e-commerce.

Learn from the competition 

Make competitive analysis a part of your content creation process. You can learn a lot from what the competition is up to. See what kind of content they’ve been creating and analyze what has worked for them and what has not. It’s especially useful to read over your competitors’ reviews and comment sections to see what their customers are happy with and unhappy with. Think about how you can apply this knowledge to your own content strategy. Think about what makes your product unique. What value do you provide that a customer won’t get anywhere else? What’s your angle?

Visuals matter

Visuals can be a content marketer’s best friend. Visual appeal is critical to getting a person’s attention, which is difficult in the crowded online marketplace. When it comes to engaging an audience on Facebook and promoting your product, visuals are a great way to improve your ROI. But your returns will vary a great deal depending on the quality of your visuals. Not all visuals are created equal and won’t have the same effect on your audience. Think about the difference between a stock photo and a screenshot from a video, which one is more enticing to your audience? If you’re including words in your image, keep it to five or less, it’s easier for your readers to digest as they’re looking around.

Make mobile a priority

To have a successful e-commerce content marketing strategy on Facebook, it’s necessary to focus on mobile users. As of January 2018, mobile accounts for 95% of Facebook usage. By 2020 it is projected that mobile will account for 45% of e-commerce. As well, CTRs are much higher on mobile e-commerce platforms, so it’s well worth the time to invest in optimizing your site for mobile.

Tell a story

Telling a story is a great way to sell your audience on your brand’s lifestyle and image. Storytelling is also a good option for when you feel as if you’ve been overdoing the how-to style content. “There are a few good ways to tell a story that your audience will connect with and enjoy. One way is to profile and interview someone whom you feel represents the sort of person your customers admire and aspire to be like,” recommends Helen Ikeda, content marketer at Academized. Tell a story about someone overcoming obstacles on their way to success; everybody loves an underdog. Don’t forget that customer stories can be very useful as well, you can gather them by running a contest or by asking happy customers if they would like to share about their experience with your brand.

Write better content with help from online resources

Writing is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. Your content will not receive the attention it deserves if it is poorly written or edited. Luckily there are tools available online that can help.

  • LetsGoandLearn and WritingPopulist – Don’t let grammar bring you down. Use these grammar resources to check over your content before you post it.
  • Assignment Help and Big Assignments (read com review)– These are proofreading tools available online that you can use to make sure you haven’t left any mistakes in your copy.
  • SimpleGrad and StudyDemic – These writing blogs are full of useful information and tips on how to improve your content writing. Learn from what other people have done and use it to your advantage.
  • BestBritishEssays and OXEssays – Edit your content with help from these tools, which have been recommended by StudentWritingServices. Proper editing can be the difference between good persuasive content and amateurish junk.
  • Reviewed and Essay Services – Use these writing guides to ensure a smooth and efficient writing process. Writing is made up of several different stages and all are important to creating good content.


Content marketing is a bit of an art form. You need to do your research and find out what has worked for your competitors and apply those lessons to your own content. Tell a compelling story and do it with high-quality visuals. In every step of your strategy keep mobile users in mind. Be sure that everything you write is well-written, edited, and proofread because your content represents your brand. Follow these five tips to develop a successful Facebook content marketing strategy for e-commerce.

Author bio:

Grace Carter is a business analyst at UK Writing Services Reviews and tutor at Essay Help Services, where she teaches business ethics.

Reasons Why 2018 Is The Best Year To Start An E-commerce Company

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If you’re looking to start your own business, e-commerce is the way to go and 2018 is the time to start! With online shopping at an all-time high and thousands of opportunities to get started, we are truly in the golden era for starting an online business. Whether you want to sell handmade crafts or get involved in mass distribution, starting your own business on the internet is the best way to do it in this day and age. Here are a variety of reasons why you should be looking into your own e-commerce company now!

#1. Physical Retail Stores are Closing

Brick and mortar stores are closing at a record pace, and you don’t want to be caught in the dust with the rest of them. Customers are realizing that it is vastly easier to shop online than it is to start up the car, drive several miles, and scour a store for something that might be out of stock. As more and more people are looking to purchase their products over the internet, now is the time to take advantage. You have an entire market of frustrated shoppers who will be happy to spend money on your website rather than in an old-fashioned store.

If you currently operate a physical store that is still successful, you’d be doing yourself a favor by moving at least some of your operations online. You can keep your physical location while gaining additional revenue from internet sales. Combining your current success with a new technology is a foolproof way to grow your business and ensure that you will be prepared for the future.

#2. Social Media is King

In today’s world, social media is a key player in helping to market your brand. If you don’t already have several social media profiles to promote your products and services, you aren’t doing everything that you can to compete in a tough marketplace. Right now, sites like Instagram and Facebook have billions of users, with hundreds of millions logging in on a daily basis. Having your brand on these platforms is basically like having free advertising.

Through social media, people can share their favorite brands with their peers, leave reviews, and even interact with companies. Every business should be taking advantage of this, encouraging growth and increased brand awareness. If you are just starting a new business in 2018, this is a major benefit for you! You can use social media to get your organization off the ground through grassroots efforts and promotions. Accounts are free and easy to use, with very little barrier to entry. As you continue to grow, you can pay for stronger, targeted advertising services as you see fit.

#3. Distribution is Simple

Owning a physical storefront can come with a lot of headaches. Shipping is one of those, and it can cause major problems for small business owners. However, if you take advantage of services like Fulfillment by Amazon or other online distributors, you won’t have to deal with poor warehouse management or excess logistics costs. These companies have distribution down to a science, and you can piggyback on their success with your products.

Many fulfillment services have massive warehouses across the world that operate at maximum efficiency. Instead of taking orders and filling out shipping papers manually, they can do it for you, helping you to focus on the core tenets of your business. With such effective distribution, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and impress your customers with timely, affordable transportation services.

#4. The Economy is Booming

The worldwide economy is on a major upswing, and it just makes sense to jump onto the wagon and join the party. As long as you have a unique, marketable product, you are bound to be profitable when selling it online. People are making internet purchases more than ever before, and vendors and suppliers alike are eager to get into business with new partners who can bring value to their overall brand. By starting an e-commerce business, you can take advantage of a booming global economy and maximize your profits.

A better economy means more customers, and that’s just what you need to make your business a success. It also means that providers will have access to more parts, improving the overall quality of whatever product it is you decide to sell. As the economy goes in cycles, you are better off getting it now rather than waiting for it to slow down. Maximizing your profits early in the game will better prepare you for any negative forecasts that may come up in the future.

#5. Money is Available

Because the economy is so good, there is a large amount of capital available that is ready to be invested. Interest rates are low, making it relatively safe and easy to get a loan from the banks. This can greatly help you with your initial startup expenses and provide you with some capital to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

However, banks aren’t the only place to look to if you want to start something. Crowdfunding has become immensely popular, and there is a good reason for that. If you have a revolutionary idea or solid business plan, potential customers and investors may be interested in helping you get your company off the ground in hopes that they can make some money as well. They also may just be eager to try the new product before anybody else. The tech world is full of people who want to be ahead of the curve, and if you can convince them that your idea is worth it, they will be willing to help you out financially.

#6. Easy Market Entry

To start a business in the old days, you used to need a large amount of money, a desirable storefront in a high-traffic area, and at least a few employees to help with the tasks. Today, you can get started with only an idea and an internet connection. If you have a plan and the motivation to follow through with it, it is very easy to get into the world of e-commerce. Because it’s so cheap to start, too, there is not as much risk associated with failure.

The ability to fail and start over is another thing that makes it so easy. You may realize that your business doesn’t work before you even spend a time, meaning that you can shut it down and start over easily. This was simply not possible in the old days, as much more was at stake when you decided to open something.

#7. Wide Potential Customer Base

There are more people online than ever before, and of the world’s internet users, many of them are making constant online purchases. No matter where you are, you can buy a product from across the world and have it shipped to you within a matter of days. Whatever product you are marketing has an interested audience somewhere, and an e-commerce business will help you to find that more easily than you could ever imagine.

A brick and mortar store can only really sell to people in its general vicinity. Maybe some people will come from out of town because they heard something special about it. But ultimately, it is limited to its physical location. The same is not true for an e-commerce store, as you can reach out to audiences from around the world with any product or service. The best way to find a customer is to gain exposure to a large pool of potential buyers. The more people that learn about your product, the more likely it is that some of them will buy it. Online marketability is vital for surviving in today’s business world, and it is one of the most important steps of running an e-commerce store.

#8. No Idea is too “Crazy”

People used to play it safe when they opened stores to make a profit. They didn’t want to risk failing right away, so they wouldn’t embrace some of the newest, craziest ideas. With e-commerce, you can take that risk and try to sell some of the most off-the-wall products that you may never have thought would sell in the past. In recent years, we’ve seen hoverboards, jetpacks, and virtual reality headsets all take off and be successful. This wouldn’t have been the case in the “old world.”

Now, thanks to technology, consumers are more and more trustworthy of some of these “crazy” ideas and are willing to give them a shot. As mentioned earlier, many people want to be on the cutting edge of technology, even if that means accepting technologies that they aren’t quite sure of. Even so-called failed products can become cult classics and gain a loyal following, so it’s worth it to take a stab at it if you have any sort of intriguing idea. The stakes are low but the potential reward is high, and you’ll be happy you created something for yourself, whether you win or lose in the long run.