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Best Call to Action Examples (for More Conversions)

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How’s your call to action?


When it comes to advertising on Facebook and Instagram, your campaign’s success will be influenced by the actionable phrase you use to not only drive traffic to your offers, deals, and discounts but also your conversions.

Creating a compelling call to action is a copywriting skill that you can learn. So, grab a pencil and a pad of paper and let’s dive into a little lesson about how to write a call to action as well as some real examples getting results online.



  • In this post, you’re going to learn a few copywriting tricks to write actionable headlines for your Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Also, you’ll get to see examples of powerful Facebook and Instagram call to actions used by top brands so you can find inspiration when creating your own.


What is a Call to Action?

A call to action, or CTA, is a phrase thrown around in the digital marketing world which inspires a person reading it to take a specific action.

You’ve probably seen a lot of call to actions in your lifetime. They’re the small sentences, buttons, and links that lead to a sale.

When you’re promoting your services and products online, having killer ad copy makes a significant improvement for your sales, sign-ups, and subscriptions. Call to actions are meant to persuade a person reading or watching it perform a specific task — purchase your product, sign up for a newsletter, book an appointment, or click through to a landing page.

You may not always “close to deal” and make a sale with your call to action, but you will be moving more people in the direction by encouraging them to take action.


Always Use a Strong Call to Action

You are probably very familiar with the common call to action phrases used online. These are the typical go-to phrases used at the end of videos and found at the bottom of the ad copy.

How familiar do these sound:

  • Click here
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Buy now
  • Learn more

If you are spending time and money on your advertising strategy, you are focused on creating a message that builds excitement for your product or service. You might think that using one of these short and blunt CTAs would do the trick.


Remember, the main purpose of a call to action is to: (1) tell people what they should do; and (2) give them the motivation to do it.

The call to action examples to saw above cover (1) perfectly but they fail to motivate someone to click or perform the action you want them to take. If you don’t cover why they should “Click” “Sign up” “Subscribe” “Buy now” or “Learn more” you won’t get the conversions rates you want and need.

Your content is the best place to answer questions and concerns people may have. It’s where you address the specific needs of your buyers or target audience by giving them the information that convinces them to take action.

So, how can you do that?

How to Write a Killer Call to Action

Let’s look at some copywriting tips that you can easily apply to improve your advertising efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

Tip #1: Use strong, actionable verbs

Your CTA has to be strong, clear, and concise. When you’re writing ad copy, you’ll only have a few words to create a message, promote your product or service, and direct attention to a specific action.

Actionable verbs tell your audience exactly what they need to do, such as, download, click, sign up, buy, order, and so on. Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do quickly and briefly.

(Don’t forget, these words are perfect for actionable buttons but they should also be included in other areas, such as the description section of your Instagram ad or throughout your Facebook video ads.)


Tip #2: Give motivation to click

Always include a value proposition or unique selling point (USP). In other words, what’s in it for them?

Your USP is going to be an influential part of acquiring new leads and generating more sales. It’s a great way to generate more clicks when you promote your offers.

Examples of this could include a discount for your product or getting something for free (i.e. shipping).


Tip #3: Be creative

In a moment, you’ll see some incredible call to actions being used by popular brands. Before you do, don’t be afraid to be creative with your writing.

You should already know which call to actions drive the most engagement to your business, however, mix it up. Keep your ad copy fresh and exciting and see which new words create more traffic to your offers.

Instead of…Try something like…
Buy today!Buy today before everything’s gone!
Subscribe nowSubscribe before your competitors do
Call us for more informationDon’t be shy! We’re just a phone call away!


Call to Action Examples

To really understand the key to a good call to action, sometimes learning from others is the best place to find inspiration.

Let’s look at some of the best call to action examples.

#1 – Iterable

Here’s a great example of giving value to an audience


Iterable gives their audience a good reason to download their report: learn from the top 100 e-commerce marketers. They also give a quick description of what’s inside their report (i.e. email strategies).

Using copy like this gives people who see it a convincing reason to download the book while in exchange for an email. This is a great tactic for increasing conversions for your email list which you can use for your email marketing strategies.


#2 – Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s ad tackles the problem head-on


Neil Patel is an online entrepreneur with a number of different successful companies. As you browse through the copy in this ad, you can see a few powerful elements used.

First, the content in the description covers the “why you should sign up” by addressing problems faced by their audience: low traffic and low conversions.

Second, he uses a compelling value proposition. When you sign up for the webinar, you also get a free 23-step framework.

Third, the message makes it clear what you’re going to get out of the webinar. You’ll become a master at customer acquisition.

Try writing some of your Facebook Ads like this and measure the results.


#3 – E-Gmat

Know your audience’s needs


The call to action used in e-GMAT’s Facebook Ad is a brilliant way to overcome the limited CTA word choice found on the ad itself (i.e. Learn More).

You can see, the ad focuses on the problems their audience experience: getting a low score. In this ad, they use a real example with a specific score to connect with their audience.

Try writing your next call to action like this. If e-GMAT can do it, so can you!


#4 – Udemy

Emphasize your deals and discounts

Udemy offers online courses and has ads running quite frequently for discounted courses. This ad makes the call to action enticing because of the 50% which is emphasized in the description and shown in large font on the image.


#5 – Design Pickle

Connect the message to the action

DesignPickle uses all different kinds of ads to attract new subscribers to their business. This ad example gives a great example of how to connect your business message with your call to action.


#6 – The New York Times

Make small adjustments to the standard CTA

The New York Times uses some of the shortest, simplest text for their Instagram Ad call to actions. Their image emphasizes how much you have to pay for their subscription, a single buck.

Best of all, they use the same CTA as the Instagram button and add just a little more emphasis on “and save”.


#7 – Freeletics

Try new ways to write your call to actions

Here’s an example of using a strong call to action in an Instagram Video Ad. Freeletics turns the standard “Start Now” CTA into a more relevant CTA related to their service “Start Training Now”.

Also, take a look at the phrases you leading up to the app download CTA. They use short descriptive text to connect with their target audience: “Get Fit” and “Achieve Your Resolution”.

(This as was obviously released shortly after January 1st.)



Looking for a better way to convert your audience? Start a conversion focused journey — we can help you take them there

Best Facebook Ads Courses

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Facebook is a powerful social media tool that allows you to promote your business and take your prospective customers on a conversion focused journey. In this article, let’s take a look at the best Facebook Ads Courses so you can learn how to get the most out of your advertising budget.



#1 – Facebook Blueprint eLearning

Cost:                            FREE

Time Needed:             15 – 55 mins per course

Cert. Available:            Yes (US$ 150)

If you really want to understand the fundamentals of Facebook Ads, enroll yourself into Facebook Blueprint eLearning. This Facebook Ads Course will take you through everything you need to know to get started on the platform.

Not only will you learn how to create ad campaigns for Facebook, but also learn how to use Instagram Ads to reach a wider audience.

Also, if you’re a Facebook Advertising Agency, you can work through the courses to attain verified credentials. The courses will walk you through advanced-level proficiency with Facebook Ads and costs US$ 150 to take the exam. If you pass, you’ll have a certified badge you can add to your website and marketing materials.

For the regular Facebook Ads Courses, these are completely free for anyone.

Available Facebook Ads Courses:



#2 – The Complete Facebooks Ads Course – Beginner to Advanced by Udemy

Cost:                            $199.99 $11.99

Time Needed:             6+ hours

Cert. Available:            Yes

Udemy is a popular online learning platform with courses covering a variety of topics. Their Facebook Ads Course is focused on helping you master Facebook Marketing Strategy, Facebook Ad Retargeting, Remarketing, and much more.

During their promotional period, you can enroll in this course for as little as $11.99 (regular price $199.99). The entire course includes:

  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Udemy’s process involved comprehensive learning modules with quizzed and tasks to help you learn the material and integrate them into your Facebook Ad strategy.

If you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, or small business owner, this is a course most suitable for you.

What You’ll Learn in Udemy’s Facebook Ads Course:

  • Set up your first campaign A-Z
  • Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune
  • Create a Facebook Sales Funnel
  • Include discount coupons with Offer Ads
  • Find out what ads perform best with Split Tests
  • Advertising on Instagram
  • Generate leads in two taps with Lead Ads
  • Target website visitors, Facebook fans or email subscribers Custom Audiences
  • Target people who are like your existing customers with Lookalike Audience
  • Drive Ecommerce Sales with Dynamic Ads & Collection Ads
  • Grow Your App with App Install & Engagement Ads
  • Track Conversions With the Facebook Pixel
  • Bring Your Business to Life with Video Ads
  • Bulk Manage Campaigns with Power Editor
  • Manage Roles & Permissions in Business Manager
  • Start a Facebook Ads Business



#3 – Free Facebook Ads Course by Galileo Univerity

Cost:                            $199.99 $11.99

Time Needed:             6+ hours

Cert. Available:            Yes ($49)

If you’re looking for a University accredited Facebook Ads Course, check out Galileo University. They offer a comprehensive approach toward creating an effective advertising campaign, understanding Audience Insights, Facebook’s Pixels, developing and analyzing A/B tests, and more.

There are two requirements before you can enroll in this course. You will need:

  1. Facebook Fan / Business Page
  2. Facebook Advertising Account

After you register for the course using your email, you will have access to the dashboard. The course will be available at the scheduled time throughout the semester.


What You’ll Learn from Galileo University’s Facebook Ads Course:

  • Create ads on Facebook Ads effectively.
  • Develop an advertising campaign on Facebook.
  • Find your target audience (segmentation) with Facebook tools for companies.
  • Segment your audience to generate relevant content.
  • Create strategies to obtain a considerable amount of likes in your Fan Page.
  • Generate potential customers and increase sales through advertising on Facebook.
  • Establish a brand’s web positioning on Facebook.
  • Management of advertising and marketing on Facebook.
  • Interpret advertising statistics on social networks and generate results reports.



#4 – Facebook Advertising Training Course by eMarketeers

Cost:                            £495.00

Time Needed:             1 day

Cert. Available:            Yes (Attendance Certification)

Looking for a Facebook Ads Course to be delivered in-person? The Facebook Advertising Training Course offered by eMarketeers is a full day course providing you with hands-on experience for improving your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

The course is designed to give you and/or your advertising team the in-house training to effectively set up your own Facebook Ads campaign.

Upon completion, you’ll receive digital copies of the course for future reference and 4 weeks of online support after the course is completed.

What You’ll Learn in eMarketeers’ Facebook Ads Course:

  • Understand how to strategically plan your Facebook campaigns
  • Consider your Facebook ads campaign and brief an agency/developer
  • Create, develop and manage successful Facebook ads
  • Understand your Facebook advertising options and challenges
  • Monitor and measure your Facebook campaign performance


Other Resources to Learn Facebook Ads

There are many Facebook Ads Courses to help you improve your Facebook advertising efforts. To finish off this list, here are some of our resources revealing in-house strategies, ideas, and methods to help take your customers on a conversion focused journey:

  1. Facebook Ad Design
  2. Facebook Video Ad Examples
  3. Facebook Ad Templates
  4. Instagram Ad Ideas
  5. Instagram Ad Costs
  6. Instagram Ad Specs & Sizing for 2019


Need immediate assistance with your Facebook advertising campaign? Send us a message and we’ll get in touch with ways we can help.

Methods to Set up Multiple Facebook Accounts

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Facebook has become much more than a platform that you would use to know how your cousin in another state or country is doing. Facebook was initially created solely for communication and sharing moments. However, managers have realized that the platform is more than sending greetings and photos. Features such as the Facebook sharer url has become an asset. A Facebook account is something no business owner would want to miss. Facebook has for a while now been playing an essential role in connecting businesses to their clients and vice. As the scale of business grows, the need to also expand one’s presence on social media rises.

Most businesses have multiple Facebook pages to run different types of campaigns and for various clients. The need to also have a neat interface in a bid to avoid confusion may also require you to have multiple Facebook accounts. How do you go about it?

There are two ways round setting up multiple Facebook accounts; this is when you have no existing page and when you have one.

Set up process for a page that has not been set up

  1. Log out

The first step would be to log out of Facebook. You probably are operating on a personal account at the moment. Do not mix it up.

  1. Once you have logged out, you will be required to create a fresh account. Also, remember that this new account should also have a separate email address.
  2. Is your new account ready? Then it is time for you to send a friend request to your initial or regular Facebook account. Why is this done? It is the way through which you will add an admin to the page. It is way simpler than any other existing means.
  3. After friending the normal account, you can now go back to the primary page.
  4. On the main page, create a page and go ahead and launch a campaign on the new page. You can do it by selecting Build Audience then employ Ads Manager.
  5. From there, you can now make your normal or initial profile the admin of the now new ads –account.

It is as simple as that. You will now realize that you can administrate the campaigns right from your normal profile. The billing will be the same for the created accounts. However, there is one thing that you should not forget to do, deleting the new or fake account.

Existing account

  1. For an existing account, you will also be required first to log out.
  2. The next step will be creating a fake account, even using a different email address.
  3. Once that is done, you should friend your normal profile just like in the case of the account that had not been set up. What next? Well now, you will do it a little bit different.
  4. You should log back in using the normal profile. On logging in, now it is the time for you to make the fake profile admin.
  5. Now log back in using the fake profile and kick off your campaigns and make your normal profile admin to the ads-account.


If you carefully follow the guide, you will realize that at the end of it, your Ads-Manager will be displaying all the different accounts. You will be able to manage them from one profile. Creating multiple Facebook accounts makes it less tedious to manage campaigns for various clients and also make payment. Follow the guide and get to enjoy what the various accounts features bring.


Facebook Video Ad Examples

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Have ever you tried Facebook video ads for your campaigns?

Videos are a great way to grab people’s attention and at times, can be a great alternative for static images to achieve a higher ROI. In fact, Facebook videos ads typically have a higher CPC and CPA than static image ads.

If you’re ready to start using Facebook video ads for your campaign, let’s closer look at some of ads you can create to promote your business.


Creating video ads for your Facebook campaigns can be as easy as grabbing your phone, capturing your product, then creating a few simple cutscenes with text overlay.


“People [look] five times longer at video than at static content on Facebook and Instagram” – (Image Source)

Facebook video ads can seem complicated and overwhelming, as you read through this article you’ll soon see how easy it is to create and publish Facebook video ads regularly.

As you read, here are some key elements to watch out for:

  1. How can I create Video ads?
  2. How long should an ad video be?
  3. How should I use these video ads?
  4. What kind of video design should I use?


Note: The Facebook video ads you’re about to see are those that appeared in our newsfeed. We’ll give you our analysis as to why they work (or don’t work) and some features we would recommend for your Facebook video ad campaign.


#1: Tailor Brands (pt. I)

Here’s a high-quality example of a Video ad

This 10 second Instagram video ad by Tailor Brands is both simple and stunning. They use their sharp brand colors consistently throughout the video and add some contrast near the end.

To recreate this video, you would have to create a variety of snapshots and stitch them together in a program like Photoshop or a Video Editor.

Key Features

  • Short & stunning – This ad takes you on a journey in just a short amount of time.
  • Focused, targeted messages – Notice how the call to action focuses on new businesses? You’ll see a few more examples later on that emphasize this.


#2: Funnelytics

Display your video ads on Facebook and Instagram

When you’re setting up your video ads, you can choose where they will be displayed. In this case, we were seeing ads from Funnelytics appear in both our Facebook and Instagram account. This is a great remarketing strategic.

Key Features

  • Target users on both platforms – If your Facebook ad budget is flexible, try displaying your ads on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Create video ad product / service explainers – What is done really well with this video ad is creating a short “demo” of the Funnelytics software with a free-to-try call-to-action. Try this!

#3: Oberlo

Ad music and sounds to your Video ads but remember to obtain a license to avoid copyright infringements

Oberlo uses a rather simple video ad design with 6 slides with text overlay explaining the features of their services. The intro music begins immediately to grab attention and attract clicks.

Key Features:

  • Keep it simple – If you’re new to Facebook video ads, try using this style. It’s simple and won’t take too much time to put together pictures and text with a little sound on top.
  • Relate with your customers – While this ad is simple and appealing, one thing we would do differently would be to identify the pain points of our customer followed by a feature that solves it.


#4: Promo

Here’s what a video ad looks like when you hit the play button.

It’s good to know what Facebook users will see once your ad goes live. This video ad uses a visual content creation platform called which allows you to share a variety of custom designed videos.

Notice how additional videos appear below the original Facebook video ad?

Key Features:

  • Use creative tools to design your ads: You don’t have to be a graphic designer to design video ads. While it can be as simple as using a mobile phone, the alternative is to collect images and make designs with creative tools such as Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Try looking for royalty-free images from Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels.
  • Experiment with colors: Believe it or not, color plays a significant role in decision making which you can learn more in Facebook Ad Design.


#5: Tailor Brands (pt. II)

Try animations for your Video ads

Welcome back to another Tailor Brands video ad. These kept showing up in our Instagram feed and they’re the perfect example of experimenting and testing different ad types.

This video was released in early January 2019 with the target audience being new businesses and individuals who have been thinking, for many years, to start a business in 2019.

Key Features:

  • Create an inspiring story – Take your viewers on a journey that connects with their situation and needs.
  • Create custom animations – Do you have your own cartoon mascot? There are many creative ways to use animation in your video ads.


#6: Elementor

 Another cross-platform display, this time using stories!

You’ve probably noticed Instagram’s interactive feature called “stories”. It’s a great way to gain exposure to your business and brand while encouraging more conversions with the “Swipe Up” feature.

Remember, the swipe up can be customized specifically to your call-to-action (i.e. shop now, download, sign up, etc.).

Key Features

  • Display your ads in stories – Use stories to engage with different users.
  • Create a clear, compelling offer – This ad appears a bit confusing as to what users should do. It emphasizes a discount and Christmas special but those unfamiliar with Elementor may not react as well as if a clear message was included which described the product.


#7: ROI Hunter


Make an epic video ad!

This Facebook video ad is incredible. The sounds, the story, the transitions, everything about this ad is brilliant!

With the quality of video design this good, its no surprise this video ad went viral and reached 2.1M views.

Key features:

  • Production level ads – Hiring a video design firm may be able to bring your business to the next level.
  • Time the sound and transition – When creating your own video ads, don’t forget to time the transitions of your video clips, audio clips, and text.


Here are a few more video ads that popped up on our newsfeed we thought worth sharing:


#8: Tailor Ads (pt. III)

There’s so much to learn from these Tailor Brands video ads.


#9: Entrepreneur First

This is a nice video slide ad, however, we’re not engineers so they may be targeting the wrong audience!


#10: Clip

Depending on your target audience, adding emojis and other visual may work.


#11: Billy Gene is Marketing

Doesn’t this remind you of an infomercial?


These are just a few ideas for Instagram and Facebook ad examples. What have you seen show up in your newsfeeds? If there’s any worth sharing, feel free to send us a message and we’ll add it to our ongoing list of ad examples.

Facebook Ad Design

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Have you been searching for the best Facebook ad designs to improve your ROI? Well, now you’ve found it.

Here you’ll find a variety of Facebook ad design hacks and pro tips to improve not only the quality of your Facebook ads but also the rate of conversion and CTRs.

Note: This article applies specifically to Facebook ads, read this if you’re searching for Instagram Ad ideas.


The Secret to Effective Ad Design

Having managed a variety of Facebook Ad campaigns for clients, there’s a common trend they typically face: why aren’t my ads performing, what am I doing wrong?

Facebook advertising can be tough. And, with each passing update, it’s only going to get tougher.

If you’ve been struggling to develop a successful ad campaign, there’s two fundamental tricks that will help you succeed:


1. Incredible Design.

Facebook is a busy platform. Not only are users engaging with friends, family and the pages they follow but they are also getting bombarded by advertisements coming in from all directions.

If you want to stand out and get your ads noticed on Facebook, it all starts with some incredible ad designs.

2. Targeting Your Audience.

It would be a complete waste of time and money if you created a Facebook Ad campaign without understanding your target audience.

With Facebook, you have control over quite a few advanced targeting features which allows you to hone in and laser target your ideal customer.

Ideally, you want to be displaying your ads specifically to active audiences that won’t just click on it but also sign up, subscribe, download, or buy your promotion.


Design Tip #1: Measure & Test Multiple Designs

There’s never a “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to Facebook advertising. You may have hired an incredible designer or crafted something yourself, but you should always test various ad designs and targeting metrics to see which variations perform the best.

Whenever you start creating your ad campaigns, take some extra time to create 4 to 6 additional Facebook Ad designs (i.e. both the visual and written) and test each one. Consider creating pairs of images with varying copy, that would be 2 or 3 images combined with 2 or 3 sets of text.

The result? You’ll have 4 to 6 ad designs running which can be tested to see which combination leads to the best results.

Take a look at an example from us at Voy Media:

Create great ads and test each variation

In these Facebook ad examples, you can see we use the exact same copy while testing which different image designs to see which has higher performance and CTR.

Remember, test everything. You never know which creative idea is going to result in a winning advertisement.


Design Tip #2: Create Colorful Ads

As people are browsing through their Facebook feeds, how can you grab their attention? Color.

Designing colorful ads that pop off the page is the first step toward improving your conversions.

Take a look at this Facebook ad design by

Use fresh and exciting colors to capture their attention

Research from Emerald Insight analyzed the effectiveness of colors in marketing. They discovered two key things which you should incorporate into your Facebook ad campaigns:

  1. People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with you or your products.
  2. 62‐90% decisions are assessed based on colors alone.

Depending on the type of color you use, you can also influence all kinds of reactions. For example, colors can increase or decrease appetite, enhance mood, calm down customers, and, reduce the perception of waiting time.


Design Tip #3: Incorporate the Influence of Color

Color psychology is a real research subject which has had many marketers scrambling to include in their ad designs.

To give you a quick understanding of color and it’s influence online, here’s some of the associated effects colors can have:

  • Colors can be associated with mood:
    • Blue creates calm
    • Red inspires aggression
    • Yellow promotes happiness
  • Colors are associated with genders:
    • Boys wear blue
    • Girls wear pink
  • Colors are associated with different meanings:
    • Investors see green and think money
    • Farmers see green and think vegetables
  • Colors are associated with cultural influences:
    • Western cultures believe blue is a cool and calming color
    • Eastern cultures believe blue is a sinister and evil color

Color has an incredible impact on decisions making  –  (Image Source)

The main point is, when you are selecting colors for your Facebook ad designs, consider analyzing your target audience and deciding on which colors would be the most appealing. While trends and beliefs may be in constant change, some colors will always be connected to certain thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

You can find more comprehensive research on color psychology here.


Design Tip #4: Create Contrasting Ads

You don’t always have to fill your ads with color and image. Instead, try to utilize the power of contrast with a white background.

This ad by Groupon is a great example of using a plain white background and a sharp green color to attract attention.

Ads like this one really stand out

Be creative with your ad designs by using a white background to add some contrast. Also, don’t forget to test the performance of these ads next to another add using full colors and images.


Design Tip #5: Upload the Right Size

Don’t design an ad that gets cropped and destroyed when you upload it to Facebook. The standard size for Facebook ads is: 1200 x 628 pixels.

Also, try to use the highest quality images possible. If you’re uploading fuzzy images with a low-resolution, you probably won’t get the results you could have achieved with a high-resolution image.

If you’re struggling with keeping your ads consistent in quality, try using Canva to design fresh and exciting ads. You can set up a template that produces the perfect size each and everytime.


Designing customer converting Facebook ads is going to be a journey of trial and error. If you want to include some effective ad ideas into your next campaign, check out these Facebook ad templates. 

Facebook Ad Templates

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Creating a new ad campaign from scratch can be made a whole lot easier with a few Facebook ad templates.

That’s why, after browsing through hundreds of popular Facebook ads, we determined there are 13 different templates you can use to create your ads.


Why use Facebook Ad Templates?


  • Ad templates maximize ad space. With Facebook’s format of 1200 x 628 pixels, templates let you fill out space with a stunning ad.
  • Ad templates are easy to recreate. When you have a template, all you have to do is replicate the key elements and you’re ads are good to go.
  • Ad templates are proven to work. You don’t have to be overly creative with Facebook ads, when you find something that works, use it again!


How to Create Facebook Ad Templates

As a Facebook marketing agency, we see a lot of different ads appear on our newsfeed. We also help a lot of clients setup and launch their ad campaigns.

While there may not be a specific place to find Facebook ad templates online, you can learn from Facebook ad examples, extract the key ideas, and apply them to your ad campaign.

When you’re creating your ads, there are a few tools and resources online you can use for images and design.

Images for Facebook Ads:

Alternatively, you can always use your images or hire a designer to create brand-specific styles for your ads.

Icons & Logos for Facebook Ads:

Design Tools for Facebook Ads:

Next, you’ll find some of the Facebook ad templates used by us at Voy Media.


#1: Centred Text

This is the most simple Facebook ad template on the list. All you have to do is create a message for your ad and center it in the field.

You can use this to feature an exclusive promotion, discount, or simply increase brand awareness (see “Workplace by Facebook”).

This call-to-action shares an exclusive 20% off

Facebook uses a simple ad style to feature their product: Workplace


#2: Image + Left-or-right Aligned Text

Next on the list is a popular Facebook ad style you have likely seen in your news feed. It involved using an image and text on either side.

Typically, you’ll want to use an engaging image and your call to action for the best CTR.

Use a large font to emphasize your CTA

Play around with text positioning (i.e. horizontal vs. vertical)

Remove background colors to focus on the text and image


#3: Image + Left-or-right Aligned Text + Logo

Almost the same as the previous template with the addition of your brand or business logo. For companies with high brand recognition, the logo alone can be an effective way to grab attention and generate clicks.

Strong CTA for a quick discount

Very simple graphic style


#4: Image + Left-or-right Aligned Text + Icons

When you are designing your Facebook ads, consider including your own buttons into the final design. Although Facebook includes a CTA button near the bottom frame, adding your own can encourage more viewers to click.

Use a contrasting color for your CTA button

Try not to overwhelm the ad with your text, image, logo, and button.


#5: Showcase a Product

If you’re an e-commerce business, sometimes the most effective is simply showcasing your product. Take a look at the following ad templates for ideas:

Showcase your product in use

Showcase what buyers receive post-purchase


#6: Include Charts & Graphs

Charts and graphs are a great way to visualize your product or service. Alternatively, you can use big data to emphasize elements of your business and how it relates to your customer.

Use text that complements the image/graphic design

Here’s a great example of a chart used in an ad


#7: Image + Left-or-right Aligned Text + Icons

Coming back to this common theme, try using icons to encourage viewers to take a specific action (e.g. download).

Popular (and free) icons can be found at


#8: Visualizations

Does your product use various sizes? When you have variations of your product, there are many clever ways to emphasize choice. One of the best ways to do this would be to use a carousal Facebook ad design.

Here’s a very impressive comparative design:

Great copy and engaging image design


#8: Centred Text + Logo

When you’re using text in a Facebook ad, it’s best practice to use as little as possible. Try condensing your promotion, features, and CTA into as little words as possible.

Also, adding your logo makes for simple and clean ad design.

Match the colors in your text with the colors in your logo


#9: Side-by-side Comparisons

If you can reveal the before and after or compare two different products, you can create an ad split down the middle to reveal the difference.

Nice closeup with high resolution

Effective for showcasing before and after

Good design style


#10: Popular Brands & Logos

If your business or services includes other brands and businesses or you offer a similar product to your competitors, include their logos in the ad design. This can help you attract new customers who are already using those services and have yet to discover yours.

Compare yourself to your competition

Attract users to your business


#11: Circular Promotion

Try using shapes to make your discounts and offers pop off the page. You can overlay your image with a circle and your promotion centered inside. This creates a focal point for people’s attention and makes your message loud and clear.

Placement of promotions shouldn’t interfere with the main image

Use a strong color to catch attention


#12: Showcase Benefits or Features

Can you visually capture the benefits or features of your business? Instead of using text, you can use snapshots or design graphics to showcase your benefits and key features.

Great example of layering images


#13: Cartoonification

Maybe that’s not a real word, but using cartoons to create a playful ad can work. Cartoon designs are a great way to add humor or unique visualizations of your business.

Let the design tell the story

Bright and colorful designs pop out in the newsfeed


Well, that’s it! If you have a favorite ad template, let us know in the comments below. Or, if you’d like to learn how to take your customers on a conversion focused journey, contact us.