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The Problem: is a Californian-based company, delivering clean breakfasts and grain-free oatmeals to your door as often as you like. Made with superfood, each flavor contains a base of only 6 superfood ingredients that stand on their own, starting at $29.00. Noatmeals aims at supporting its customers in their wellness journey. 

To scale efficiently and grow, the clean food brand needed a global marketing strategy to increase its overall sales and subscribers base. 

Voy Media’s Strategy:

After a CRO audit, we apply the branding our partner envisioned and restructured the homepage and product page to highlight the benefits of Noatmeals and educate the visitors on why Noatmeals is a great oatmeal substitute for those looking to follow a low-carb diet or a healthier lifestyle.

We reviewed all the messaging of Facebook ads, apply the rebranding and test multiple formats (mainly image and carousel ads were missing). At the same time, we make sure the search was covering the brand name and brand terms inventions such as “noats” and products were covered on Google Search (text ads and product ads). 

We launched this new strategy on December, 16th 2020 intending to increase traffic, brand awareness and sales through top of the funnel campaigns on Facebook targeting mainly interests (related to wellness, superfood and low carb diets) and lookalike audiences. We then broader our audience starting February 2021. 

Our second goal was to push the subscriptions and increase effectiveness by reducing CPA to $30. After testing different landing pages and sending the right audiences to our e-commerce, we fed Facebook Ads’ algorithm with enough and good data for it to perform when broadening our audience. 

The Results:

Redesign results: 

Thanks to our page redesign of the homepage and product page, the website’s conversion rate increased to 2.92% (+73%) which is getting closer to the industry average. This is a constant improvement and we are aiming to increase CVR above 3.2% by the end of Q1 2021. 

Overall paid media results (from December, 16th 2020 to February, 12h 2021):

Within two months, we drove 52K sessions to Noatmeals’s website (+108% compared to the previous period) for a spend of $77K (+102%). Orders increased by +184% to +2,400 for total direct revenue of +$107K (+182%). CPA decreased to $31 (-29%) while ROAS was 1.4 which increased +40%.

Active subscribers increased to +700 (+250%).

Facebook Ads results:

We managed to scale spend efficiently to $67K (+131%) while revenue increased to $81K (+190%). ROAS barely enabled the company to breakeven on the first purchase or one time purchase (ratio between subscription and one time purchase is still 50-50) and is now at 1.4 (+40%) while CPA came down to $31 (-29%).

Different format testing and videos in line with the shared branding were the ones successfully converting customers. 

Google Ads results: 

Our facebook ads also influenced our google ads branded campaigns, Noatmeals brand searches increased +94% compared to the previous period while the ads were there to capture the conversion that could be lost since SEO was not strong enough to capture all search terms related to Noatmeals. 

Brand CPA decreased by 10% to $9 while conversion rate increased to 12% (+22%) reflecting the work done on CRO. 

We also invested in some generic keywords to test our competitiveness and saw excellent results from our DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaign with a ROAS of 1.6. We will try to scale this campaign further while keeping a good ROAS to continue to acquire new customers.

Shopping ads were also performing better at the time with +23% clicks and +114% orders while ROAS increased to 1.4 (+71%). 

Key Takeaways for Brands:

For all brands, it is important to have strong products or services and know your unique selling point and your audience. In the case of Noatmeals, we proved that explaining what your brand is about is very important so there isn’t a mismatch between ads and the universe of your website.  

Targeting broad is not always a good idea on a lower budget since you want to be sure to reach people who are interested in your field while testing creatives and messaging at first. 

Finally, Facebook is an efficient platform to target a specific audience but it is best to diversify your paid media investments. Despite being still low scale, google is a good backup for customers wanting to research after seeing your ads and a performing acquisition channel too.   

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