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We don’t just run your ads. 

Yes, we surf through the oceans of data to find your treasure. We comb through every detail to optimize your advertising dollars.

Some agencies write ad copy. 

We take your customers on a journey to discover your product, love your product and then rave about your product. 

BUT, most importantly.

We sail to places other agencies have never been before. We implement creative strategies unknown to other advertisers – to get you the best returns.

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Custom Audiences

Dynamic Product Ads

Creative A/B Testing

Optimization and Scaling AI Software (built in-house)

Designing Your Facebook Conversion Funnel


We take care of EVERYTHING you need to successfully advertise on Facebook.


We Fuel Growth For Some Of The Top Direct To Consumer Brands

“In the shark-infested waters of Manhattan, we
dive right in.”

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Kevin Urrutia 

Kevin drives Voy Media with a forward looking vision that aligns clients’ business goals with frequent changes in the marketing industry. Kevin is an avid outdoorsman and nature lover; when not in the concrete jungle of New York, he can be found trying to explore a real one.


Wilson Lin

Formerly working at tech firms Google and Salesforce, Wilson brings cross-industry expertise to digital advertising. With almost a decade in the digital and user experience space, Wilson understands the inner psychology on how and why a user clicks that buy button.


Full-Service Facebook & Instagram Ads
Facebook & Audience Network Retargeting
Dedicated Account Strategist
Ad Video Design & Creatives
Custom Photoshoots

Get in Touch

Designs (Images) and Copywriting team – No Additional Cost
Custom Audiences and Dynamic Product Ads
1 on 1 Strategy Consultations
Influencer Marketing & Outreach
Real-Time Analytics

Benefits you can expect

ROI focused decisions

ROI is the fuel that keep your business engine running. With our mutually incentivized pricing, the better you do, the better we do. Let’s grow your business together. 

Unlock your budget’s potential

Every dollar you spend should be considered an investment and spent wisely. We make sure your budget is used to it’s full potential so that we can scale our campaigns and drive you more traffic through careful optimization. 

Click Through Rate optimization

We know what hooks the customer and drives interest and curiosity. We know how to get clicks to your website. Our team consists of designers from the world’s top tech companies such as Google and Salesforce working on your ad images and videos. Your ads will stand out and grab your customer’s attention.

Pinpoint Audience Targeting

Get your ads in front of the right people. People who will not just click your ads, but one’s that will convert into lifelong customers. Through advanced targeting strategies, we nail down your ideal customer avatar and get you sales at the lowest cost. 



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Facebook Advertising Agency

If you’ve been a business owner for any number of years, you undoubtedly already know that traditional advertising venues are nowhere near as effective as they once were. For instance, taking out ads in print newspapers don’t reach high numbers of prospective buyers anymore, and many online advertising options are hit-and-miss. However, social media provides an excellent way for businesses such as yours to speak directly to their target audiences in a very cost-effective manner. Facebook, for instance, features more than 2 billion active users, and advertising costs are so low that you can reach up to 1,000 of your targeted audience for less than $10. Here’s how we can help you make the most of those dollars.

Why is Facebook Advertising Important?

Facebook advertising is important because it provides businesses with the capability of reaching out to specific audiences. According to Facebook, their targeted advertising campaigns are 89 percent accurate. Facebook also offers a variety of advertising options to meet the needs and preferences of individual advertisers. Business owners and managers have the choice of targeting potential customers by geographical location, personal interests, and demographics. Ad performance is also easily tracked, allowing businesses to keep close tabs on how well the ads are working — or not working, which provides the opportunity to make necessary changes to the overall game plan. Overall, advertising on Facebook lets you meet customers on their own turf and deliver your message directly to them.

What is a Facebook Advertising Agency?

A Facebook advertising agency is staffed with experienced social media advertisers who help businesses grow through digital marketing strategies. Clients receive customized ad campaigns developed specifically for their business. Advanced plans of action include running different versions of ads through tests to see which ones perform the best, monitoring conversion rates by installing conversion pixels on websites to get an accurate reading of sales generated by Facebook ads. These agencies also keep current on industry-specific marketing trends.

Why Do You Need To Hire a Facebook Ad Agency?

Facebook makes it really easy for businesses to create and promote ads, but what it doesn’t do is optimize the chances of the ads to be successful. When you make your own Facebook ad, the ad is just sort of out there on its own and left to sink or swim, and more often than not, these ads sink. Facebook ad agencies, on the other hand, have digital marketing tools and techniques designed to make the most of digital advertising. They can also help you with different advertising channels, we are also a Google Adwords agency and an Instagram marketing agency

Although Facebook itself brings in several billion dollars per year in ad revenue, around 40 percent of business owners who put up Facebook ads on their own only achieve marginal success, if any. That’s not because Facebook isn’t a viable advertising venue — it’s because creating successful ads on Facebook and making sure they’re seen by the right people are specialized skills that are way outside of the average business owner’s wheelhouse.

Following is a short list of what experts in social media advertising bring to the table:

  1. Facebook Ad Discovery

Facebook ad discovery is the starting point that provides the foundation for a successful digital ad campaign. A professional ad strategist determines what is at the core of your business, what makes it unique from competitors, and begins to build an effective ad campaign from there. It may also involve looking at previous ad campaigns to see what worked and what failed.

  1. Facebook Ad Development

The Facebook ad agency will then begin work on the ad itself. They’ll write compelling ad copy, including attention-grabbing headlines and engaging product descriptions as well as utilize top-quality visuals designed to attract the eye of the average Facebook user as they scroll through their feed. Businesses are given the opportunity to review and approve all content before it goes live on Facebook, so you won’t have to worry about being stuck with ads that you feel don’t really represent your business or your vision. Especially when someone is looking for a SaaS marketing agency

  1. Facebook Ad Optimization

Facebook Ad Optimization begins the minute the ads are up and running on Facebook. Most Facebook Ad Agencies start by placing around 10 ads at first, and then they closely watch these ads for performance trends so that they can provide a basis for future efforts. For instance, if three of your ads are performing exceptionally well but the rest are lagging behind or simply languishing without producing any results at all, professional ad strategists seek out the applicable common denominators and use them in future ads.

  1. Facebook Monitoring

One of the major advantages of partnering with a Facebook ad agency or with an Ecommerce marketing agency is that you’re provided with an extra pair of expert eyes. Most business owners simply don’t have the time to constantly monitor their ads for spelling and grammatical errors or fuss around with other details of their ad campaigns. We can make certain that your ads are error-free and performing at their highest possible capacity while keeping a sharp eye on your particular advertising budget.

  1. Facebook Reporting

Finally, we’ll provide you with a detailed monthly report concerning your campaign. This comprehensive report will break down the results of your ad strategy in easy-to-understand pieces. You’ll also be given the opportunity to speak with those working on your campaign on a biweekly or monthly basis, whichever one suits your schedule better, to make certain that the job we’re doing for you is in line with the needs of your company and your specific expectations.

We’re a full-service digital advertising agency that provides a much higher ROI than the all-too-common practice of hiring freelancers with vague or marginal qualifications to get the job done. Many business owners just like yourself waste millions of advertising dollars every year because they rely on the services of inexperienced and under-qualified interns, employees, or freelancers instead of turning to skilled professionals.

Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience if you would like more information on how partnering with a Facebook ad agency or Amazon advertising agency can help you grow your business. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your advertising goals for 2019 and answer any questions you may have about our services.



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We will drive more customers to your business than any other online source

Multiply your Business’ Facebook Traffic 10x

Voy Media is a Facebook Ads Agency that specializes in growing businesses. Our clients have seen massive leaps in their sales volume while decreasing their cost per sale from pay-per-click. By fully managing and optimizing your Facebook account on an ongoing basis we’ll unlock the unlimited potential of paid advertising.

With more than 1.59 billion users worldwide that’s the equivalent of 12 Super Bowl Audiences every day, Facebook has created a tremendous opportunity for any businesses to reach their audiences and deliver resonating messages.


Just Starting


I’m just beginning to research Social Media paid advertising. I need help getting started – but most importantly I want my campaigns properly set up with low cost per sales and a positive ROI.

Looking For an Ad Manager

I currently have campaigns up and running. My current return on investment is not where I’d like it to be. I’m looking for help in managing my account and helping me cut wasteful advertising dollars.

Scaling and Expanding


I’m ready to unlock the full potential of paid advertising. I am looking for an agency to optimize my current campaigns with the latest software, technology and advertising techniques to scale up and maximize my advertising potential.



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Instagram Ads

We create well-crafted ads to increase your business on Instagram. Ads do best when they’re well shot, interesting to look at and artistic. Our Ads draw people in and keep them wanting more.

Facebook Ads

We create Facebook Ad campaigns that send high-quality traffic to your landing page to convert to sales and leads.


Retargeting creates greater online sales by keeping your brand and company in the customers eyes and bringing “passive shoppers” back when they’re ready to buy.



You’re looking for an ad agency for their knowledge and experience. Maybe you’ve already spent the countless hours muddling through the complex settings and features of Facebook Ads. But why spend your valuable time and money on something outside your area of expertise.

You’re here looking for professional Facebook advertisers with years of experience advertising on this unique platform. So avoid the headaches. Our team will take care of Facebook advertising for you. Focus your time where your business needs you most.

Quality Customer Service

An ad agency that is dedicated to your project will develop a close relationship with you and your business. They will learn everything they need to know about your vision, goals, and requirements a vital aspect of delivering quality customer service and making you feel at home.

You’ll feel like you are part of a winning team that is on top of their game and not cutting corners along the way. We’ll take care of every aspect of your ad campaign, and ensure that every detail is addressed in the best way possible for your business.

Scaling and Expanding

I’m ready to unlock the full potential of paid advertising. I am looking for an agency to optimize my current campaigns with the latest software, technology and advertising techniques to scale up and maximize my advertising potential.

Timely Results

Can you imagine waiting for years to get the first positive result? Do you want to continue paying an agency that is not delivering a breakthrough outcome in a time-efficient manner?

Our goal is to get your campaigns up and running as soon as possible and start seeing results immediately. Remember – everyone is working together to see your ROI trending upwards! We’ll work to set deadlines and meet targets on a regular basis.

Safe Campaigns to Protect Your Brand’s Integrity

What about your brand’s integrity? The first impression is crucial regardless of whether it’s a person to person or customer to business interaction. We never run misleading and spammy campaigns for the quick wins at the expense of your business.

Your brand integrity is always a priority with every ad we write and every banner we design.



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Facebook Advertising Marketing FAQ

I know my Facebook business needs help, but I’m not sure how to execute it. Does your team provide education for Facebook PPC?

Voy Media is at your service! Our team of Facebook Experts is not only great at providing advanced strategy and high-quality execution, but we also provide any training and research your organization is interested in regarding our processes. Our team is here to build win-win partnerships.

I already have a successful E-Commerce Business; do I need to advertise on Facebook?

With Facebook ads, reach potential customers, and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on Facebook – and only pay when they show interest.

What are the different ways to advertise on Facebook?

1. Clicks to Website
Clicks to Website ads allow you to link to specific pages on your website in the news feed for both desktop & mobile users as well as the right sidebar.

New call-to-action

2. Website Conversions
Website Conversions ads allow you to direct visitors to specific pages to turn those visitors into sales, leads, or subscribers.

Before you create your ad, you’ll want to add a conversion-tracking pixel to your website.

You can create conversion-tracking pixels in your Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll create a pixel to be added to each page on your website that signifies the completion of a specific goal, such as the order confirmation page when people make a purchase or the thank you page when people send in a lead form.

Once you set up your conversion tracking pixel, you can create Website Conversion ads. Website Conversion ads can be placed in the news feed for both desktop & mobile users as well as the right sidebar.

3. Page Post Engagement
Page Post Engagement ads allow you to increase the number of Likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook page posts.

You’ll be able to use video, photo, or text ads in the news feed for both desktop & mobile users as well as the right sidebar.

4. Page Likes
Page Likes ads allow you to target the audiences that’ll be most likely to convert into business & encourage them to become fans of your page.

As you grow your fan base, you’ll be able to target ads & organic posts at potential customers to get more Likes on Facebook. You can place Page Likes ads in the news feed for both desktop & mobile users as well as the right sidebar.

5. App Installs
App Installs ads allow you to increase the number of people using your mobile app with ad placement in the news feed of mobile users.

6. App Engagement
App Engagement ads allow you to encourage people to use your app more often with ad placement in the news feed of mobile users.

7. Event Responses
Event Responses ads allow you to get more exposure for your upcoming event along with responses from the people you’ve invited. You can place Event Responses ads in the right sidebar for desktop users.

8. Video Views
Video Views ads allow you to drive just that – views to your videos. These ads are optimized by Facebook to be shown to people most likely to view videos on Facebook across devices.

9. Offer Claims
Offer Claims ads allow you to drive people to your store using a special offer. You can place Offer Claims ads in the news feed for both desktop & mobile users as well as the right sidebar.

10. Premium Ads
Facebook also offers premium ad placement for those that want to guarantee their ad shows up at the top of the news feed or right sidebar for targeted users, or those that want to get the placement of a large ad on the logout page.

Premium ads generally need to be purchased as CPM via an IO (insertion order), but some can be created in the Facebook Power Editor. These ads are for larger advertisers with higher ad budgets than the average small to the medium-sized business owner would have to work with, so for this article, we will only be focusing on the previously-mentioned standard ad types.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

If you measure cost per click (CPC), Facebook advertising costs, on average, about $0.34 – $1.00 per click. If you’re estimating the cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Facebook advertising costs about $7.10 CPM – $15.16 CPM

My business is doing well. Do I need to advertise on Facebook even now?

Advertising on Facebook offers several advantages, which these statistics demonstrate:

94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile. A mere 6% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from desktop-only users.
The average price for Facebook Ads decreased by 6% in 2019
The average cost per click for a Facebook Ad is $1.72.
Overall, Facebook Ad impressions increased by 37% in 2019.

What does the Facebook Ads funnel look like?

To give you an idea of what this would look like, I’ll provide a simple example:

Campaign 1: Top of the funnel (TOF)

Campaign 2: Middle of the funnel (MOF)

Campaign 3: Bottom of the Funnel (BOF)

With this structure, your first view in ads manager will be a clear representation of how much you are investing and how your relative KPIs are tracking across each stage of the funnel. Next, within your campaign, you should use your ad sets to test your offers and audiences. Here’s an example:

Ad set 1: Offer 1 & Audience 1

Ad set 2: Offer 1 & Audience 2

Ad set 3: Offer 2 & Audience 3

Ad set 4: Offer 3 & Audience 4

Now, within your ad set view, you can compare performance to understand how you should adjust your budget allocation or test new offers and audiences within that funnel stage.

Lastly, within each ad set, you have your ads. This is the perfect place to test out different creative, ad formats, and messaging within your ad set. For example:

Ad #1: Offer > Creative Variation 1 > Copy Variation 1

Ad #2: Offer > Creative Variation 1 > Copy Variation 2

Ad #3: Offer > Creative Variation 2 > Copy Variation 1

Ad #4: Offer > Creative Variation 2 > Copy Variation 2

My e-Commerce business is doing well. Do I need to advertise on Facebook even now?

Yes, you can always use more traffic to your store to increase your sales and revenue.

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