How we tripled the number of users per week in one month…

Conversion Rate

2,200 new user signups per week

Building an epic community.

An eSports website, UMG Gaming connects online gamers to live tournaments for cash prizes. UMG Gaming was looking to grow their user base and increase engagement on their platform. For this reason, UMG Gaming partnered with Voy Media to run ads on Facebook.

Client’s Goal

Reach new users and increase user engagement within the platform.

🎮 User Centric Creatives

User Centric Creatives are creatives that have the “point of view” of the user in a certain platform. In this case, these users were gamers, hence making our creatives as if the user was in the game.

This strategy is a unique way in which new users can empathize with cold advertisements. By making ads that were visually similar to the audiences’ actual behaviors, these audiences relate better and engage longer to the ads, resulting in more conversions.

🎯 Retargeting Advertisements

Voy Media wanted to take a creative approach in reaching UMG Gaming’s target audience. The target audiences are relatively technologically advanced gamers. With this, we knew we had to create a way to grab immediate attention to these users.


To attract new users and grow the platform, we launched a campaign to encourage new user signups. The previous creatives, which were not user centric, were getting sub-par results. With these results, we knew we wanted to improve our ads.

One thing that we noticed was that gamers watch gameplays on their downtime. Since we were targeting our ads to niche gamers, we initiated ads that had this user centric concept. Designing these user centric creatives, we focused on the point of view (POV) of gamers to really engage with the target audience. For our specific campaign, we launched the POV of a Fortnite gamer since Fortnite was the most popular game during our time working with UMG Gaming. 

In addition to growing users, we wanted to make the platform more active. To increase current user activity, we ran strategic segmented retargeting ads to current users. Instead of targeting all website viewers, we targeted users with membership on the platform (i.e. account dashboard pages, new user signup success page, etc.).

Our Results

“From $0.49 cost per new user signup to $0.17, we tripled the number of users per week from about
800 to 2,200 for the same ad spend. Current user engagement campaigns had a  900% conversion rate.”

2,200 new user signups per week

Originating at $0.49 cost per new user, we were getting 800 users per week. Decreasing cost per new users to $0.17, we had about 3X more user signups for the same ad spend. 

What does a 900% conversion rate even mean, how is that possible? Voy Media accomplished 9 conversions per landing page view, resulting 900% conversion rate. From 590 unique landing page views on our retargeting ads in July, we generated 5,463 tournament signups in the same month. 


Increased Conversions

Our team sees much value in both user centric creatives and retargeting advertisements. With these outstanding results, we increased users and engagement at a very large scale.


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