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Subscription Box Strategy for a Black Friday Impact at Any Time of the Year

The Problem:

MyTheraBox is a leading self-care subscription box business, delivering wellness products and joy sparkling activities to your door every month.
Curated by certified therapists, each box contains over $100 worth of relaxing products starting at $34.99 per month. MyTheraBox aims at creating a relaxing moment for women.
To scale efficiently and grow its brand, the self-care brand needed a Paid Search strategy on Google Ads to improve ROAS.

Voy Media’s Strategy:

After some keyword research, we restructured and launched Google Ads campaigns on March, 16th intending to increase traffic and brand awareness through generic campaigns targeting keyword themes such as  “subscription”, “self-care”, “wellness”, “therapy”, “relaxation” and “mindfulness”. 

Our second goal was to increase effectiveness for brand searches. After testing different landing pages and manual bidding, we fed Google Ads’ algorithm with enough and good data for it to perform when switching to bid strategy. 

The Results:

Overall results: 

From March, 16th 2020 to April, 19th 2020, we drove:

  • 8.8K clicks (+24% compared to the previous period) for a spend of $4.4K (+8.9%).
  • Orders increased by +77% to 500 for total revenue of $35K (+63%).
  • ROAS increased to 7.9 (+49%).

Generic campaign results: 

Our generic campaigns drove 4,200+ clicks at a CTR of 5.15%. These pure acquisition campaigns generated $9.4K in revenue from $3.2K in ad spend for a ROAS of 2.96. This campaign alone was profitable and enable us to grow MyTherabox’s brand awareness. 

To demonstrate that point, we reported that 28% of subscriptions from brand campaigns were assisted by generic campaigns. 

Brand campaigns results: 

MyTherabox had another brand campaign running, for less spend our results were significantly better. We quickly managed to see the benefits of improving ad copies, campaign structure, and switch to automated bidding focusing on targeted ROAS. 

Thanks to those optimizations, we drove:

  • 4,300+ clicks (+34%) at a CTR of 37.3%.
  • $25.5K (+70%) in revenue from $1.1K (-26%)  in ad spend 
  • ROAS of 22.5 (+130%). 

Key Takeaways for Brands:

To scale a Google Ads account, you will need to invest in generic keywords at a lower targeted ROAS that would serve to bring traffic in and serve as a foundation for brand awareness and brand conversion. Bidding on your brand has proven to allow you to measure brand awareness growth but also feed Google Ads’ algorithm to be more effective at identifying which people would be more likely to convert. 


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