An investment into social engagement will result in lower Cost Per Acquisition over time.

$82.76 ⬇️ $55.65


2.45% ➡️ 3.87%


The Experiment:

Herd mentality – describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors.

By increasing the post likes, comments, shares (social proof), we wanted to see the effect on cost per lead/acquisition for this client.

The Process:

The simple and obvious way to increase social proof on a post is to create campaigns that are focused on page post engagement. This is definitely an effective and straightforward method to increase traction on your ad.

But what happens when you want to use this same ad in a new campaign or with a new audience. Duplicating your campaign or ad set will also create a new ad, which means you have to rebuild all of this social proof.

Not many advertisers out there know this trick, but there is a way to keep all of your social proof, even if you’re using the ad in a separate campaign or ad set. Here’s the secret: page post IDs.

First, head over to the page posts section of business manager and locate the version of the ad that you’d like to use. Copy the page post ID.

Head into your Ads Manager. All you need to do now is use this post ID whenever you’d like to use that ad, instead of creating a new version. Now all of your social proof will continue to stack on top of that one ad and you’ll be able to build an engaged community around this post.


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