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How to Monitor Android Phone – Parental Monitoring

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Having your teen getting enthralled about the launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 is no more a bolt from the blue. The latest feature-rich Android smartphones fascinate our teens more than the adults as they allow texting, making group video calls, surfing the internet, exchanging media files with fellows and buddies and much more exciting features. However, the excessive and unrestricted use of these smartphones can be more harmful than advantageous.

In this digital age, our teens dedicate most of their working hours to the social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder among others. The time they spend using social media platforms can be the riskiest period as they may expose to the cyber-bullies, child predators, sex offenders and online criminals out there. The commonly used dating and socializing apps are causing more harm to our youngsters than good. Today, the parents are required to be informed of the online threats and keep tabs on the digital behavior of their children.

By good fortune, we have several applications to monitor android smartphones of children. These apps enable parents to keep tabs on the activities of kids in the online and real world. Read on to know how you can monitor Android phone remotely and secretly without giving any hint to your kiddo.

How to monitor Android phones with spy app?

There are numerous spy applications rightly available in the online market. However, picking the most suitable and reliable app can be a hard nut to crack if you do not have enough information about the spy applications. To help you get a trusted and feature-rich Android spy app we have reviewed the highly rated monitoring and tracking apps of which TheOneSpy can be recommended to parents.

Once you get yourself registered to the Android spy software, you are provided with an online control panel through which you can monitor and record almost all of the cell phone activities of your teens and tweens. All you need to do is to install the spy software on the Android phone of your kid. After successful installation, the software gets access to the mobile phone data and uploads that data to the online control panel from where parents can review and download that data.

Track Social Media Apps on Android Phone

Among the high-tech features of TheOneSpy Android spy software, social media monitoring is the most appreciated feature. It enables parents to keep an eye on the activities performed by their kids on social media platforms including Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, Zalo and Yahoo Messenger. All the conversations, exchange of media files and social media posts of your kids can be reviewed from the online control panel of the spy app.

Record Calls on Android Phone

Have you ever wished to tap the secretive phone calls of your loved ones? With the Android tracking software, you can record all the incoming and outgoing calls of your kids with getting access to their phones. The spy app automatically records all phone calls either received or made and uploads these recorded calls to the control panel of the spy app.

Monitor Surroundings of Targeted Android Phone

The Spy 360 feature of the Android tracking software enables parents to keep tabs on the real-life actions and conversations of kids with a simple click. As you send a command to the targeted phone from the online control panel, it starts showing you the surrounding scenes. Also, it lets you listen to the spoken words and sounds in the vicinity of the monitored phone without any delay.

Monitor Online Activities of Android Phone

Whatever your kids do on their Android phone connected to the internet can be monitored with the help of the spy software. From the internet browsing history to the credentials of the online accounts of your kids, you can trace almost all of their online activities and restrict their access to the objectionable content prevailing on the internet.

The Bottom Line

There are several other ways to monitor the Android phone of someone else using the Android spy software. It lets you trace the activities performed on and in the vicinity of the targeted cell phone without leaving any clue for the user of that device.

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